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Fairy Tail: Lucys New Game Chapter 4Hello everyone to the fourth chapter of Fairy Tail: Lucy’s New Game. With me is my cowriter and friend, Kaizokuoniiorewanaru.Kaizoku: I AM HERE!MHA. You have class my friend.Kaizoku: I have you to thank for it, partially.(Looks at him in confusion) Me? How did I get you into it?Kaizoku: It was a while back... You suggested it to me.Aquarius: “(Uncaring tone) Cool story, bro.”Oh, hey, it’s the Tsundere Mermaid.Aquarius: “(Meancing) Huuuh?”You heard me, you’re a Tsundere, Tsundere Mermaid. And if you attack me, it only proves my point.Aquarius: “...These two don’t own anything. They just own the changes. (Leaves)”Guess she couldn’t handle the truth.Kaizoku: That or she just had enough of us right now.(Shrugs) Maybe, anyways, onto the story.______________________________________________________________________________Chapter 4: Secret Mission! Dear Kaby!Both of the Vanish Brothers were on throu ground, beaten, the smaller one asking, groaning, “W-Were we beaten by a fire wizard?”“Hey bro,” the bigger brother started, also groaning, “tell me when the room stops spinning, ‘kay?”The whole hall was a mess after the explosion. Natsu was looking at the two. “That’ll teach you,” he stated. He then looked to the level up tab he got. “Thanks for the EXP though, helped us a lot~” He then turned away from them “Now then, guess I’d better go and find Lucy. These merchant fairies are toast.” He started walking away.“We’re mercenaries…” the brothers groaned out.Natsu didn’t notice Viro’s eyes glowing.______________________________________________________________________________(With Lucy)Lucy was still trying to break free of Everlue, still trying to get to her [Invintory].“Enemy monster of literature?” Everlue asked her. “My massive collection of books and art only prove I’m culture’s greatest friends!”“Yeah right, and those goddamn ugly maids you collect show and proves you don’t know squat about beauty!” Lucy stated back, still reaching.“How dare you mock them! They are the very definition of beauty!” Duke Everlue exclaimed as he tightens his grip on Lucy, getting a closer look at Daybreak. “What secret does it hold? Let me guess, he buried his fortune and there’s a treasure map hidden inside. Tell me, or I’ll snap your arm like a toothpick!” He threatened. Lucy blows a raspberry at him, making him tighten his grip even more. “Now is not the time to get sassy. Listen, I myself commissioned this book’s very creation. Therefore, any secret it holds is rightfully my property!”“Huh?” Haseo huffed in attention. “Lucy, you leveled up! Beat this guy!” He ordered, showing Lucy’s level up.Lucy sees that he went from LV 18 to LV 21, shocking her. “How much were those brothers worth to make me jump up three levels!?” Lucy asked in shock.Just the Happy appeared out of nowhere and dropped kicked Everlue in the head at high speeds, getting acritical hit on him and in a weak spot. This made him let go of Lucy.Critical Hit!!!Weak Spot-175 HP“Whoa, Happy!” Luxcy called out, Happy giggling. “That was really cool of you.”“Not bad there, blue cat,” Haseo stated, impressed.“Thank you, I just leveled up from 15 to 20 and wanted to show how strong I got~!” Happy stated with a smug smile. Just then his wings vanished. “Uh-oh…” He then fell into the water causing Lucy and Haseo to facepalm. “What’s this? A flying cat?” Duke Everlue asked.“The name’s Happy.” Happy introduced through the bubbling noises he made.“I wouldn’t stay in there if I was you.” Lucy said.“But the water feels so good~” Happy declared through the bubbling noises he made.“Ugh, that’s sewer water, Happy...” Lucy groaned as she facepalmed again. She then turns her attention to Duke Everlue and points her crab key at him. “Looks like the tables have turned. But if you let me keep the book, I’ll think about going easy on you. Although I’m tempted to give you an even better smack than the one Happy gave you.” Lucy boasted.“Oh. A Celestial Wizard. But for a reader, you seem to be a bit deficient in your turns of phrase. ‘The tables have turned’ implies that the weaker party has rallied to claim victory.” Duke Everlue corrected. “But there’s no way you and that cat could ever defeat me and my Diver Magic. Boyoyoyoyo!” He laughed as he dives into the ground, digging a hole.Happy had finally gotten out of the water and asked no one in particular, “so, he does that using macig? I had no idea Everlue was a wizard too.”“Do you not smell yourself?” Lucy and Haseo asked the cat, still on guard. Everlue then popped out of all kinds of places, but thanks to Lucy’s DEX she was dodging with grace and easy, know where he might popup to grab the book. If she cold, she’d put it in her [Invintory] and grab a weapon in its place; but felt Everlue would grab it in her haste to switch out. “I have two things I have to say to you Everlue!” Lucy shouted to the greedy pig. “1: I know the whole story now. It’s a horrible adventure novel about a trashy, greedy, pigfaced, little character named Duke Everlue!”“You serious?” Happy asked.