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making of antlers

My project the last weeks. Thought it might be interesting for you all to see progress pictures.
I wanted this set of antlers to have a certain shape and to be light. So I completely hand sculpted this item.
Picture 1&2: I started with a base of iron wire covered in insulation foam (the one you get in the spray can).
Picture 3:I carved the foam into a rough antler shape, trying to get both sides as thick and broad.
Picture 4: With light weight clay 
(L'Artista clay) I sculpted the perfected shape of the antlers. I also reshaped my iron frame. 
Pictures 5,6,7: After sanding and fine tuning I covered the entire thing in worbla to give it strength
Picture 8,9,10: After a  Base coat of paint I painted the antlers to look like real ones. I had lots of reference images on my board to inspire me.

I love how this piece has the shape and feel of real antlers with having only a fracture of the weight!
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Looks pretty real and good painting of them helps.
RowanCreations's avatar
Those are beautiful! I thought they were real when I first saw them.
incendiarymoth's avatar
Did you bake them after putting on the clay? How did you sand them?
DJcookie03's avatar
these are amazing and ik symmetry was very important to you but don't worry about it because real antlers, most of them anyway, are not even close to symmetrical

but the symmetry is very nice to a costume
GeneLythgow's avatar
Brilliant work!
mehmet5157's avatar
Love this. I thought they were real! Once I looked again I was so impressed.
madre-superiora's avatar
I don't get what is between step 2 & 3
oapdovahkiin's avatar
Absolutely fantastic so beautiful,i use wall insulation boards virtually weightless and cheap but you can carve and do anything with it :D
SELFaucher's avatar
How do you get the frame on a band where it isn't insanely wobbly and feels like it will flop all over the place if you move with them on? I've made something similar, but it felt like it was going to fall and smack me in the face if I moved much.
MelaloriaSagittarius's avatar
may i ask how and what you used to make it? i want a up my cosplay skills.
it is so wonderfully crafted btw.
lyssablissify's avatar
Awesome job this gives me some inspiration!
ArtistMeli's avatar
Such a good idea using spray foam!  I made some out of foam sheeting and felt like there was so much wasted material.
Marshmeowlow's avatar
how thick was the  iron wire?
brainsaw777's avatar
I wish I would have found this back in January when I had to make antlers for a play.  I spent a lot of time bending PVC with a heat gun and attaching the tines with wood inserts and screws before covering it all in Bondo then sanding and painting it.  This would have been MUCH easier and more realistic looking.  I'm kind of ashamed of my end product now after seeing these.  
Insulation foam! XD For anyone having problems translating it, that'll be the word causing problems. And these are fecking amazing. Getting them symmetrical right at the start would probably kill me right there.
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woopsie, can't believe I didn't see that spelling error. That was one lonely foam wasn't it? XD. fixed the text.
To be honest symmetrie part was by far the hardest part of this project. You constantly need to readjust them, it is incredibly time consuming.
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Really lovely artwork :) 
willowthepixie's avatar
Its amazing O.O I've not seen anything that comes close to what u done ⌒.⌒ I'm confused about the first couple of steps did u have wire skeleton and is that expanding foam ..and what's the best way to trim it ???
Sappho11's avatar
amazing! thanks for sharing
TheBrassGlass's avatar
They look super awesome; I could see something like this being very useful for cosplay.
Hellvilitic's avatar
Are the still lightweight? They look super awesome I would just be afraid they'd be too heavy and crack off. 
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