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Snow Empress (Fake YGO Card) by FairyofThunder22 Snow Empress (Fake YGO Card) :iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 2 5 Wall of Cards (Fake YGO Card) by FairyofThunder22 Wall of Cards (Fake YGO Card) :iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 0 2 Heart Castle (Fake YGO Card) by FairyofThunder22 Heart Castle (Fake YGO Card) :iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 0 2 Card Solider Token (Fake YGO Card) by FairyofThunder22 Card Solider Token (Fake YGO Card) :iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 4 7 Fairy Of Autumn (Fake YGO Card) by FairyofThunder22 Fairy Of Autumn (Fake YGO Card) :iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 4 5
Queen Ravenhair Ch.2
The castle of Countess Mai and Count Joey was a bustle of activity, for the next few weeks; the servants cleaned and dusted every room and the kitchen prepared a menu for the guests that were due to arrive. Everyone was excited to see who were going to show...well...almost everyone.
Henry was furious! He paced his room over and over; he had tried everything to put the whole up-coming, event out of his brain the last few weeks. He practiced his sword skills, rode his horse, but nothing worked. Scowling, he thought back to the conversation he and his aunt had after dinner that night...
"Have you lost your senses?!"
"Don't talk to me that way, young man!" Countess Mai roared, hands on her hips. "You should be happy I found a few who don't hate the English or want to kill us on sight! Many have a grudge against us for taking the land they love...very few accept us."
Henry growled. "You didn't think that maybe, they just said that so they could kill me?!"
"Stop being dramatic, Henry.
:iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 2 5
Angela's Ballgown from 'CERTAIN AS THE SUN' by FairyofThunder22 Angela's Ballgown from 'CERTAIN AS THE SUN' :iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 5 7 Wonderland Queen of Hearts (Fake YGO Card) by FairyofThunder22 Wonderland Queen of Hearts (Fake YGO Card) :iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 3 5
The first thing the once-pharaoh noticed, when he came to, was he was standing in a dead forest. Trees had been burned and some still smoked while others had dying red embers still glowing.  The ground was bare of all life…smoke coated the air like a heavy fog and ash floated on the hot wind or settled on the surface of things. He shook his head to clear it, then gathered his thoughts. "Where am I?...The last thing I remember is Dueling Weevil on the train-The Train! Tea! I have to find her!" A quick glance around told him he had better move elsewhere. For whatever had caused this destruction might return.
His hurried steps left footprints in the ash covering the ground, he cupped his hands around his mouth. "Tea?! Tea, where are you?!" Nothing. "Please, answer me! Tea!"
After what seemed an hour, the pharaoh found a glade or hidden glen with a pool of water. But like the rest of the land; it too had been charred. The water was undrinkable and there were no sources of
:iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 1 5
HAPPY 2019! by FairyofThunder22 HAPPY 2019! :iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 5 4
Queen Raven Hair Ch.1
A group of children ran through the dirt streets; laughing as they dashed to the Great Hall. The crisp air was cool, and leaves scattered around their feet with each step they took.
"Can't catch me, slowpokes!" Called a young boy with brown hair.
"Please, wait up Daniel!" Another boy shouted back. "We can't run as fast."
The only girl in the group, darted around a villager pushing a wheelbarrow of potatoes. "We wouldn't have to run, if Daniel had finished his chores on time!" She glared daggers at Daniel. "You just had to have a conversation with Polly, didn't you?"
Daniel gave a cheeky grin. "What can I say, Hannah? She's a good listener...and easy on the eyes." He ducked to avoid a punch from Hannah, then turned to the other boy. "Get the lead out, Luke! Same to you, Jacob!"
"I would, if I could!" Luke panted, struggling to keep up.
"Same here!" Answered his brother.
Today was the Harvest Celebration; the week before the cold of winter and prepare for it's harsh weather. Many peop
:iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 2 5
So, you're going on a Poke'mon Journey? Then here's a list to help you prepare...
 Make sure you've got your Poke'dex.
Map of the Region.
Tent and Sleeping Bag.
Change of clothes and sleepwear.
Swimsuit. (For water type trainer's; this is a must.)
Hairbrush, soap, toothbrush, etc.
Pokeballs. (You can use any kind you'd like: Reg, Great, Ultra, Love, Friend, etc.)  
Poke' Care Kit.
Food for you and your team. (If you like to cook your own meals; bring freeze-dried ingredients that you can add water to.)
Berries. (Can also be used for juice for your team.)
 Poke' Treats. (Depending on the Region)
 Full Restores OR Potions.
 Max Repel.
Max Revives.
NOTE: Your bag/backpack must be large enough to fit all. If you have too much, choose/find a large pokemon to help carry some of it. Ex: Tauros, Rydon, etc.