“I don’t know that I’d call the protagonist ‘trashy, greedy, pigfaced’. But yes.” Duke Everlue said as he uses his Diver Magic. “The story itself is crap. And to think it was written by the great Kemu Zaleon!” He exclaimed as Lucy sees that Duke Everlue appeared from behind her. “Inexcusable!” He roared as he attacks Lucy and tries to grab the book again, but Lucy dodges. Duke catches himself on the ceiling and uses his magic again.“I can’t believe your arrogance! You forced him to write it!” Lucy growled.“Arrogant, moi? The word doesn’t begin to apply! To tell my story’s an honor, no matter what the circumstances!” Duke countered.“Then why’d you have to blackmail him to do it?” Lucy asked.“Blackmail?” Happy repeated.“What’s the big deal?” Duke asked back as he pops from behind Lucy, but doesn’t attack, instead twirls his long nose hair, getting Lucy and Happy’s attention. “He just needed some extra encouragement to take the job.” He said.“Oh really?” Lucy doubted before Duke goes along the ground as if he’s swimming.“Any fool would have jumped at the chance to have me as their muse. But he had the audacity to say no!” Duke complained as he dives into the ground then has his arm pop up from behind Lucy and Happy again. “So I gave him the added inspiration in the form of an ultimatum: Write the novel, or his family would be stripped of their citizenship.” He explained.“But then none of them would be able to join any of the guilds and make a living!” Happy gasped. “Do you really have the power to do that?” He asked as Duke’s arm sinks quickly back into the ground.“I have the power to do anything!” Duke answered as he pops out of the ground with enough force to make Lucy and Happy run away for a few moments. “I got him to write it, didn’t I? But I didn’t like his attitude, so I decided he’d do best writing from a prison cell. Boyoyo!” He laughed. “He went on and on about being a brilliant novelist who would never give in to threats, but in the end, I got what I wanted!” He shouted as he uses his Diver Magic to go all over the place again.Hase greeted his teeth. “This guy’s the lowest of the low…”Lucy was trying to read his movements but had to keep moving not to get hit. “I can’t believe you’d go that goddamn far just to boost you own stupid ego, pigface!” Lucy shoute at the Duke, now seeing why his title was called the [Cruel Duke]. “He was in solitary confinement for the goddamn years because of you! Do you know how hard that must have been for him!?” Lucy was trying hard to find the right tool or weapon in her [Invintory] to fight Everlue, to teach this monster a lesson.“Three whole years!?” Happy and Haseo asked in shock what that monster would do to get what he wants.Just then Everlue appeared in front of the two, making them jump back. “Perhaps it took that long to appreciate me. Boyoyoyo,” Everlue stated, still thinking of only himself.“That’s where you’re dead wrong,” Lucy stated, glaring at the duke. “It was more of him not stomaching you forcing him to spread lies about you! But he had to satisfy your goddamn vanity.” She got up, right hand behind her back pulling out a sword from here [Invintory]. “He knew if he didn’t write your character as a heroic champion of justice, you’d make his family suffer! You’re goddamn worse than scum!!!”“Tell me. How exactly do you know all this?” Duke asked.“It’s all right here in black and white.” Lucy answered, showing the book.“What? I’ve read that book from cover to cover, and Kemu Zaleon isn’t in it.” Duke declared.“Well, yeah, if you read it normally, there’s no mention of him. But I know something you don’t know. Long before he was an author, he was a wizard.” Lucy replied.“He was?”“Kemu Zaleon... a wizard?”“What did he do?” Happy, Haseo, and the Duke all asked respectively.“After he finished the book, he gathered all his remaining strength and cast a spell on it.” Lucy answered the Duke who growls.“What a dirty trick. He turned a book about a great man like me into a hatchet job!? THE NERVE OF THAT FOOL!” The Duke shouted as he attacks Lucy again with his Diver Magic, but Lucy dodges.“Oh, get over yourself! It’s true that he wrote about all the pain and torture that you put him through.” Lucy told the Duke as he stops attacking for a moment. “But the chapters that focus on what you did to him are only a small part of the book. In fact, its secret has nothing to do with you.”“Tell us, Lucy!” Happy drooled.“What the devil do you mean!?” The Duke asked.“I’m not gonna give this book to you, Duke Everlue.” Lucy declared as she puts the book into her [Inventory]. “Because it was never really yours to begin with!” She exclaimed as she pulls out her crab-like key. She then uses the power of the key. “Open, Gate of the Giant Crab! Cancer!” She shouted as scissors appear and a man with sunglasses, six crab legs on his back, a blue long sleeved shirt, and black pants with gray stripes appeared from the gate that summoned him.“Cancer. Ha.”“A GAINT CRAB!!!” Happy shouted, drooling. He then started dancing in joy. “Oh, yeah. Nothing says “I’m gonna kick you butt,’ like a crab man with razor claws and though-guy sunglasses! Ha ha!”“Will you shut up and be useful, or just let me concentrate,” Lucy ordered, “or I’ll have him pinch your little lips off…!”“Hey, Lucy,” Cancer stated, then turned to her, “how would you like your hair done today, baby? Or do you need help with your [Barber] skill?”