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(ps small side note for some reason this yournal is also submitting to my own page and its ment to be for the group @fairys-and-elves and not for my personal page . since this yournal is for the group)
Plz help there whats going on ?
Hey everybody :D
hope your having a nice day :)
or at least somthing positive for the week .
Its time for a small update in the group.
and i think it would be nice to let you know.
So the planing is to change the group icon .
and that has a few reasons .
this group is already 10 years old
and that part has never changed.
it was ment to be a temporary icon at the beginning.
but is has never ever even seen a change at all.
you could say that its my fault as a founder and i apologize for that.
i have been checking out the group once in a while .
but the group icon is somthing that i have neglected.
i wil be working on that soon.
so you know that part is going to change.
if their is any folder full or you just want to contact me about the group feel free to do so.
you can leave a coment on the group itself or contact me directly
remeber if you contact me directly please tell me for witch group it is since i do own more groups here on deviantart.
i apologize for my english but i hope you can understand :)
next to that i wish you all a great week with lots of positivity
lots of hugs f:D @vlower :):) :) :)
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maybe there is a group in here that you like :star:



Welcome to the group Fairys-And-Elves

The most important rule of this group is (make sure that your drawing has a fairy or elf in it. )
after all we are a fairy and elf group.
and NOT a random everything group :)
And make sure ALL your arts or storys needs to have one fairy or elf in it bevore you submid.

small example of how a fairy or elf can look like below.
( PS every fairy and elf does have another look to them and does not need to look like this picture just make sure their are a fairy or elf in the first place)
fairy and elf examples by vlower


if you have any questions about this group but your engish is kinda bad
i the owner i am here to help you in this languages
Netherlands and spanish

Group Rules

Due to some recent issues and our growing numbers, here are the new RULES :typerhappy:

:bulletpurple: FAIRY AND ELVES ONLY
Don’t forget it’s a fairies and elves group :D
if you have something which is not a fairy or elves DON'T submit it to this group

:bulletpurple: GENERAL RULES

:bulletred: Please be polite and respect all other members.
:bulletred: All work must be your own.
:bulletred: NO DRES UP GAME STUF that you made 100 times. we wand you to draw it or make it yourself *you only can submit it when you made the game yourself*
:bulletred: Please submit to the appropriate folder (guidelines for submission can be found below).
:bulletred: Mature content will be accepted as long as it stays within the rules set by dA, and has an appropriate mature content warning on it.

:bulletpurple: SUBMISSION RULES

:bulletred: Members will be allowed 3 submissions a week. This is to avoid inbox spamming.
We welcome artists of all levels here, but we do prize effort, so only submit your best!

:bulletred: Folder names are pretty obvious, but nonetheless here is a little guide to where to submit what.
Please read carefully before submitting!


this folder is for chibis only
if you have a cute little chibi this is the folder for it

this folder is for cosplay
so it’s for people who dress up like fairies and elves

Digital art only

Traditional only

literature only

Wrote a comic about fairies and elves?
Here’s where you submit it

Anything related to existing fandoms (games, movies, books, cartoons, etc) goes here

Whatever doesn’t have a folder goes here

:star: Al type fairy arts :la:
if you have some fairy art and you dont know wich folder to submid it to this is your folder ^^

:star: PRO ARTS :star:
only for spacial and mind blowing fairy and elf art
if you feel your have one art like this contact the owner

:star: furry antro fairys or elves :star:
folder for all furry, anthro and sonic and animal fairys and elves

:star:Animated fairys-elve :)
al fairy and elve art that is animated

:star: Fairy and elve couples :love:
for the couples :hug:

:star: Mermaid Fairys and elves
Your mermaid elf or fairy needs to have fairy wings or elf ears to be accepted in this group.
in here we also have an example :) (rember its only an example your free in drawing your oc in your way
Mermaid fairy and elf examples by vlower

:star:All fairy elve art
this art wil be directly accepted
but when we see that their is somthing that is not a fairy or elve we wil remove it.

:star: Commission folder
wel you can submid al your commission prizes and commission arts you did for others
but their is 1 rule for this folder there must be at least one fairy or elve into the picture or commission prize list.

:star: Dark Elve or fairy
He or she must be evil or dark for this folder
:bulletred:if you have any idea for a NEW folder just drop us a note!

:bulletred: if there is a problem with one of the folders and you can’t put your art in it please comment or sent a note :) thank you

:bulletred: if there is any kind of problem we would be glad to hear about it and help you out

:bulletred: if you encounter any problems with the rules or want to suggest new ones, do send us a note and we can discuss about it
:star: :star: :star:
feel free to check out the fairys and elves animo…

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