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Natsu Dragneel
Natsu and Happy by daly-elena12
Natsu by BrandiHumphries
Natsu Dragneel by Stu-Blue087
Natsu - Igneel Power by SylveonElGranCD
Lucy Heartfilla
Lucy Heartfilia by MistyNight01
Queen of the Stars by Yumii-chi
Sweetheart~ by Yumii-chi
Thank you so much~! by Yumii-chi
Erza Scarlet
Erza - Tech outfit by Dark-Sq7
Erza Scarlet by daly-elena12
Duct Tape Erza by TapeMeHomeTonight
Cheerleader style - Erza - Fairy Tail by Kika777
Jellal Fernandez
Jellal Fernandes by Daisuke-Dragneel
Fairy Tail 365 - Jellal Fernandes by 1GedoMazo1
Gerald - Fairy Tail by Minamiloa
Jellal dragon by smaugthegolden123
Gray Fullbuster
Gray Fullbuster by Sexyanimes
Grey 24/06/2017 by thefan92
Desktop Wallpaper: Grey Fullbuster by ethie-chan
Gray-sama~ by Chsabina
Juvia Loxar
juvia bikini Commission by Hectorponce98
Witch Juvia by RakheidIII
Gray and Juvia - Gruvia by StingCunha
Juvia 03/07/2018 by thefan92
Gajeel Redfox
Gajeel Redfox by BroccoliSSJ3
Iron Injection v2 by SweetxSnowxDream
Gajeel drawin by crisTcream
Gajeel attacking gif by CatCamellia
Wendy Marvell
BADASS Wendy Marvell by 4pizHafiz
Fairy Tail - Wendy Marvel and Gemini by Perfectionxanime
Wendy by AbussLunaris
Wendy Marvell by CyrusTheEpicDingus
Happy and Happy by VersailerCat
Aye Sir! by VersailerCat
Carla/Charle Human Form (cute) by 4pizHafiz
Fairy Tail Guild CLOSED
Young Mirajane (Old color rework) by GilfrostArt
Fairy Tail Guild NEW
FF 2019 - W2 - TEAM - Zodiac Dragon by Forbidden-Hanyou
Pairings NEW
NaLu 5 by Marcechan
Pairings CLOSED
natsuxlucy by ValenMellado
Celestial Spirits
8/365 by Niampi
Edo Lucy [C] by qOJesseOp
Other Guilds
Sorano Aguria wear Malaysia National Team away kit by 4pizHafiz
Non-Guild Characters
Brandish - Chapter 287 [Fairy Tail] by SylveonElGranCD

Mature Content

erza x juvia x lucy nude line by horizonah
Fairy Tail OCs
Dragon force by farmerkid
Cosplay, Plushies, Figures, etc.
Cana Alberona Cosplay-Fairy tail by Sarah-D-Cosplay31
FF 2019 W(1) - RR - Gorgonclaw by NeoAngeliqueAbyss
Fairy Tail's Mad Hatter Tea Party by mercurialfox
Doujinshis and Fancomics
Erza Scarlet defeats Uzaron Ballot by TitanXecutor
Motivational Demotivational
Roasting Enemies Like A Boss by LukaDragneel

