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One Piece x Reader - Of Monsters and Men
Chapter 2
With a tired sigh (Name) reached down into her bag, pulling out a thick photo album that seemed to be near bursting at the seams. 
Dropping the book down on the bar top before her, (Name) felt apprehensive to even open the book. Especially knowing what was inside.
“What’s this?” (Name) frowned as she turned the book in her hands. Blindly skimming through the pages, as her mother sighed sheepishly. 
“That book is full of all the pictures I took whilst I lived in the Grand Line. Somewhere in there, there will be a picture of your father. Eliza explained, as her daughters eyes widened, almost instantly slamming the book closed in suprise. I just thought this could help with your search.”

Taking another quick swig of her whisky, (Name) finally opened the book. Each page was littered with photos of Eliza, and many of the people who came into her life. On every other pictu
:iconfairytailgrace:FairyTailGrace 3 0
One Piece x Reader - Of monsters and Men
Chapter 1
Walking out of the bakery, a beautiful young couple shared a sweet kiss. Eyes locked in a loving embrace, with hands entangled securely together. His thumb brushing over the back of hand lovingly as he brought it to his lips, placing a delicate kiss upon it as though she were made of glass. The action bringing a light dusting of a blush upon her grinning cheeks. The diamond of her engagement ring sparkling in the sunlight.
“Do you really have to go back so soon?” The woman whined softly, as the grin never left her lips.
The young woman had long wavy (h/c) locks, that effortlessly tumbled across her shoulders. Bright captivating (e/c) eyes that one could seemingly drown in their depths. She was beautiful to say the least and she had an air about her that drew people to her like a magnet. She had a good life, in this small peaceful town far in the country side. Everyone knew each other in this town and as she worked as a r
:iconfairytailgrace:FairyTailGrace 3 2
Law x Reader - War of Hearts - 3/?
With a tired yawn (Name) came down the stairs from her upstairs apartment. 
“Had another long night with your mysterious stranger after hours?” Nami grinned, wiggling her eyebrows at her boss, which was easingly ignored. Instead Nami a soft nod instead.
“Are you ever gonna introduce us to him?” Luffy asked, before chomping down his staff lunch.
“I don’t know. He seems to have a crazy work schedule.” (Name) shrugged as she made her way to the stove to cook herself something.
“Have you finally figured out what’s off about him?” Robin asked from her seat at the large table in the kitchen. Watching as her boss politely declined Sanji’s offer to cook for her, waving her hellos, as she started cooking. Occasionally batting Luffy’s eager hands away.
”It took me a while, longer than I’d like to admit, but I no exactly why it is now. (Name) smiled thoughtful
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Law x Reader - War of Hearts 2/?
“So what time does this place close?” Law asked as finally reached the end of his chapter and drinking the cold dregs of his coffee.
“Hmm?” (Name) hummed her acknolegment, not bothering to look up from her page.
“Well if its still gonna be open for another hour, then I’ll get myself another coffee.” Law explained, marking his page as he closed the book, turning his stormy gaze upon the waitress. 
”Oh Sweatheart, this place closed an hour before you came in.” (Name) chuckled softly, as the man frowned in confusion.
“Wait what? Then why did you let me in?” Law asked, fully turning himself to look at her.
“You looked a bit out of it. Plus it was raining, so I couldn’t really just send you back out into that.” (Name) shrugged closing her book and standing up to her feet. Quietly dusting off the invisible dirt from her skirt, before
:iconfairytailgrace:FairyTailGrace 6 0
Law x Reader - War of Hearts
Every time you fall in love, you lose a part of your soul to the person you love. Every time someone falls in love with you, you get a piece of their soul. You die when you run out of soul to give.
History only knows of two immortals so far, one who never found love and the other who makes people fall in love with them to purposefully extend their lives.
“So class what can you tell me about the two immortals?” The teacher asked his students, as the black mark followed the line the whiteboard pen left behind, declaring the subject of this discussion.
”The first immortal was the one to make people fall in love with them, to extend their life.” A pitchy male voice pipped up almost immediately, causing many of the girls to sneer cruely. 
“Arrogant womaniser.” One manicured blonde girl sneered, earning several more irritated grumbles from the girls.
“Such a playe
:iconfairytailgrace:FairyTailGrace 7 1
Kid x Reader - Dancing in the moonlight
It was a muggy summer night many years ago, on an island deep in the South Blue when the pair first met.