“WHAAAAAT!?” Happy shouted in shock.“Sorry Cancer, this isn’t a styling session,” Lucy stated. “We’re in a fight.” She then got Haseo’s First Stage Adept Rogue clothes on. “It’s that pigman we need to take out.”“Whatever you say, baby,” Cancer stated.Evelue saw that she changed her cloths. “Wait, are you a Requip mage too?” He asked in shock.“No, the second thing: I am more than a Celestial Mage, I am Gaia’s chosen warrior, [The Gamer],” She told him. She then had a sinister smile on her face. “And I’m going to love beating the crap out of you to gain EXP~”“Oh, so he makes the bad guys look cool before they kill us. That’s useful.” Happy sarcastically said. “Yeah, you should send him back, Lucy.” He suggested.“I should send YOU back...” Lucy growled.‘What could the secret possibly be? The hack must have written an expose on all of my illegal business deals. I can’t have that...! If the Magic Council got wind of how I actually made my fortune, my goose would be cooked!’ Duke thought then pulled out his own gold key and used its power. “Open, Gate of the Maiden! Virgo!” He shouted before a purple gate appears.“What the!?” Lucy and Haseo gasped.“He’s using your trick, Lucy!” Happy exclaimed. Just then, the giant maid, Virgo, appeared from the ground.“Did I hear my master summon me!?” Virgo asked.“Virgo, fetch me that book.” Duke ordered.“Hold up. She’s a Celestial Spirit!?” Lucy questioned.“To be fair, you said that there are 12 gold keys of the Zodiac, right? There’s Aquarius, Cancer, Taurus, Pisces, Aries, Leo, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Capricorn, and what we’re seeing right now: Virgo.” Haseo listed. He then looks at what’s above Virgo. “Oh holy crap.” He gave a stoic surprised comment. Everyone looks at what Haseo’s looking and gasp. They see Natsu who was holding onto Virgo.“NATSU!” Lucy and Happy called.“Yeah...?” Natsu called back.“What is the meaning of this!?” Everlue demanded in shock.“Why in the world are you up there!?” Lucy asked, shocked at her teammate’s actions. Virgo just looked confused.“Well, I saw her getting up, so I jumped on her and then all of a sudden I end up here,” Natsu explained to the best of his ability.“Wait, you mean you grabbed her inside the house?” Lucy asked, then think of what that meant he went through the spirit gates. “That means you went through the Spirit Gate with her when she was summoned. Even with my powers getting rid of the impossible, it should still be improbable for that to happen.”“Well it’s probable now,” Haseo stated.Virgo was trying to reach back and grab Natsu. “Lucy, what the heck do I do now?” Natsu asked her.“Keep doing what you were doing, beat Virgo,” Lucy ordered. “Everlue is my target!”“Virgo, clean up this rubbish!” Duke ordered Virgo. Natsu jumps down off of Virgo.“As you wish, master.” Virgo acknowledged as she attacks Natsu, but Natsu prepares an attack.“Now I’m fired up!” Natsu declared as he punches his fists together and puffs up his cheeks, stuffing them with fire. “Fire Dragon’s Roar!” He shouted before shooting a stream of fire at Virgo, knocking her down and away.“You creepy little mole man!” Lucy roared as she wraps Duke Everlue in her whip. “Can’t dig yourself out of this! You make me sick!” She exclaimed as she throws the Duke into the air while letting him get out of her whip, making him flip multiple times in the air. Cancer then jumps towards the Duke and attacks with his scissors, making the Duke squeal in pain. “You’re just another greedy villain.” She insulted. Cancer lands a few feet behind her while the Duke falls to the ground, knocked out between them.“Okay, I’m done. Does this look fabulous or what, baby?” Cancer asked, showing that Duke’s nose hairs and head hair are all cut to make him hairless.“Oh yeah. Way to go, crab-man— baby...” Natsu awkwardly added. They suddenly heard rumbling before the mansion caves in. Thankfully, the quartet managed to escape so that they weren’t buried under the rubble and the book was still secure. They look at the devastation. “I like your style. Out with a bang.” Natsu complimented. “You are definitely gonna fit in at Fairy Tail.”“But aren’t we supposed to not destroy stuff?” Happy pointed out.Lucy only smirked. “Not our fault~ Everlue was using his magic so much he made his own home cave in~ We’re not to blame~” She looked to see the EXP the gained and it was 1,500,000, for beating both Virgo and Everlue and the triple multiplier.______________________________________________________________________________(Later: Client’s Location)The group had arrived back to the client’s location to tell them about the mission. It was evening when they got back. Lucy, who was back in her normal cloths, was explaining to their Kaby, “Why I read Daybreak, I couldn’t believe it was written by Kemu Zaleon. There’s no way he would have done something that bad.”“Yeah, so?” Natsu asked, still not getting it.“So, that’s how I knew there was a spell on it,” Lucy answered, handing the book over Kaby.Kaby was shocked and confused, but still took it. He then told her, “But I requested this book be destroyed. Why on earth are you handing it back to me completely unscathed?”