Good Luck on your journey, trainers!
:iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 0 2
My Cat Xena by FairyofThunder22 My Cat Xena :iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 6 9 Frost Fairy (FAKE YGO CARD) by FairyofThunder22 Frost Fairy (FAKE YGO CARD) :iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 3 2 My Cat Xena #2 by FairyofThunder22 My Cat Xena #2 :iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 4 2 Kingdom Hearts Christmas by FairyofThunder22 Kingdom Hearts Christmas :iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 11 9


PKMN-ANW | Arihi Rua by TalonV PKMN-ANW | Arihi Rua :icontalonv:TalonV 13 3 Yami and Seto new oufits by SacredAmethystFox Yami and Seto new oufits :iconsacredamethystfox:SacredAmethystFox 7 3 Year of Color January (EVOLOONS) by CoffeeAddictedDragon Year of Color January (EVOLOONS) :iconcoffeeaddicteddragon:CoffeeAddictedDragon 33 7 Doll Enthusiasts January 2019 Contest by MarySue1964 Doll Enthusiasts January 2019 Contest :iconmarysue1964:MarySue1964 3 7 YGO_Double Atem by KiaSimo YGO_Double Atem :iconkiasimo:KiaSimo 40 3 Obscura ancestral form by Sochi-suzuki Obscura ancestral form :iconsochi-suzuki:Sochi-suzuki 15 9 Lady Tremaine by Nippy13 Lady Tremaine :iconnippy13:Nippy13 95 4 Mermaid Lagoon by Nippy13 Mermaid Lagoon :iconnippy13:Nippy13 187 7 Arabian Atem by EtherealNymph Arabian Atem :iconetherealnymph:EtherealNymph 6 8 Doodle Loons 2 (EVOLOONS) by CoffeeAddictedDragon Doodle Loons 2 (EVOLOONS) :iconcoffeeaddicteddragon:CoffeeAddictedDragon 43 20 [Commission] Flora by Cleopatrawolf [Commission] Flora :iconcleopatrawolf:Cleopatrawolf 36 6 [WC] COM: Rosella Sirenix by AshianaAquaris [WC] COM: Rosella Sirenix :iconashianaaquaris:AshianaAquaris 55 33 Custom Wings Adoptable - (OPEN - 1 LEFT) by CrystalizedShadows Custom Wings Adoptable - (OPEN - 1 LEFT) :iconcrystalizedshadows:CrystalizedShadows 8 8 (CE) Astoria Glassix by CrystalizedShadows (CE) Astoria Glassix :iconcrystalizedshadows:CrystalizedShadows 23 7 Fa Mulan as Yellow Ranger (Mulan) by jajuruns90rebels Fa Mulan as Yellow Ranger (Mulan) :iconjajuruns90rebels:jajuruns90rebels 104 13 News Flash - A bears job is never done by Weischede News Flash - A bears job is never done :iconweischede:Weischede 20 0


Which Disney Princess should I make into a Yu-Gi-Oh! Card next? 

2 deviants said Mulan
1 deviant said Pocahontas
No deviants said Rapunzel
No deviants said Ariel
No deviants said Tiana
No deviants said Jasmine
No deviants said Cinderella
No deviants said Moana
No deviants said Anna
No deviants said Jane

Cover for 'Queen Ravenhair'

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 13, 2019, 6:16 PM

Hey guys!

Okay, I'm looking for someone to do a cover for my latest YGO fic. If you know anyone who can do a point commission AND who knows 'DUELIST OF THE ROSES'...please let me know.

For those of you waiting for my 'GARGOYLES' fic; worry not my friends it's coming. Just a little slow on the I wrote most of the chapters by hand, and having to type all again takes time. But it'll be up soon! ;P

-Til next time!

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Hello to all!
FairyofThunder22 here...welcome to my profile. Before I tell you about myself I must warn you now...I do NOT TOLERATE anybody who steals, harasses, or bully any of my friends. (Online or not.) Mess with my friends and I'll turn your life into a living nightmare! And I have ways...MAGIC ways.
I LOVE THUNDERCATS! The 2011 version is all right; but I love the orginal show. I'm in collage and a massive BOOK WORM!
I'm the Princess of the Thundercats, and I've got five centuries of Magic Training under my belt from different areas of the world. I'm also a master Archer and friends with Merida, Hiccup, Atem, Yusei, and Rapunzel! I also know some others but I can't reveal all of them here. Besides being a princess, I'm also a healer for both people and well as creatures of legend (Griffins, Dragons, Centuars, Merfolk, etc.) I do all my Healing in a giant Red Wood by the river that leads to the coast; a hop, skip, and a jump from Cat's Lair.
I'm also a writer; my pen name is 'Sunrise Phoenix'.
I write Thundercats and Yu-gi-oh stories and wrote a Thundercat crossover with Yu-gi-oh. It's called; 'CAT GUARDIANS IN EYGPT'. I'm thinking of posting some of my stories on here too. :D
Besides THUNDERCATS; I write YU-GI-OH stories that are 'Fairyshipping' (Atem/Yami with my OC Angela). I thank my fellow writer :iconyami72: for helping me come up with the name of this shipping. Now all my stories that have AngelaXAtem/Yami will have this shipping.
Check my stories out if you like...but please no FLAMERS.




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