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Vintage Red Hood n Wolf

EDIT: Characters are my reinterpretations of the Big Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood. Their ongoing story is written up at [link] as a serial novelization.
Both characters are the current incarnations of the Big Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood, although admittedly they have no idea of that at all.

The story itself fits no specific genre. At times it seems slice of life relational pseudo-Victoriam drama and at other times it is unapologetic fantasy.

More artwork is in the "Tales of the Big Bad Wolf" folder in my gallery and in [link]

This was initially a pencil and ink drawing that was scanned and then painted in Painter 11.
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I love your style red & wolf!!
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I just started to read your story; it led me here to your deviant account actually. I'm enjoying it tremendously :)
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ohh awesome! Not too many people who seem to be on DA so always fun to chat with them here!
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Very very nice artwork. :) Him holding the apple seems like one hell of a loaded meaning. :XD:
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Yeah - although there are actual physical apples involved in their first meeting (in my serialized story), the reason for it is because of its appearance in variuos religious and mythological settings :).
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Thought as much. :)
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The apple is forever a symbol of innocence and temptation xD
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the wood carvings is a wodnerful background idea. It would be nice to have more of a foreground. but considering what you used to make this. Great job ^^ Its always fun to see old fairytale characters re-dun in fun ways.
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Yeah - I think I'd like some of that wood motif brought out front, but I was a bit random about this drawing to begin with and so it did not get planned that way :)
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The background, with the Wolf carved into the wood, is amazing! And the wolf looks cool too...handsome but in a dark way like Mr. Rochester or Hamlet or one of the other dark, slightly insane, male characters from literature! I love how you set him and Red at opposing angles, with the opposite color schemes. Really highlights the differences between them!
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Yes, you have the character type right ... glad you caught that...
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((Fans self)) That's one handsome fellow! ;)
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lol, that's what I've heard a few times over the past few years as I"ve drawn him/redrawn him. xD
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OMG This is GREAT! I love her face especially!

Art noovo FTW!
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thanks! I took a different approach to coloring the face and yes - definitely loving art nouveau. It just helps to have something different to a background. I get so bored of painting them xD
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They look great. Awesome work. :)
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maybe you can use an earthy wood tone for the background, but make sure it doesn't blend with the wolf-carving. Like a dark wood-feel. a Slight dark gradient would give an ominous, and curious feel, like the original fairy tales are meant to be, not the sugar-coated kiddy ones
but hey, maybe U tried it already and it didn't work. I don't know
I look forward to this
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ah, I'll try the dark colors... somehow I want the background to not be so distracting :)
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