“If you really want to burn it, then I would rather you be the one to do it,” Lucy told his sincerely.Kaby was shaking in his spot and told her, “I most certainly will burn this trash. I never wanted to see it again.”“I truly and completely understand why you feel so strongly and the way you do about this book, Kaby,” Lucy stated, knowing why he wanted that book gone. “You wanted to protect your father’s legacy, because you’re actually Zeleon’s son, aren’t you?” This shocked Natsu, Happy and Haseo.“… Yes, that’s true…” he answered her.“Have you read it yourself?” she asked.“No,” he answered her again, “I-I could never bring myself to do it… My father told me it was garbage…”This enraged Natsu who shouted, “You were just gonna burn it!?”“I was…” Kaby answered, sadly.Natsu grabbed Kaby and shouted, “Without even bothering to see what’s inside!? Some of us would kill for that kind of memory.”Lucy then pulled him off of Kaby and shouted at him, “That’s enough, Natsu! Give Kaby a chance to explain himself!”Natsu sighs. “Please, that book caused my family great heartache and shame. It was 31 years ago...” Kaby began to tell.-Flashback-A door creaks open and Kaby’s father appeared from the door. “Father?” A younger Kaby called.“Forgive me, son.” Kemu apologized.“We haven’t heard anything from you in three years. Where have you been all this time?” Kaby asked as Kemu was packing something.“Somewhere I will not return. It’s all over now.” Kemu answered as he tightened rope on one of his arms.“No, father.” Kaby denied.“I’ll never write again!” Kemu exclaimed as he pulled out a knife then shouts as he brings it down on his arm.-Pausing of flashback-Natsu and Lucy scream from the extreme measure Kemu took, even with Lucy’s [Gamer’s Mind], it was still a lot.“Whoa...” Happy gasped, holding a sign that said ‘And then...’.-Continuation of flashback-The father and son, Kemu and Kaby respectively, were seen in some hospital. “You should have listened to me... I told you you’d regret working for that horrible Duke Everlue. But you went ahead and did it anyway. Why?” Kaby asked Kemu who was now in bed.“Because it was good money.” Kemu answered.“Who cares!? Look where it got you!” Kaby exclaimed. Kemu sighs.“I’m so glad I finished that rubbish...” Kemu said, a smile on his face.“What the heck are you smiling about? Do you think it’s funny to leave your family for three years to write a novel you’re not even proud of!?” Kaby raised another question.“...Son... I thought about you the entire time I was gone...” Kemu told.“Then you should have just written something for him quickly and come back to us! Instead, you abandoned your pride and your family right along with it...! You’re a sad excuse for a writer. Selling yourself out to the highest bidder.” Kaby insulted as he leaves. “You’re not much of a father, either.”-End of Flashback-“Not long after that, my father passed away. However, the anger and betrayal I felt towards him lived on. But as the years passed by me, that anger slowly turned into remorse. And now... it’s too late for me to ask for his forgiveness. So I decided to make amends by destroying the final work that had caused him so much unhappiness. This is the only way. The only way I can preserve his legacy.” Kaby declared as he lights a match. “I’m sure that this is what he’d want.” He said.“No, you’re wrong about that,” Lucy told Kaby. The match he light blew out, shocking everyone else. “Kaby, look!” Shr demanded the book glowing purple with magic.Cue: Baba Yetu from Civilization IV“What’s happening!?” Kaby asked in shock and was forced covering his eyes. Just then, the words in the book started come out of the book.“A spell has been cast on this book,” Lucy answered. “It’s the work of the late Novel Wizard, Kemu Zaleon, or should I say, Zekua Melon.”“A spell?” he asked in shock, the book floating in midair. The words on the cover of Daybreak changed to write, Dear Kaby. Kaby read it. “Dear Kaby.”The book started going further into the air. Everyone was in awe at the sight. “That’s right. This book is his last letter to you, hi son. Disguised behind a spell that rearranged all the words so no one else could red it.” The books pages flipped though and every word of it flew through the air.“Wow,” Natsu stated in amazement.“Pretty~” Happy stated.“Well I’ll be~” Haseo stated, impressed.“He didn’t stop writing because he was ashamed,” Lucy explained, a big smile on her face. “He stopped because he finished his greats masterpiece, a novel that contained everything he ever wanted to say to his beloved son~! And when you read it the way he truly intended, it’s easily his greatest work ever written~!”Kaby thought back to his father’s words back then.“I thought about you the entire time I was gone.”The book slowly floats down to Kaby’s arms. He falls to his knees, grateful. “Thank you, father... I swear that I will never let any harm come to this book.” Kaby declared. Lucy got a notification pop-up.Secret Quest Complete!Reward: Job Extension!Lucy suddenly glows in light.Lucy sees herself in the center of four long hallways. She then sees particles gather around her, granting her more power, transforming her clothing.The midriff is now covered and additional bronze-like metal plating was added to her arms and hips. She also has a metal decoration on her back.