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Cathedral dress

With this piece I tried to visualise the conflict the church had to face during the Black Death. When the plague arrived, people believed it to be a punishment of God. Therefore, they often turned to the Church for help. But since the priests and bishops could not actually offer a cure or even an explanation, the Catholic Church lost a lot of its influence. Because of this the Church declared war on rats, who carried the fleas transmitting the disease. 
The base structure of the top piece symbolises a cathedral architecture, from the rose windows to the 'ribs' at the rib cage. I sculpted a big taunting rat on top of a church window sceptre (that lights up).
I hope you can see and appreciate the symbolism of the dress. Please know that every opinion is welcome as long as you keep it respectful and polite. Hateful comments will be removed.
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This is so beautiful! And I love that shade of red! 
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And this is why fashion works as artistic expression too!  So pretty!!
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Woah, that looks amazing! I love that shade of red. Like blood. So very fitting for the theme. The sculpting on the top piece is so dramatic. I imagine a big, equally fabulous mitre to go with it on top. Just stunning work. I love all the symbolism that went into this. :happybounce:
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This is absolutely gorgeous ! You clearly put a lot of effort and thinking into it (the rat skull on the chest !)
Being a big fan of any fantasy-related media, I think a lot of costume and prop designers should look upon your work ! It would fit just perfect into a video game :)
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This is lovely! So much work into all the tiny details!
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No head! Who ate the head! :D Looking very nice!

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cool dress. i love the design and the fabric. :thumbsup:
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Absolutely gorgeous...
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This dress is beyond gorgeous
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This is so cool! And excellent coincidence that you posted this on Met Gala Day, since this would've fit in *perfectly* with last year's Met Gala theme ("Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”).

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This is gorgeous!!!
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