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Age: Juvenile
Gender: Female
Height: 29 " (34 as adult)
Weight: 85 lbs (94 as adult)
Build: Proud-looking posture, broad shoulders, thick neck, sharp ears, and is well-fed.

Territory: Chandor
Family: Davis (Adoptive father) Magpie (Adoptive mother) Graham (Brother) Aleksey (Adoptive cousin/brother) Rhaegan (Adoptive cousin/brother)
Rank: Too young for rank

Payton is a strong-willed child, and will most likely be so for the long run. She would do anything for family, and is not afraid of the consequences. Payton will often follow wherever Davis leads, watching and trying to join in his hunting missions. She has a hunger for knowledge of the world around her. She thinks she needs to learn everything she can so she can be ahead of the other pups, mainly her brother. While she can be a rough play-mate with Graham, she cares a lot for him, the only member left of her family she knows. When it comes to other pups, she can be a little short on friendliness, but she does like to play and use up all her energy. She was hostile towards her new adopted parents. Watching her mother perish by the jaws of a stranger did not lessen her ease at Magpie and Davis. However, over time she became to lighten up to Davis, seeing him as a good friend and guardian to her. She finds Magpie to be bother, a foil in her plans, at least when it comes to staying out late at night. Payton refuses to show a softer side to Magpie, wanting to be the hard rock of the family. She does not like being treated like a child who did not witness death beforehand. However, there are times when Payton will snuggle up close into Magpie's chest fur when everyone is asleep and quiet.

Pre-Group History: 
Payton remembered her mother better than most pups her age would. She was ahead of her brother when it came to using her eyes and legs. She felt utterly useless however when it came to her mother being attacked by another wolf. Stunned with fear and confusion, she had watched her mother being ripped from her world. It felt wrong to replace her so quickly with two new parents. She never asked more about her mother to her new parents, Davis and Magpie, it being too painful to bring up yet. She took it all as she wanted, and she was determined not to let anyone but her brother in to her life. Payton was told plenty by her new mother that she and Davis tried their best to save her mother, but she was too stubborn to move on about it, and continued to be angry with Magpie for nothing more than the thoughts that Magpie was trying to replace her real mother. She found it hard to be bitter however, in a pack like Chandor. It felt nice to be a friendly community that was a shelter from the memories of what happened. She finds it hard to let her new family in, but she discovers herself slowly opening up to them.

Group History: TBA

Other: -
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God dammit I love her