“A-Are these the new upgrades?” Lucy asked.Another notification appears.Job Extended!Broadsword: Broad Wings obtained!Learned Tiger Blitz!Tiger Blitz: A V shaped slash. Costs 12 MP.Obtained a mysterious power!Mysterious Power: ???Additional Reward: 4,000,000 JewelAdditional Reward: 2 level upsAdditional Reward: Vehicle Inventory MenuAdditional Reward: Steam Bike“Whoa, these are amazing,” Lucy stated. She then sees [Vehicle Inventory Menu] and Steam Bike. “What’s a [Vehicle Inventory Menu] and Steam Bike?” she asked, looking those up.The Vehicle Inventory is like an Inventory for your vehicles! But you probably already knew that. This one will not limit you though.The Steam Bike is a motor-powered bicycle that runs on steam power. It doesn’t need to refill its fuel, so you can take it out for a spin for as much as you want!“Okay, these are amazing~!” Lucy stated, loving this, not only did she get a new [Menu] and something to go with it.Just then the light died down and Lucy looked.“What was with light show Luce?” Natsu asked.“Oh, I just go a [Job Upgrade] and new items,” Lucy told him. “I’ll show you later after we get the reward.”“Well, we’re not going to be collecting that reward,” Natsu told her.“Aye,” Happy agreed.This shocked the clients while Lucy looked at them questioningly and asked, “Why do you say that?”Natsu gave her his dragon smile, and answered, “We were supposed to destroy it. We didn’t finish the job.”“Even so,” Kaby started, trying to reason with Natsu, “let me do something.”Lucy looked at the Quest tabs she got.Quest CompleteThe Quest “Mansion Stealth Infiltration” has been completed.Rewards: (Have changed due to The Secret Mission “Secret of Daybreak”)400,000 EXP X [Fairy Tail Family Member] Title Multiplier = 1,200,0004,000,000 Jewels Worth of GoldBring Closer to Kaby MelonBonus Rewards:You have unlocked the title:Guardian of LoveLucy saw this and looked at its information.This title is given to those who are willing to help family. This is unlocked after two families have been helped. 5 X EXP and ??? bonus for helping families on a quest.Lucy looked at the question marks and thought ‘Must be something I’ll get later.’ She then looked at the chain quest.Haseo has updated your Chain Quest.Chain 3: Face a giant monster with a deadly song.Lucy looked confused at this, ‘What the hell kind of Quest is this?’ Lucy asked herself. She then saw that there was one more tab.[Champion’s Blessing] has Leveled Up X 5LV 1 ---> LV 6Lucy closed all the tabs and looked at Kaby and his wife, telling them, “Besides, my powers already gave us a reward for beating the [Quest] you mission gave us and the [Secret Quest] your father’s book added.”“What do you mean?” Kaby asked.“My power, [The Gamer], makes me live life like a RPG character in one of those Lacrima Gaming Console (LGC),” Lucy answered. “It gave use a reward so you do have too~ It gave me 4,000,000 Jewels for a [Long term Chain Quest] I’m doing, along with a few other rewards, and the [Quest] you gave us with the [Secret Quest] gave me, Natsu and Happy 4,000,000 Jewels in gold, along with giving you bring closer to you, Kaby~”Happy and Natsu looked at her in shock. “Wait, seriously!?” they asked in shock.“I’ll show you how to get it later as well,” Lucy told themKaby and his wife were shocked and asked, “What is with your crazy power?”“… I feel like that’s going to be a running gag…” Lucy stated flatly.“Well your powers are bizarre and crazy,” Happy stated.“Oh, shut it cat!” Lucy ordered, making Happy flinch.Natsu was walking to the door, and told Kaby, “But thanks for offering, but we don’t want or need it.”Lucy smiled at the Melons and bowed. “Thank you anyways.” She then walked over with Natsu.Natsu topped at the door and looked back at the Melons. “I think it’s time we all go home,” he stated, smiling. “That means you too, Mr. Melon. Go back home.”The two Melons were in shocked at what he stated, Lucy not getting what he meant.______________________________________________________________________________(Later: On the road back to Magnolia)It was now night and the trio where on the path back to Magnolia. They were all riding Lucy’s new bike. Lucy had gained the skill [Driving] and leveled it up to level 5, and still raising.“This is the coolest thing ever!” Natsu shouted.“Aye sir~!” Happy agreed.“Beats walking home~!” Lucy stated with big smile on her face. “To think the clients weren’t even wealthy, but just renting out the place so everyone would think that. I’m glade I gave them 3,000,000 Jewels then~” Lucy remembered when they saw the Melons’ actual home then took out 3,000,000 Jewels out of her inventory in her money area. “I’m glad we helped them, I even got another title call [Charitable], I still don’t know what in multiplies yet, but I can wait to find out.”During their ride, they stopped to make a campfire and eat. Lucy using [Cooking] on a few animals they caught to eat, Lucy earning the skills [Hunting] and [Fishing].“By the way Natsu,” Lucy stated, eating her own food, “how did you know it wasn’t theirs’?”Natsu looked up to her for a second, then went back to eating and answered, “Oh, it was easy. ‘Cause they smelled like some other house. Seemed pretty obvious.