Random from Featured

Lucy Rewriting the Book of END by NaLu-4tw Lucy Rewriting the Book of END :iconnalu-4tw:NaLu-4tw 13 0 FairyTail 519 | Erza by AJM-FairyTail FairyTail 519 | Erza :iconajm-fairytail:AJM-FairyTail 363 21 Gray-sama~ by AJM-FairyTail
Mature content
Gray-sama~ :iconajm-fairytail:AJM-FairyTail 186 9
Gray Fullbuster by SgkDrawing Gray Fullbuster :iconsgkdrawing:SgkDrawing 24 10 The Princess and The Dragon by AJM-FairyTail The Princess and The Dragon :iconajm-fairytail:AJM-FairyTail 235 14 FairyTail 500 | Goodbye Summer! by AJM-FairyTail FairyTail 500 | Goodbye Summer! :iconajm-fairytail:AJM-FairyTail 586 21 FairyTail 497 | Mavis by AJM-FairyTail FairyTail 497 | Mavis :iconajm-fairytail:AJM-FairyTail 142 5 Forever and Always...Gray-sama by AJM-FairyTail Forever and Always...Gray-sama :iconajm-fairytail:AJM-FairyTail 322 27 Lector's New Vest by DarkNazawrath Lector's New Vest :icondarknazawrath:DarkNazawrath 9 17 Natsu by ladyshetan Natsu :iconladyshetan:ladyshetan 22 0
Fairy Tail Side Story: Guy Talk Part 5
Unknown to Rin, the swimmer came out of the water and was hiding in the rocks. It slowly crept towards her being careful not to make a sound. Then when he was close to her, the swimmer rose it's fist and attacked! The swimmers blow hit causing a major explosion of sand. A giant cloud of sand billowed over the shore. Luckily Rin dodged the attack and jumped out of the way just in time.
Rin: Oh man. That was close. If I hadn't sensed that attack coming, I would have been screwed.
In the dust she tried to see where the swimmer was, but she couldn't. She then pulled out one of her energy drinks and gulped it down.
Rin: I don't know what the heck is attacking me or why but if it's looking for a fight, it's a fight it's gonna get!
Rin waited until the swimmer came into her sights again. Suddenly, the swimmer jumped into the air from the cloud of sand and gunned straight for Rin. Rin's arm transformed into a drill and went on the attack.
The swimmer seeing Rin attacking, cl
:icondragomaster767:dragomaster767 19 361
I Can't Betray You (Laxus x Reader) Pt. 4.1
A few weeks passed after the battle with Phantom Lord. The new guild hall towered high over Magnolia. It took a long time to build the hall, but with the help from everyone, and also your shadow workers, the mammoth building stood proud. Laxus had not been seen or heard since the two of you fought.
Every day your heart tugged painfully when you thought of the lightning wizard, or when you overheard a conversation regarding his behavior or absence. You couldn’t remember a night that your pillow was dry as you fell into slumber. His words cut too deep, and everyone noticed the sadness you carried upon your shoulders. You attempted to remain cheerful to help put everyone’s mind at easy, but you couldn’t fool your friends. Natsu, Grey, Lucy, and Erza kept you company, and when they couldn’t remain at the hall Natsu and Lucy invited you to join some of their job. You never had the chance to be alone, and for that you were forever grateful to them. You never took a cu
:iconmoonbean21:Moonbean21 99 4
FairyTail 462 | Natsu and Happy by AJM-FairyTail FairyTail 462 | Natsu and Happy :iconajm-fairytail:AJM-FairyTail 196 11 FairyTail 460 | Freed Justine by AJM-FairyTail FairyTail 460 | Freed Justine :iconajm-fairytail:AJM-FairyTail 171 9
I Can't Betray You (Laxus x reader) Pt.2
To say that everyone was excited to return to Fairytail was a monumental understatement. The team was ecstatic to discover that (y/n) was alive. Thankfully Erza, Gray, and Natsu weren’t pestering her about her job. They wanted to wait until everyone at Fairytail could hear it, and so this gave Lucy the opportunity to get to know the mysterious girl. The two girls were walking in the back of the group as the rowdy bunch marched ahead.
(y/n) broke the ice first.
“Are you a new member to Fairytail?” she asked politely.
“Yes, I am. My name is Lucy. I’m a Celestial Wizard.”
“Really? That’s so awesome! When I was very little I wanted to be a Celestial Wizard.”
Lucy giggled, “That’s so cute. If you don’t mind me asking what changed your mind?”
(Y/n) smiled, “Well, I found that my strengths were in Shadow Magic. I was already a natural when I first came to Fairytail, so it made sense to continue.”
Lucy st
:iconmoonbean21:Moonbean21 133 4




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Dear members,

in case you have submitted artwork, which has not been accepted nor denied, but instead says expired in the submission process box: Please do not worry.

This is my mistake and I sincerely apologize for my tardiness.
Usually I immediately send a request for submission if this happens, but sadly since about a month, it seems that I have been restricted to a certain amount of requests per day. Due to this I cannot take care of expired submissions right away.
To those having art not yet added to the gallery, again: I am terribly sorry for the delay. You will receive requests for your pieces to be added within the coming days.

There is no need for your resubmission, please let me handle this.
In case you are in a hurry to have your work in the gallery for whatever reason, a quick comment will alert me to send you requests first.

Thank you for reading and have a good day,

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This group is about the anime/manga Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima.
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The rules are the following:

- Art has something to do with Fairy Tail.
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- Screenshots aren't allowed.
- No spamming comments, please.
- Don't post a picture multiple times.
- No hate! This is a fan club and everyone has his/her own opinion, so please respect that!
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