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Yukino With Long Hair by PerryWhite
Summer Yukino by PerryWhite
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Lucy vs Virgo - A New Form of PunishmentLucy Heartfilia, the blonde teenage celestial mage of the Fairy Tail guild, had just entered one of the Astral Spirytus gates and found herself in a dark deserted mansion, one of the locations where the rebel Celestial Spirits were conducting Liberum. “Where am I?” the blonde mage asked herself as she observed her surroundings. Then the sound of a whip drew her attention to the top of a staircase where she saw Eclipse Virgo, the Maiden Spirit whose appearance and personality was altered after being exposed to the black magic of the Eclipse Gate turning her from a masochistic yet faithful maid into a vicious sadist. “There you are!” “It is you! Not entirely a surprise,” Eclipse Virgo said walking down the stairs toward her former master. “I had a very strong feeling that you would be the one to come for me, Lucy Heartfilia.” Lucy couldn’t stand seeing the Celestial Spirits she saw as friends transformed into these antagonistic and delusional beings and was determined to return them to their true selves. The two found themselves on one of the upper floors of the mansion. “Let’s end this,” Lucy said and started swinging her Fleuve d'étoiles, an extendable celestial whip, at her opponent but the corrupted spirit easily dodged every attack while chuckling mockingly. Eventually, the celestial mage had to stop as she was becoming exhausted from the fight. “You seem tired,” Eclipse Virgo chuckled. “That makes it my turn.” Then she started countering with swings from her own Fleuve d'étoiles. “Let’s end this! That’s what you came for, right?!” Lucy blocked the celestial whip with her arm but the attacks were much more aggressive and causing her great pain. “Feed me with your pain! Every whimper charges my whip!” “Please stop!” the young mage pleaded. “Beg away, but there’s no safety word with me! That would ruin the fun!” Virgo laughed sadistically. “Down girl!” Then she started using her whip to cut a hole in the floor around her unfortunate victim sending her falling through two floors. Sometime later, Lucy found herself falling down a deep dark hole. “Is that a freakin’ spike pit?!” she cried as she saw what was at the bottom. “Not happenin’!” Then she spread her arms and legs clinging to the walls and slowing her descent to a complete stop just above the sharp spikes. “Way too close!” “That was impressive,” she heard Virgo’s voice. She looked up and saw her opponent staring down at her through the opening of the hole. “But tell me what’ll you do about this?” With a snap of her finders, the corrupted spirt caused the walls in the hole to start closing in around her victim. “Please don’t crush me, Virgo! I wanna live!” Lucy pleaded. “Can’t we talk this out?” Poor Lucy was struggling desperately to keep herself from getting crushed by the slowly closing in walls or falling into the spike pit. “It’s squishing me,” the blonde celestial mage whimpered. “Punishment time!” Virgo announced. Then she started lowering the end of her whip into the hole toward her foe. “Gitchy, gitchy, gitchy, goo!” she started chanting as she made the end of the celestial whip start tickling her helpless victim’s stomach. Lucy started laughing as she felt the whip tickling which caused her to lose her grip for a moment and allow the walls to close in on her a little more. “Owie!” she cried. “How long till it crushes your bones?” Virgo sadistically asked. Then she resumed the torturous tickling. This time she started tickling her under the armpit. “Stop!” Lucy pleaded while laughing from the tickling. “I can’t take it!” She felt the walls close in a little more. “Are you ticklish here?” Virgo asked moving to another area. “Or here? This’ll drive you crazy.” The sadistic corrupted spirit started tickling the poor girl in all sorts of area including the back of her neck, in her ear, and in her bellybutton. All the defenseless celestial wizard could do was laugh as she endured the relentless tickling while trying to keep herself from getting crushed. Suddenly, the whip retracted unexpectedly. “Wait! Hold on, are you stopping?” Lucy asked confused. “No, but this isn’t a real punishment,” Virgo replied in disappointment. “You’re enjoying it more than me.” “Are freaking