“Aye,” Happy agreed.“I don’t have hyper senses like you two do…” Lucy deadpanned. Lucy then smiled. “That book was amazing~ It was the greats book I’ve read so far~”Natsu had a sinister smile on him. “I’ve got you figured out,” Natsu stated, stopping his eating. He then went back and pointed out. “All those papers I found on the desk at your place.” Lucy eyes widened at him figuring out what she was writing, “You’re writing a novel, aren’t you?”“Oh, so that’s why she’s such a bookworm,” Happy stated.Lucy smiled and waved it off. “I guess you got me, but please don’t tell anyone yet,” she told them.“Why not?” Happy asked.“I’m still trying to get [Writing] up enough to make a great novel, I’m only at level 15 with that skill, and can’t write anything good right now,” Lucy answered. “If they read it now, it wouldn’t be that good.”“Don’t worry,” Natsu told her. “Nobody’s gonna read it.”“… I’m not sure it that’s better or worse…” Lucy stated, not sure of the answer.______________________________________________________________________________(Later)It was now morning and the trio were still riding, using Lucy’s map to get them home. They then spot a sinister glimmer, Lucy stopping the bike and Natsu jumping into the bushes where they spotted the glimmer. “Who’s there!?” Natsu exclaimed.“Do you always have to fight!?” Lucy inquired worriedly.“You can take him, Natsu!” Happy cheered. From the bushes that Natsu attacked, Natsu popped out along with... Gray!? “It’s Gray!” Happy gasped.“What is he doing in his underwear?” Lucy asked.“Trying to find a bathroom.” Gray answered.“...In the middle of a forest?” Haseo brought up.“Why would you strip down before you found one?” Natsu raised his own question. “And who the heck ever heard of a bathroom in the middle of the forest?”“I wanted some privacy. I didn’t expect an idiot to barge in.” Gray declared. The two butt heads.“I didn’t barge in!” Natsu argued.“They’re so childish...” Lucy and Haseo sighed.“She says to the cat!” Happy popped up.The now group of four stopped by the river, Happy was fishing. “So, you’re on you’re way back from a job?” Lucy asked Gray.“Yeah,” Gray answered her, “there’s a shortcut through these woods that’ll get you back to town in no time. But I have two things to ask you guys, what’s with the bike and why wasn’t Natsu sick while on it?”“Well...” Lucy began as she explains her magic to Gray.______________________________________________________________________________Paw Print Trail Transition, ending with Happy saying “And then...”______________________________________________________________________________Gray’s jaw was to the ground his eyes bugging out at the story Lucy told him. “What is with that crazy power of yours!?” he shouted in shock at how ludicrous Lucy and her magic was. “It’s sounds like it’s a broke ass super magic!” Gray’s head slumped. “You have a cheat sheet to life itself… Even making Natsu’s motion sickness go away...”“Yep, a running gag with that question…” Lucy stated flatly. She then turned to Happy and asked, “Why didn’t you smell Gray anyways?”“There’s something you don’t wanna smell,” Happy stated, still fishing.This made Gray get a tick mark and shouted at Happy, “Unh, what’d you say!?”Natsu put his arm behind his head and said in agreement, “I agree. So go on home and we’ll smell you later.”“Fine, I will,” Gray said, getting up. He then warned them, “And unless you want trouble, you should too.”“Why do you say that?” Lucy asked in confusion.“‘Cause Erza’s due back any time now,” Gray answered, sweating a bit.Natsu gasps in fear while Lucy asked, “The Erza? The one Natsu said I was the second coming of?”“Yep,” Happy answered, after he caught a fish and was eating it, “she’s the most powerful woman in all of Fairy Tail. You might be second Lucy.”Gray had heard what Lucy said and paled. He turned his head to look at her, slowly and creaking like a rusted door hinge. “S-Second Coming of Er-Erza…?” he asked, fear in his voice.“Yeah, Natsu called me that after he tricked me into helping him and Happy with our last mission, using my word as a Celestial Wizard agents me… I chased them out of my house in my armor and weapons…~” she answered, her ton sweet, but her [Intimidation] activated.‘Oh goddess,’ Gray though, seeing the could furry in her eyes. ‘She is the Second Coming of Erza…’“I’ll finally meet Erza in person,” Lucy said, back to normal. She then looked to the boys. “Although I’ve never seen any pictures of Erza before in Sorcerer Weekly or any media. What is she like?”“Scary.” Happy, Natsu, and Gray all answered.“Wild animal.”“A vile beast.”“More like a full-on monster!” Gray, Natsu, and Happy respectively described, making Lucy think of a giant female monster with long hair, two horns, yellow eyes, and the name Erza written on her chest.“I don’t believe them...” Haseo said.“She’s not that big, you guys.” Happy told.“Well, she’s big enough for me.” Natsu replied.“One thing we can all agree on is she is definitely that scary. Well, maybe a little scarier.” Gray declared as they now imagine Erza being able to destroy a mountain with a single kick.“Yeah. She’s about this scary.” Natsu brought up.“What? I guarantee you Erza can take down at least THREE mountains with a single kick.” Gray countered.