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I found my home by katagro


Frozen Apple by stardustpink


Ndebele girl - SilenceInTheSoul arttrade by YoungOldCatCreeper


All the Freshness of Spring by Yesterdays-Paper

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Flashing Bullet by Gasara We all love Fairytales and Folklore. Flashing Bullet by Gasara

Flashing Bullet by GasaraThis group is all about Magic Myths and Mysteries. Flashing Bullet by Gasara

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Peter Pan Stamp [Disney] by Ittichy

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Another king and the dragonOnce upon a time, there were a king and a dragon. Despite what many could initially think, they were not mortal enemies; nor were friends, for a king cannot give himself the luxury of making too many friends. They were certainly allies, though; allies who had signed a pact of mutual aid. The dragon was a dragon messenger: every day he would fly around the kingdom to bring the monarch news, and so he didn’t need to wait for any messenger. In exchange, the king agreed to give the dragon one pig from his royal farms every day.Most of the king’s family and crew didn’t dare get close to the dragon when the two met, despite never happening anything bad in years and years of reciprocal trust. But he was just too massive, so monstrous, and his musk could be smelt from the opposite side of the castle whenever he arrived. Indeed, the king himself always felt a certain awe: decades of a long and just reigning weren’t enough when in the presence of such a majestic, fearful creature. But the king knew better, and he never retired his trust from the dragon.However, one day the dragon brought news that compromised their relationship.“I don’t bring anything new, my dear human king. Many pigs in your kingdom’s farms are dying all at once. It looks like there’s a sickness spreading all of them.”“Oh dear! That is a catastrophe. But none of the castle’s pigs have died yet the last days, apart from those we slaughtered.”“That is good to hear. However, you should order your swineherds to stop importing more pigs for the time being.”But it was too late. The sickness had already reached the castle; soon, the pigs left alive were so little, that for the first time ever the king could not maintain his pact with the dragon.“We have to keep every pig that is left, or we won’t have enough food for the winter. I can give you anything else you want. Even my personal treasure.”“I understand the situation, and I don’t need more treasure than what I own already” said the dragon “but if you recall it, we haven’t made a simple pact. It was a pact made with magic.”“Magic? I don’t remember doing...”“Let me explain again then. Magic flows in such great quantity in a dragon’s veins that when a pact is made it intervenes without any intervention. Do you understand what it means? When two make a magical pact, and one of them doesn’t maintain it...they will die.”The king watched him intensely with wide open eyes, like for hoping there would be another better explanation.“I can’t do it. My people need those pigs for the winter.”“I’m not saying it because I claim what you owe me: I can hunt for myself. But you will die right now, once you become completely sure of your decision.”“A king must be ready to sacrifice himself when needed.”“Then is it your decision?”The king looked one last time at his beloved castle, the light of sunset spreading through its stone walls, then turned back to the dragon.“Yes.”And he immediately fell down on the ground, like a doll.The dragon remained there, paying a silent homage to the king that had been so brave, then flew away. But behind him the queen, the prince and a group of servants were coming: they had seen all.“The king! That dragon has killed the king!” one of them shouted. The dragon knew it in his heart: he wouldn’t be welcome anymore, even though it wasn’t his fault.A long time passed since then, a time during which the dragon retreated himself in his cave. He was completely alone, and his day consisted of getting prey for himself and contemplating his hoard, which however gave him less and less pleasure. Finally one day, he heard someone entering his cave.It was a human, and he had a sword in his right hand.“I have come to avenge our king, monster” the human said. “Justice will be done.”The dragon looked at him, melancholic. “I knew someone like you, one day, would come. But please, if you can pose that sword one moment and listen to how it went, you may avoid doing something you’ll regret-”“Do not deceive me with your words, monster! I was sent by his son, our new king, to free our kingdom from your menace, you traitor of the king’s trust!”The dragon remembered his old human’s ally bravery when put in front of his own death, and understood. To honor back the service he had given to he land, he had to be as brave as him and allow his heirs to rejoice. They would never know the truth; but they would be happy again.“Fine, human. But please, do what you must quickly.”The human looked around, like if he wanted to find something.“Do not worry, this is not a trap. You have come to find justice. I’m offering it to you.”The human walked slowly, but his uneasiness was more and more evident. His arrogant pride has disappeared, replaced by confusion and sorrow.“Hit me in my heart.”The human obeyed, and the dragon beared the unfathomable pain without emitting a single lament, slowly joining his ancestors and his dear king, who were waiting for him in a place he would soon discover.The kingdom rejoiced when the human brought back the dragon’s head, and he was readily given the highest honors possible, living for the rest of his days like a glorious knight. Still today the bards of the kingdom sing the tale of the knight who avenged the dragon who killed the king:“The dragon had ten terrible heads, and the king was forced to give it every day ten pigs, one for each head. When there were no more pigs to satisfy the monster’s greed, it mauled the king in one morsel and released its flames of fury throughout the land, until finally our glorious and brave hero dared fight him in its cave...”...
Troe by EvgenyOst
[closed] Giveaway Diamond Badge with 1 month CoreThe raffle is now closed! The winner will be announced soon ^^I have a stack of Fragments I have no idea what to do with. I don't really care about the badges, BUT the Diamond badge comes with a 1 month Core membership for deviants who don't already have Core.So I thought it'd be nice to do a little giveaway! HOW TO JOINFave + Comment 'I'd like to join!' on this journal (mandatory, gives you 1 ticket).The following actions can give you max 1 extra ticket each. So in total you can get 3 tickets. ! Make sure to LINK to your deviation comment or feature in your 'joining' comment!! If you remove your comment or feature immediately after the giveway you will not be able to get additional tickets in future giveaways. +1 ticket: Leave a nice comment on one (or more<3) of the deviations featured below (the comment must be a genuine comment, and at least 5 words long). + 1 ticket: Feature two or more of the art featured below in a status/journal/poll.Note: Sharing this journal is not mandatory and doesn't give you a ticket, but it is greatly appreciated RULES- Watchers only! New Watchers are welcome, but if you unwatch immediately after you will be banned from future giveaways (and yes, if this goes well there will be more ^^).- Don't be rude / ask for free stuff / etc.- Your account needs to be at least a month old, and follow the DA guidelines.- You can only join with 1 account!- This only works if you don't already have Core!!! So if you already have it at the time this giveaway ends, you can't win. Feature,,,Deadline30th of JanuarySince traffic on journals is so bad lately, if there are very few entries I might extend the deadline with a week or so....
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brother sister by emayuku



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