kidding me?! This is torture!” Lucy denied. “Let’s change,” Virgo said. “Hey, what do you mean?” The sadistic spirit suddenly used her magic and made her black leather jacket disappear while changing her victim’s clothes into only a white bikini. “I’m in my bikini?!” Lucy exclaimed in embarrassment. “Now look up here,” Virgo commanded. “A watermelon?” Lucy said as she saw her foe looking down at her while menacingly holding a watermelon in her hand. “You’re absolutely gonna hate what happens to you next,” Virgo announced. “Come on Virgo, can’t we just make up and be friends again?” Lucy nervously pleaded. “You are enjoying this, aren’t you?” “No way, this is horrible!” Lucy had finally managed to climb out of the hole and back onto the mansion floor but she was covered in watermelon seeds and pieces. “Oh, it’s torture,” the poor bikini-clad celestial wizard whimpered. “My entire body hurts and I’m sticky too.” “So tell me, have you enjoyed this particular punishment?” Virgo asked standing menacingly over her victim. “No! No more watermelons please!” the blonde teen begged. “You can whip me all day just don’t use fruit!” “You look rather adorable when you beg but that won’t help you now,” Virgo said sinisterly. “Once you see what’s up next you’ll wish I’d stuck with melons.” Then to Lucy’s horror, the sadistic spirit whipped out two bottles of mayonnaise. “What the heck you gonna do with that stuff?!” the celestial mage asked fearfully. “You can’t know what torture is until you’ve been slathered in condiments,” Virgo explained. “Ready to learn?” “No!” Lucy answered taking off down the hall. “Think you can run from me?” Virgo laughed as she started walking after her. “Look, you’re my friend and I don’t want to fight you,” Lucy replied as she ran. “I came here to talk!” “I don’t intend to fight you, Lucy. My plan is to punish you. They’re quite different.” “They sound pretty freakin’ similar to me!” Lucy ran down the dark hallway as fast as her now bare feet could carry her while Virgo walked a steady pace after her. No matter how fast she ran, the sadistic celestial spirit followed. “If I keep running like this then I’ll never close her gate,” Lucy said to herself. Then she spotted a window. “I gotta find a place to lay low so I can come up with a plan.” She opened the window and climbed through it, only to find herself in another hall. “Well that sucks, it’s just another hallway.” Then she heard the sound of Virgo’s footsteps and chuckling approaching from the hall she just entered. “You can’t hide here,” the demented spirit’s voice said. “These are my halls and they conceal nothing from me. You know I’ll catch you eventually, so why put it off?” The bikini-clad girl started running again until she came across a pair of doors. She opened the doors only to find an empty room which was basically a dead end. “If you don’t stop running, you’ll be too tired to scream later,” Virgo’s voice chuckled. “Where’s the fun in that?” “I’m sorry, but the entertainment of my torture in not my top priority!” Lucy replied running back down the hall she came. The teenage mage ran all over the dark mansion trying to stay away from her sadistic opponent. But no matter where or how fast she ran, Virgo followed with sinister intent. “Who wants mayo?!” Virgo called in a taunting tone. “I have lots of it.” “This is bad, there’s no window” Lucy said finding herself in some dark library room. “Where have you run off to now?” Virgo called again. “Stop teasing me, we have too much to do.” “She’s closing in,” Lucy said hearing her footsteps get closer and closer. Then she saw a door on the other side of the room. “I guess I’ll have to try the door.” She opened the door and entered what looked like a storage room. “If you don’t come out, I’ll use tartar sauce too,” Virgo called. “You’ll reek of pickles for weeks.” “She was right, I wish she had stuck with the melons,” Lucy nervously thought to herself as she heard her for approaching. “We’re not playing Hide-and-go-Seek you know,” Virgo called impatiently as walked around one of the upper levels of the mansion. “That’s not my kind of game at all. I’ve got a supersized helping of punishment that I’m just dying to serve up. So come and get it!” Lucy hid behind a sofa in a large room as she heard her opponent approaching. “I really don’t want to fight her, but I can’t hide here forever,” the blonde teen thought to herself. “I