“You don’t need to exaggerate like that, Gray. It’s more like two.” Happy countered back.“She sounds awesome~” Lucy stated, stars in her eyes. “I can’t wait to talk to her~”The three boys stiffened when she said that and thought, ‘Wait, if her and Lucy meet and she takes Lucy under her wing…’ they all imagined Lucy with Erza’s armor and weapons, same mean look on her face, making the three boys go pale.Gray tried to change the subject. “L-Like I said,” he started, trying to keep the fear out of his voice, “we should get back.”“Crap!” Natsu shouted, getting up. “Let’s get movin.”Just then Lucy got a notification that just stated:You Have Been Ambushed!“Wait what!?” Lucy shouted in shock when she saw this.They suddenly feel a magical explosion, burying Lucy, Gray, and Natsu in sand. “What now!?” Gray exclaimed.“Happy!?” Natsu called.“Help me!” Happy asked for, being tied up above some small logs and surrounded by enemy wizards.“We’re finally gonna get some real protein.” One of the wizards declared.“No berries for us tonight.” Another wizard said, looking almost exactly like the first wizard that spoke.“Meat!” Another wizard, one that has a chicken-like mohawk exclaimed.“Our future holds a feast.” A fourth wizard predicted, holding a crystal ball.“Wow.”“Look at him shaking. Jeez.” The two twin wizards pointed out as Happy is shaking.“Relax. You’re gonna be in our bellies soon enough. So there’s no need to be scared.” A fifth wizard, one that looks like a goblin, declared.“Actually, I’m not shaking like this because I’m scared.” Happy corrected, getting the goblin’s attention. “I gotta use the bathroom really bad. I can’t hold it much longer. And I bet you it’s gonna make me taste weird.”“Who cares? Now cook him.” The goblin wizard ordered the other wizards.“Meat.” The third wizard nodded as he pulls out a staff and engulfs it in fire.“I will take mine medium, please.” The crystal ball holding wizard declared.“Hey, I’m serious. It’s gonna make me taste funny. I just know it will!” Happy insisted.“Hold it right there!” Natsu shouted from above them, the wizards looking up to see them.“Hag on Happy, we’re her to save you!” Lucy shouted to him. She invited Gray to her [Party] so they could use Lucy’s map to show them were happy was as a green dot.“Thank goodness,” Happy cried in joy. “Now I’m not gonna taste weird.”“Pipe down,” The goblin wizard ordered.“That’s our friend you’re trying to roast, buddy,” Natsu stated, cracking his knuckles. “Sorry, but you guys are gonna have to make other plans for dinner.“You’re all wizards, aren’t you?” Gray asked the five. “What guild are you with?”“I’m not tellin’” The goblin wizard answered, the five of them getting ready to fight. “Get ‘em!” The other four went at Natsu, Gray and Lucy.“Gray, Lucy, let’s do this,” Natsu ordered.“Alright, but don’t go telling me what to do,” Gray stated,“On it,” Lucy said, getting her new upgraded armor on.All three were attack, but they dodged in time, but the troll wizard casted a spell. “Sand Bomb, go!” Natsu was then captured and trapped in a ball of sand.“Natsu, are you alright in there!?” Lucy called out, not worried at all, but still wanting to make sure.“He’s fine,” Gray told her. “Go and help untie happy with your blades.”Lucy nodded, and pulled her bike out. “Right,” she complied, revving up her bike and drove past Gray and the two twin broth mages, making them dodge out of the way into the air.“Where’d she pull that bike out from?” the first twin asked.“Is she some sort of requip mage?” the other asked. “I’ve never seen one do that before.”“Hey, your fight is with me!” Gray shout, kicking the twins out of the sky.Lucy had gotten to Happy, got off her bike fast, and pulled out a knife to cut the ropes. “Help! Lucy’s gonna eat me!” Happy cried.“Will you shut it cat!” Lucy ordered, cutting the ropes with easy. “I was pulling out the knife to cut the ropes!” Just then the chicken looking mage was in front of them. He screamed at them, his staff blazing with fire. Lucy aw that the staff could be useful. “Hey, I’ll be taking that staff of yours, Mr. Chicken!” Lucy shouted, kicking him in the gut hard with [Unarmed Combat] right when Gray did, making the chicken looking wizard fall, and dropping the staff, which Lucy caught.Fire Staff Equipped25 MP to cast+50 Fire Damage X Intelligence X Wisdom“Thanks for the help Gray,” Lucy thanked.“No trouble,” Gray replied back. “You’re not half bad. Now who’s next.”The crystal ball holding wizard growls in power. “You’ll see someone special, but the stars point to great trouble with water and women.” He told Gray.“You’re telling my fortune?” Gray asked, either insulted or nervous before he elbows the wizard in the face.“He’s not using magic...? Huh.” Haseo huffs in impression. He and Lucy then see that Gray just MAGICALLY took most of his clothes off.“Put some clothes on!” Lucy ordered.“Crap!” Gray cursed.“Where did these brats come from anyway?” The goblin asked. Just then, the sphere of sand Natsu was trapped in explodes, getting him free. “Uh-oh!”