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Made for the Sterntaler shoot in Switserland with Annie Bertram .
Since the shoot I added even more stars to it ^^.
Made from dark blue velvet, lace and incredibly many stars. I wanted the feeling of the night sky coming down and cloaking her in stars. 
This piece will travel to New York from May to July, after that it will be available for rent. Contact me for time-slots and fees.

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oooh, i love the colors! this must have taken forever. this is excellent!

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Simply stunning! It's like looking at the night sky itself in all of its blue and sparkling beauty! You really nailed that aspect of the design perfectly! Great work! :heart: :heart:
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This is very beautiful.
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Britney Spears - X Factor impressed jaw dropping amazing!
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Morgana queen love your talent! Is perfect!
It s very beautiful! Do you have any to sell at a good price?! Of course I'm going to have to think about what will I wear with it of course! Got any ideas?
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I'd absolutely LOVE to have a cloak like that except that doesn't drag on the ground. Sadly, it'd still be extremely expensive probably..
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Brillinat! Stunning! Gorgeous! Love it!!!
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Ahhh, I found this cloak in tumblr and I didn't know who made it! It inspired me to draw one of my pieces named "La Noche". It's soooo pretty, I think I'm in love :heart:
Fairytas's avatar
Just took a look at the image! It's so pretty! Definitely the feeling I had in mind when designing the cape <3
mio-mio's avatar
Thanks! Your work is really inspiring :aww:
jessiebelle93's avatar
:heart: I wish I could wear something like this all the time and not have people think I'm too weird lol

I love the part on the back at the neck!
Pixarette's avatar
How much would that cost?
ShiroiBara91's avatar
This is really a night sky.
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that cloak  is stunning.Love
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This cape is like a dream.
es hermosaaaaaaaaa
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                                              Britney Spears OMG   Britney Spears OMG   Britney Spears OMG   !!!
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