need to think of a plan quickly.” “I’ve got mayo! Come on!” Virgo called as she approached the doors of the room Lucy was hiding in. Then she opened the doors and entered the room. “This room is perfect, so many places to hide,” she said looking around at all the furniture in the room. Then the sadistic spirit heard a noise to her left. She turned to see Lucy lunging at her with one of the Celestial Spirit Banishment Keys. However, she managed to dodge in time much to Lucy’s dismay. “I will not have my gate closed for me, thank you very much,” Virgo declared. “Now be a good girl and hand over the key.” But Lucy silently refused. “I’ll just use my Fleuve d'étoiles,” she said bringing out her celestial whip again and swung it at Lucy who managed to dodge. The demented spirit started approaching her foe while swinging her whip around menacingly. “No matter what, I can’t let her have this key,” Lucy thought as she nervously backed away. “We’ll just have to pass on the mayo for now!” Virgo yelled and swung her whip to strike. Lucy managed to dodge the attack and run past her attacker and out the door she came through. Annoyed, Virgo gave chase. Lucy ran until she came across a dead end. She turned to see Virgo had caught up and was standing right behind her. “You can never run away from your fate, Miss Lucy,” the sadistic spirit said holding her whip threateningly. “I thought I could get through this without having to fight you, but you’ve left me with no other options,” the bikini-clad mage said. “Sorry, but this is for your own good.” Lucy and Virgo faced each other in another room of the mansion. A malicious grin was on the corrupted spirit’s face as she stared sinisterly at her opponent. It was apparent she had something awful planned for her. “Since melons and mayo aren’t as much fun, let’s try something even more painful,” Virgo said. “On man, what is she planning to do to me this time?” Lucy nervously thought. To her surprise, Virgo pulled out a bear-shaped bottle of golden honey. “Honey? That doesn’t sound as bad as melons or mayo,” the young celestial mage said confused. “It isn’t,” Virgo admitted. “But combined with something else, it’s absolutely unbearable.” The corrupted spirit snapped her fingers and a huge ant farm, the size of a 3-drawer dresser, appeared. “Is that an ant farm?” Lucy asked. “Not just any ants,” Virgo explained. “These are the most vicious fire ants in all the kingdom. They even breathe fire. One bite is like being burned by molten lava from the hottest volcano.” Lucy gasped in horror as she listened to her sadistic foe’s explanation and observed the insects. They were bright red, mean-looking, some were even breathing tiny flames, and there were lots of them. They were all like tiny, angry, insect-like Natsus. Instantly, she figured out what Virgo had planned and didn’t like it in the slightest. “Wait! Can’t we just go back to the mayo?” the bikini-clad teen pleaded. “Ready for your punishment?” Virgo asked sadistically. “Absolutely NOT!” Lucy answered and attempted to flee again. However, she was stopped in her tracks as her opponent used her celestial whip to wrap around her upper body and bind her arms to her torso. “You’re not going anywhere,” Virgo taunted. “The fun’s just beginning!” The demented spirit lifted her bound victim into the air and set her face down on a nearby table with her upper body resting on the surface and legs hanging toward the floor. She then made her whip wrap around the surface of the table binding her victim to it. Lucy found herself in an uncomfortable and frightening predicament. One of her corrupted Celestial Spirit friends had bound her upper body to a table leaving her legs to hang over the edge to the floor. Lucy struggled to break free but was unable to move. “Virgo, what are you doing?” the helpless blonde mage asked nervously as she lifted her head and looked over her shoulder to see her opponent standing right behind her shapely bikini-clad rear. (Ah!) With a sinister grin, the demented spirit reached down and grabbed the seat of the helpless girl’s white bikini bottoms, much to her shock, and started pulling them. Lucy felt the fabric of her bottoms squeeze her hips as they were stretched. Virgo pulled and stretched them over to one of the corners of the ant farm, which happened to have a small door on the top right next to it, and hooked the end of the bottoms onto that