“Jerk.” Natsu grumbled as he landed. “Now I’ve got a mouth full of sand and it’s all cause of you.” He spat out some sand from his mouth. He then punches his fists together. “Here it goes. Fire Dragon’s Iron Fist!” He shouted as he punches the goblin with a fist of fire, creating another explosion.When the smoke cleared, all five enemy wizards were tied up to a tree. The group then all gained 6,000,000 EXP, 300,000 for each wizard they fought and X4 for Lucy’s title. This made Gray Level up to 22.“Don’t you think you might have gone overboard, Natsu?” Gray asked.“So what if I did? I got the job done, right?” Natsu asked back.“Grow up already. You’re an embarrassment to the guild.” Gray insulted.“What? Shut up!” Natsu exclaimed.“No, you shut up!” Gray argued with Natsu.“Lulla...” The goblin mage groaned out.“Huh? What’s Lulla?” Lucy asked.“Lullaby is...” The goblin mage was about to answer.“Huh?”“Lullaby?” Natsu and Gray respectively hummed in confusion.Just then Lucy got a notification that just stated:You Have Been Ambushed!“Wait again!?” Lucy shouted in shock when she saw this tab again.Just then a shadow shot at them making the group get sent flying away. “Incoming!” Happy shouted.The goblin looking one was scared out of his mind. The Shadow was under the five wizards, looking like a hand that was grabbing them. “They found us,” one of them said. “I knew we hadn’t gone far enough.” Just then the wizards and the tree sank into the ground, the shadow vanishing as fast as it came.“What in the world was that?” Lucy and Haseo asked in shock.“Who was that?” Natsu asked.“Well, whoever it was, they’re fast,” Gray answered. “I can’t even sense their presence anymore.”Lucy looked at her map and could find any red dots on it. “I can’t find any enemies on my map ether.”“But what could this mean?” Natsu asked, uneasy.“Lullaby…” Lucy said ‘Could this be what my [Quest] was talking about…?’ She looked at the [Chain Quest].Chain 3: Face a giant monster with a deadly song.To be continued______________________________________________________________________________And that’s Chapter 4 people~!Kaizoku: And as Fairy Tail veterans know, this is where Erza comes back to town. Oh, but there’s something VERY different this time around. What that something is, well, that’s for us to know and you to find out later~Oh, right Aquarius left after the disclaimer… Anyways, let’s rap this up pal so we can get to work on the fifth chapter: The Knight Joins the Party! The Wizard in Armor!Kaizoku: Continue to read as Lucy and company go beyond! Plus Ultra!See you all next time~! Peace~!Please R&R
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Mature Content

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How to Publish Group Journals (as a group ONLY)Hello people of DeviantArt,if you're confused as I am with the new Eclipse changes, I am sure that countless questions came up to your mind during these darker times recently. For instance, for my dumb self lately, it was finding a way how to write and submit a Journal on my own profile. But I digress. The reason why I am writing this Journal is because I noticed that some of you may have problems with accessing group features. Specifically, I will be focusing on how to publish Journal as a group only. By this, I mean that when you write a Journal in the group, you won't be led to the new Eclipse Journal editor, but you will be led to the classic editor, where you can edit the Journal's layout and .css (something that cannot be done via Eclipse). I don't know if this is a bug or not (as is the case with many things and features on Eclipse), but it caught my attention when one of the Deviants asked me how I managed to do that. Why is this important?Well, I would say that this feature is more than necessary, especially in Super Groups like @All-Art-Wanted (which I've managed for 5 years now). Changes to the Journal layout may seem purely cosmetic and unnecessary, but they are important because it gives them more recognition and transparency. And in the world of PR, transparency is crucial to attract audience efficiently.How did you manage to do that?I'm getting there. So without further ado, I will give brief steps on how to properly publish your Journals in groups, based on my experience. They go as follows:1. From your profile, hover above your icon on the right and select Groups2. Pick the group where you want to publish your Journal3. You will be led to the group's main page. Once there, click on the box right next to the group icon on the top right (check the image attached for clearer info)4. Select Submit a Blog Entry and you will be led to the classic group Journal editor5. That's it! Spread the word!These steps may not seems like much, but because of the whole confusion with Eclipse, they might not be so obvious at first what you can do now is spread the word about this and help other Admins that might have trouble with this. And with that, I hope I helped you with this small but major issue (paradox, I know). If you need help or have any questions about this or other issues, do let me know. I may create a Journal about that too ^^
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Welcome to the Fairy Tail Beauties Club; a club dedicated to all female characters of Fairy Tail! Please follow the rules before joining or submitting art.

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