A small skinny boy with a mess of wild fiery locks, sat huddled a small ways from an old house. The soft light of the moon engulfing his pale form, like a spot light. 
Even with his tiny pale hands pressed heavily over his small ears, the screams and yelling came tumbling out of the house, battering the small boy as his form shock uncontrollably.
Pressing his eyes tightly together, the small boy forced a handful of salty prayers down his cheeks.
“Why wont they just shut up? The boy growled harshly under his breath, moving his small fingers to rake harshly through his burning locks, exposing the deep black and blue mark that engulfed the right side of his face. It was an all too familiar scenario ... the boy outside his home late at night, escaping from the screaming of his parents. A soft brush of the bruised flesh instantly made him flinch backwards as his bl
:iconfairytailgrace:FairyTailGrace 6 4
Kid x Reader - Conversations with the Devil
You are the devil and you have been summoned due to a satanic ritual. As you manifest yourself you find yourself in a quaint living room and meet a sweet old lady who just wants some company - Writing Prompts 
So I saw this prompt on pintrest and wanted to do my take on this. Hope you enjoy it.
As the dark words rumble through his domain Kid sighs. With deep grumbles the giant Red head hauls himself from his throne, glaring at his crew who were sniggering as they chugged their beers. As flames engulf his form, the deamon flips of his friends before dissapearing into the flames.
“Oh the biscuits!” 
As the flames dissapear the hulking, pale skinned deamon growls deeply. Glancing around the room, Kid found himself standing in the middle of a cozy little living room ... a room far too small for his towering form. With his horns scraping painfully against the ceiling Kid lowered his head, slumping over slightly. Behind him b
:iconfairytailgrace:FairyTailGrace 6 4
An Ocean of Stars - Into Rivers of Time
Chapter 51
{Part 7}
”His scents everywhere! I guess that explains why I couldn’t slaughter them all.” (Name) snarled lowly in a haughtingly beautiful song of the old tongue. Marco’s scent was embedded deeply throughout the ship, drifting of it in waves that washed over the entire crew, leaving them all with a slight lingering note of his scent on them. The very thought of it painting a scowl across her rouge lips.
Time had jumped forward to the young god slumped grumpily over the side of the Viking ship, on their way to Rognnath. The homeland of the Vikings.
“You really hate us don’t you, yoi?” The young Marco grumbled in the Viking tongue as he leant back against the railing beside his fiancé. Tilting his head every so slightly to try catch a peek at her face.
“I’ve had bad blood with your people for centruies, princeling.” (Name) growled lowly as she stared out across the ocean surrounding them.
:iconfairytailgrace:FairyTailGrace 3 2
An Ocean of Stars - Into Rivers of Time
Chapter 50
{Part 6}
”YOU’RE NOT MY MOTHER! SO STOP PRETENDING YOU ARE!” A teenage Jasper, standing a good head taller the (e/c) eyed woman, snarled harshly down at her. His body taught with rage as they stood in their tree bar. Some customers scurrying away in a desperate escape, whilst others remained frozen in their seats out of fear of the Adolescent Fishman, sparking with lightning.
“No mum ... I didn’t mean it. I promise, I never meant that ...” The present day Jasper whimpered. Taking a shaky step to the shorter light (h/c) woman who had paused in her cleaning of the bar, as the words had spilled from her son’s lips.
“You’re right I’m not.” The light (h/c) woman simply stated, picking up her rag once more and continuing to clean the bar.
“WHAT? Is that it?” Jasper snarled, a quiet confusion picking at the corners of his mind. Growling in frustration, the raven haired Fishman snatch
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An Ocean of Stars - Into Rivers of Time
Chapter 49
{Part 5}
“How have I never been here before?” Brannon mumbled as his hungry silver orbs drank in the great Spirit Libary.
“It would seem being King doesn’t leave you with much free time. (Name) teased as she watched the small fishman boy run out of sight with one of the Knowledge Seekers (a small ruby fox). Maybe some point in the future, I’ll extend a sister one into Terasan for you.” (Name) hummed, earning a brilliant grin from the bright (h/c) haired male across from her.
“Mala, Brannon. The great owl spirit bowed lowly to the King and Queen of Terasan, before turning his gaze to the Three Faced Goddess. My lady, everything is ready for you.”
“Thank you Wan Shi Tong, shall we?” (Name) asked the pair guestering them to follow them, as she glanced back once more to where Jasper dissapeared to.