corner. The bikini bottoms had now become a bridge from the top of the ant farm to Lucy’s now bared butt. Terror struck the helpless blonde teen as she instantly realized what was going to happen. (Wow!) “No, no, no, no, no, no! Please Virgo, not that! Not there! Not my butt! Anywhere but there!” the mortified and anxious Lucy desperately pleaded. Her former Celestial Spirit friend had tied her up, exposed her rear end, and was about to make it dinner for a thousand tiny, fiery mouths. The sadistic spirit ignored her victim’s pleas and started pouring the honey on her exposed rear cheeks. Lucy squealed and a shiver went up her spine as she felt the gooey sweet honey make contact with her skin. The blonde teenager struggled in another attempt to get free, but the power from the celestial whip was too strong to break. She tried kicking her legs, but that did nothing to help. Then Virgo started pouring honey along the stretched waistband of the bottoms, most likely making paths for the ants to follow. Once she was done, she threw the honey bottle away and stood by the farm. “And now the time of punishment finally begins!” Virgo announced with a sadistic grin. Panic filled Lucy as she watched Virgo slowly move her hand toward the opening of the ant farm. She knew if she opened the small door on top, the ants would pick up the sweet scent of the honey, follow its trail, and the blonde teenage celestial wizard could say good-bye to her backside. She had to think of a way out of this. “Wait Virgo! You don’t want to do this!” Lucy pleaded. “Actually, I do,” the demented spirit replied as her hand was now less than an inch from the opening of the farm. “You can’t! The real you would never want to do anything like this!” This seemed to catch the sadistic spirit off guard as she stopped moving her hand. Noticing this, Lucy continued to speak. “You were always so loyal, to the point of popping into the Human World to help me even when I didn’t summon you.” Virgo’s sadistic expression seemed to fade as she listened to victim’s words. “In battle, we would fight together and we were a great team. You even gave me my own Fleuve d'étoiles, remember?” Virgo’s eyes widened as Lucy’s heartfelt words seemed to be triggering something in her mind. “Don’t you see? You are more than just a Celestial Spirit contracted to help me. You and all the other spirits are my friends!” Virgo stood motionless and silent for a moment as Lucy’s words seem to set in. The restrained blonde watched hoping that what she’d said had finally gotten through. “P… Princess?” Virgo stuttered in a calm and sincere-sounding tone. Hearing the nickname that the Maiden Spirit used to call her made Lucy’s face beam with joy and hope. “I… I think I remember now!” “Really?” a happy and relieved Lucy asked on the verge of tears. “No,” Virgo replied bluntly and opened the door in the top of the ant farm. “NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Lucy screamed as all the relief and hope she felt disappeared allowing fear and panic to return. The ants inside got a whiff of the honey’s sweet scent and started to follow it. Lots of them started climbing up the glass walls of the farm toward the opening in the top where the scent was coming from. After coming out through the top, the scent got stronger. The ants found two trails of golden honey going along the sides of a stretchy white cloth that was attached to one of the corners of their farm. Lucy shrieked as she saw the red bugs start crawling across her stretched bikini bottoms lapping up the honey trails along the way. Soon they would come across her exposed honey-covered rump. “No, No! Get Away!” the bound blonde cried to the ants who were getting closer and closer to her bare bottom, but the bugs remained unresponsive and continued on their paths. Pure panic overcame Lucy as she felt them start crawling on her exposed honey-covered posterior. Then they sank their sharp fiery mandibles into her exposed skin. “YYYAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Lucy howled in pain as rivers of agony flowed from her eyes. She felt as if her butt was being punctured by thousands of needles and they were setting it on fire. Virgo laughed hysterically as her victim’s cries of excruciating pain echoed throughout the entire mansion....
Sketch commission closed [ 15 slots] by Cogamori
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