Walking through a grand pair of doors on the opposite end of the halls, the group enetered a
:iconfairytailgrace:FairyTailGrace 3 2
An Ocean of Stars - Into Rivers of Time
Chapter 48
{Part 4}
Sprawled tiredly across cloudy wisps high in the baby blue sky, (Name)’s pointed ears easily picked up the distressed cries from a ship far below.
Rolling lazily onto her stomach the young god peered down at the ship below. Frowning heavily, (Name) rolled her self off her cloud to dive gracefully into the inky depths below. Circling the roaring ship, (Name) silently pulled herself up to peer over the edge of the ships railing. (E/c) eyes instantly locked onto a pair of striking ruby orbs. 
It was a slave ship.
The group of pirates watching grinned their teeth in outrage, as they took in the scene before them. A mixture of humans and a handful of foreign races were chained in long rows along deck, whilst a young mermaid with long turquoise hair and a slender navy blue tail lay sprawled across the deck, as several slavers attempted to have their way with her. The giant mermaids horrified rugby gaze, gazed pleadingly to the goddess as her eyes glazed over wi
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The Siren 1/?
“So your Whitebeard’s spy?” Luffy simply huffed through a mouthful of food, causing the surrounding pirates to splutter in surprise.
“(Name)-chan?” Praline demanded her sisters attention with wide eyes.
“Nee-chan?” Chiffon gasped at her older sister, gently rocking the baby in her arms. (Name) simply ignored them as she stared of across the open sea, her long tail hanging gently of the side of the ship. Although her and Praline were twins, neither looked alike. (Name) was shorter than the blonde, with a long french braide of pink locks, starting of dark pink at the top before lightning gradually to a pale pink at the tips. Unlike the blue of her sisters tail, (Name)’s was white fading with razor sharp dark pink fins. Each fin pointing to black tips with a deadly glisten to them, from the poison that rested atop each one, she even had an extra pair of fins on the backs of her forearms. Where her sister w
:iconfairytailgrace:FairyTailGrace 2 1
Strawberries! by FairyTailGrace Strawberries! :iconfairytailgrace:FairyTailGrace 2 0 Skydive x by FairyTailGrace Skydive x :iconfairytailgrace:FairyTailGrace 1 0
Killer x Reader - Raven 11/11
In the enormous room of the dungeons, several guards were sat in the centre, talking and playing cards. Kid sat uncomfortable wthin silence, whilst his (h/c) haired companion hovered in the air, her shapely legs crossed so she could rest her hands on her knees. Her deep (e/c) orbs blurred as the glowed, gazing far across time and space.
The room was near silent except for the guards huffing, cursing or chuckling depending on the hands played.
A swift wizzing cut through the cool air, racing towards the floating female who instantly caught the arrow with a victorious smirk spread across her full lips.
“I believe that’s our cue Eutass.” (Name) hummed gently brushing her fingers across the small bag attached to that arrow shot at her.
“WHAT THE FUCKS GOING ON?” One of the guard’s howled as he and his companions flung back their chairs, racing to their feet as they swiftly armed themselves. Scanning the dungeon for the foe they co
:iconfairytailgrace:FairyTailGrace 5 0
Kid x Reader - Raven 10/?
{1 week being Kaido’s prisoners}

“The sooner you give in, the better it’ll be for everyone.”
 Kaido rumbled as he peered into the young woman’s cage, rocking it slightly from side to side with his breath alone.
“Not gonna happen any time soon.” (Name) growled, closing her eyes and holding onto one of the Sea stone bars, to keep her from being tossed about the cage.
“So how long until your pride gives in?” Kaido rumbled, stepping back from the cage, slowly allowing it to stop rocking.
“Until I see a future where this choice, proves favourable for myself.” (Name) groaned releasing the bars as the Cage finally went still.
“Just like your father.” Kaido growled walking out of the door.
“What can I say. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” (Name) growled loud enough for the Yonko to hear as he left the room, slamming th
:iconfairytailgrace:FairyTailGrace 3 0


Melting {Kotaro Bokuto}
// melting © witchboywriting //
            word count: 2029
            warnings: self-inflicted homophobic feelings from Bokuto.
            gender: male pronouns used.
            au: soulmate AU. - you and your soulmate share the same tattoo inked on your wrist.
If you enjoyed this free work please concider making a stop at my ko-fi page and making a donation. Thank you.
God, why was it so bright.
You had been trying to avoid it all day, but could not manage to stop thinking about it - about him
After all, you were not mad that it was him, but he seemed to be mad that it was you - that you were his soulmate.
"He will accept you, [name]-chan. After all, you are his soulmate. He will accept. He has to." Haruki Komi said as he looked down upon you as you layed in the grass, underneath the talle
:iconwitchboywriting:witchboywriting 35 6
Chain Mail. [ Ushijima + ??? | Texts ]

Ushijima Wakatoshi 🏐🐮
(TW: Use of strong language)
[11:41 a.m.]
There are 5 weekends this month. This only happens every 823 years. Forward this to 15 friends for good luck.
[11:43 a.m.]
or rather, is this tendou or smth???
what is the meaning of this.
[11:44 a.m.]
Hello, [Y/N]-chan.~
No, it's me. I'm simply following what the message is telling me to do.
You should probably do the same.
[11:44 a.m.]
 uhhhhh LMAO
[Y/N]-chan?? With the ~ ???
ok wait have you never heard of chain mail
5 wknds in a month happens more frequently than 823 years, first off
also, aren't you in class rn ?!
[11:45 a.m.]
Chain mail? As in what warriors wore during medieval times?
Yes, but I'm heading off to lunch soon
[11:45 a.m.]
you know what, never mind
meet me outside my class before lunch
i have to discuss these messages with you......
[11:47 a.m.]
0NLY P30PL3 W17H 0CD C4N R34D
:icondinosauruses:dinosauruses 12 3
Pale2 by wlop Pale2 :iconwlop:wlop 1,537 23
The One : Roronoa Zoro X Reader - 11
"Uh, sorry if I woke you." the greenette muttered, averting his gaze from your disheveled form.
"S'ok." you tried very hard not to stare at his shirtless torso.
"It's still early you can go back to sleep, I just came back from the gym."
"What time is it?" you grumbled trying to search for your phone in the dim light the bathroom provided.
"Just after nine." he replied as you snatched your jeans off the floor to fumble through the pockets, "How are you feeling?"
"Like shit and maybe still drunk? How'd I even get here?" you let out a short quiet gasp revisiting the realization that you were in this man's bed in his shirt and just your underwear, "Did-"
"Nothing happened," he pulled the towel over his face while he dried his hair, "you were texting me so I went and picked you up."
"Oh." You murmured.
"So, I guess we aren't going to Japan." he chuckled slipping into a gray t-shirt.
"What?" you snapped up from unlocking your phone.
"Nothing," he snorted, "you were pretty entertaining."
:iconlyndsy24:lyndsy24 7 4
Pumpkin pie pt.4 - Drake x reader x Kid

«Can you believe this?! Pudding is 19!» you shouted, pounding the dishes in the sink.
Drake tilted his head, from the table.
«I believe you’re going to break something this morning.»
«And you know why Pudding? Because she’s the oldest who’s not married yet! Well, apart from me and Joscar, of course. But she isn’t pretty enough for the Vinsmokes. Isn’t it sick?»
He stood, reaching you and placing his warm hands on your shoulders.
«Y/n, breathe.» he hummed beside your ear «You barely slept last night.»
You sighed, leaning against him.
«I just wish there was something I could do…»
«I know.»
He kissed the crook of your neck, left exposed by the loose T-shirt you used to sleep in.
You turned to face him and maybe demand some more of his attentions, but his face was distorted in a frown, much to your surprise.
«What is this burni
:iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 11 0
Killer x reader Unmasked pt 1
A loud knock on your door startled you awake. You fell out of bed, landing in the floor with a loud thump and an "oomph". " Whoever is on the other side of that door better be bringing me good news or breakfast" you growl as you get to your feet. It only took a moment for you to pull on some clothes and stumble to the door. As you opened the door you got a whiff of what was waiting io the other side. 
Bianca, your first mate stood at your door, holding a mug of coffee and a plate of food. " How about both?" She asks offering you the plate and mug of coffee. 
You smirk " Maybe i should have added to my demands" you say moving back to let Bianca in. 
" What more could you want? Your beautiful best friend is hand delivering you breakfast and wonderful news!" She chirps. 
You take the plate and mug sitting down on the edge of your bed. " Well, i don't know. If you were Captain Kid from the Kid pirates i wouldn't complain" You say taking a bite of eggs. 
She lo
:iconbrittbratt1989:brittbratt1989 13 2
Trikster by Kate-FoX Trikster :iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 3,776 99 Suspension by SillyJellie Suspension :iconsillyjellie:SillyJellie 148 2
Pink Paper Wristband | Terushima
Soulmate!au where the words on your body are significant words your soulmate says to you.
A bright pink paper wristband coddles your wrist. The line you’re in trails the sidewalks from outside the concert venue—the concert venue with its doors closed even when you all should’ve been in there forty minutes ago with your screams reaching up from the back of your throat and blending with everyone else’s. The line is colorful with all the neon clothes around you, and the line is like an exclamation point to tacked on at the end of the city’s name, the city that snaps awake at night and crashes in the morning with a vibrating hangover.
Just as you’re about to shift your weight from foot to foot again, just as your papery wristband is about to slide around on your wrist and let cursive letters peek out, the venue’s doors fling open.
The bar is in full panic mode. Debit and credit cards and
:iconobscurephoenix:ObscurePhoenix 20 32
He Fell From The Sky : Ace X Reader - 16
Waves lapped against the sides of the ship, gulls could be heard outside the porthole indicating land was near. The room wasn't familiar, but the jolly roger hanging on the wall was; it was a ship in the fleet. His heart skipped a few beats as he rubbed his eyes and made his way to his feet. He couldn't hear any voices out on deck but continued to walk the halls running his fingers over the timbers lining his path.
A harsh briney wind whipped through his waves as he stepped fully onto the deck. Land was in fact near, they'd been docked. He could see the bay from where he stood as the sun was sneaking up passed the horizon behind the ship. Perhaps they'd gone to stock up or moved the banquet to the shore, as he'd taken this as a sign of victory at Marineford.
"You finally made it brat."
The voice stopped Ace in his tracks, it felt like forever since the last time he was called out by his father.
"Pops?" The raven spun to face the enormous man.
Even sitting on bare timbers the old man to
:iconlyndsy24:lyndsy24 4 4
Koopa princess by NeoArtCorE Koopa princess :iconneoartcore:NeoArtCorE 2,804 62 Shattered by nakanoart Shattered :iconnakanoart:nakanoart 1,047 21
Mature content
Eustass Kid x reader - Captive pt.28 :iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 30 7
Sureal prison by mohn-blume Sureal prison :iconmohn-blume:mohn-blume 408 13
Erwin x Reader The Girl Beyond the Walls (Part 5)
    "And then I said something that insinuated a whole conversation!" Erwin laughed. He was telling odd stories as he walked ____ back to where the rest of the Survey Corps had set up camp. There's been so much that she's missed and he wanted to catch her up on everything.
    "Where have you been?" Hanje scolded Erwin when he finally made it back.
    "Everyone, this is ____." Erwin introduced ___ while completely ignoring Hanje.
    "Holy shit!" Levi exclaimed.
    "She's real!" Hanje added.
    "We were all taking bets on what happened to you. Personally, I thought you were constipated." Levi stated flatly, eyeing up the new addition to their group. "I never would have expected this."
    "Yet here she is," Erwin narrowed his eyes at Levi, suddenly feeling very protective of ___. Erwin wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to him. He's already lost her once, he's not going to again.
:iconmrs-braginski:Mrs-Braginski 13 6
Erwin x Reader The Girl Beyond the Walls (Part 4)
    "You really don't remember me, do you?"
What kind of question is that? This girl is totally foreign to Erwin. She's lived outside the walls for... God knows how long and she asks if he remembers her!
    "I remember you from the last mission, is that what you mean?"
    "No, Erwin, that's not what I mean," she replies.
Erwin, she knows his name. How could she know his name?! Maybe she heard it during one of his previous members and somebody called out his name. But that means she's been watching him from a distance. That's just creepy within itself.
    "Then... what do you mean?" Erwin asks.
    "My name is ___," she sighed. "Does that ring any bells?" Erwin shook his head no. "We used to fight the titans together. Under Commander Shadis. I wasn't sure it was you until your last mission." She returned to her seat next to Erwin. "When I saw your face up close, I knew it was you. You've changed so much over these p
:iconmrs-braginski:Mrs-Braginski 10 4


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You guys will probably see a lot of foodie things or brain jabberings from me so please let me know what you think, always appreciate what you guys think xx
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