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Wonderland Of Stone Preview
Authors Note: I've been getting a LOT of grief about my OC's name. 'Sarai' (Su-rye) means Princess and I wanted it use it as the meaning will have a big effect in the story. But many don't like it so I'll have to change it. there will be a post with a couple names to help choose my OC's new name. For now, in the preview only, the original name will stay.
Anyways; here's a taste of 'Wonderland Of Stone'!
The girl nodded, and gestured for them to sit down. After eleven minutes, it was done. She signed her name in the bottom corner of the paper with her ink pen. 'Sarai'. She handed it to the couple, who were very happy with the result. The girl, Sarai, added the money to her the small amount she had in an old coffee tin. She then blew on her hands to warm them before rubbing her arms. Her thin shirt and shoes weren’t doing anything to protect her, from the chilly air. The coffee shop door opened and the owner poked h
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Bonds Of The Ocean
Long ago, when Third Earth was young; there was a great city called Thundera. Large and blossoming with life and merriment. Farmlands stretched for miles and brought bountiful harvests, craftsmen could make wondrous pieces. Merchants from far and near would cross mountains and deserts to sell their trade there… and the people who lived there were each as unique as the next.
Why? Because they were Thundarians; half-cat, half human. From Tigers to Cheetahs…Panthers to Lynx’s…Bobcats to Puma’s…Snow Leopard and Golden…Tabby’s and Russian Blues…plus much more. All lived in harmony and joy, for its citizens were ruled by a kind king. He was wise and knowledgeable in many things and always helped those who needed it. He’d give to the poor, help rebuild a house after a fire had burned it down…he truly loved his people. The King was also the keeper of four stones of great power. From generation to generation, it was the
:iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 1 2
Between Heaven And Earth Ch.4
Few days later; Thea sprinted through the forest to her knoll, a basket of food over her arm. Bonnie sat on her shoulder, both of its ears flapping in the wind. Hebby Repp ran beside them, holding an extra blanket in its tail.
“Thanks for helping out, Hebby Repp.” Thea said, ducking under a branch. “I hope I didn’t make him wait long…”
By ‘him’ she meant the young man, which Bonnie found. While he had somewhat recovered; he wasn’t one who talked much. And he didn’t want to be touched, especially on his face. “He must’ve been through something awful…I hope I can help somehow.” She thought, as she entered the knoll. Her ears caught the sound of something, being swung in direction as well as grunting. The young woman recognized the sounds as one whom training with a sword. Thea heard the guards do it every day in the training circles, so this was nothing new.
She walked over with the two Dream Eater
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Mer-May Day 4 by FairyofThunder22 Mer-May Day 4 :iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 6 5 MerYami and Angela by arcatsk by FairyofThunder22 MerYami and Angela by arcatsk :iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 20 4 KH-Thea and Replica in Atlantica by FairyofThunder22 KH-Thea and Replica in Atlantica :iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 6 2
Aquatic Savoir
A young woman briskly walked down a concrete hallway; thankful the building kept it nice a cool, as the summer heat was higher than it had been for the past few days. Her raven hair slightly bobbing behind her, as she checked her purse for her locker key. Her plum tank top, blue Capri's and tan colored Vans brought out the cream color of her skin tone. Making more than one person, do a double take...which was mostly boys. If it wasn't her skin they gawked was her eyes. The shade of pure gold. Lovely yes, but gleamed like fire when angered. 
Making a quick turn left, she entered the locker-room while nodding 'hello' to a few women who passed her. Many were talking about plans for the weekend or the latest gossip, others kept to themselves while showering or changing clothes. Even re-doing make-up.
Upon finding the locker assigned to her, the woman changed into a wet-suit that was black and green. She left her sliver Celtic Cross around her neck; which had belonged to her la
:iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 8 12
Spring Fairy by FairyofThunder22 Spring Fairy :iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 5 3
Queen Ravenhair Ch. 6
Brother Samuel had Brother Paul hook the donkey up to the cart, so Eumann could ride back to the caravan. That way, the Friar could bring the cart back. Anna and Henry rode Oberon, making sure to go at a trot so the donkey wouldn’t have to run to keep up. The whole trip; Eumann clearly enjoy the ride, panting and wagging his tail.
Once home, Anna helped Eumann out of the cart and Henry put Oberon in his pen. The horse was a bit curious about the dog…and the dog about the horse. The three humans watched as Oberon and Eumann sniffed each other, then relaxed. In fact; Oberon let the canine drink from his trough.
“Seems all will be well.” Brother Paul said, merrily. “I’ll be back tomorrow for the Hawthorn Wine, Forest Lady.”
Anna gave him a hug, and Henry shook his hand before the good Friar left. The once-prince blushed when his stomach growled for lunch, and Anna laughed. “I’ll get some of the Truffles; we’ll roast them over the
:iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 2 8
Between Heaven And Earth Ch. 3
Thea walked into her Knoll, still humming, and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. The sunlight was partially visible, through the leaves of the trees. Her fingers felt the trunk of a Brich tree, as she passed by it. She neared her special place, and smiled at the thought of having some alone time with no maids or guards to spy on her. As she neared her favorite spot by the pond, she heard a moan of pain. “Is some there?”
The young woman heard Bonnie arrive in the knoll and it grabbed the hem of her skirt, bouncing in place and cooing in a rapid manner.
“Bonnie, calm down. What’s wrong?” Thea asked, feeling the Dream Eater pull her in a direction. “Stop that, you’ll make me fall. Please, calm yourself.” Her hand finally touched Bonnie’s ear once it stayed still long enough. Allowing her ability of ‘Psychometry’ to see what Bonnie had, as well as why it was so frantic. She let the Dream Eater lead her to the young man
:iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 3 6
Ann Marie (Civil War Angela version 2) by FairyofThunder22 Ann Marie (Civil War Angela version 2) :iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 7 5 Civil War angela by FairyofThunder22 Civil War angela :iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 7 15 Candy Shop Coffee 2 by FairyofThunder22 Candy Shop Coffee 2 :iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 8 5
Between Heaven And Earth Ch. 2
In the morning, Thea stayed in her room, grateful that she could stay in her usual attire and not one of the death-traps she was forced to wear; why on earth any sensible women wanted to wear them so tight was beyond her. The breeze flowed in from her open window and blew a few strands of her hair from her face. She leaned back in her chair, happy for some peace.
Murmurs of voices could be heard on wind as well. A throng of villagers were coming to the temple today, meaning her mother was to be seeing many people, as the celebration of the First Day of Spring was soon and the festivities took many days to prepare. As the High Priestess, Thea's mother was overseer of it all. The mayor could've easily done it himself…he just didn't want to. Lazy sod.
She turned back to the spindle of indigo wool she was working on. Aside from dancing and singing, she was quite skilled at the loom and spinning wool. The villagers didn't give her a spinning wheel however…too dangerous, they sai
:iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 2 7
Fairytale Princess Merida (Fake YGO Card) by FairyofThunder22 Fairytale Princess Merida (Fake YGO Card) :iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 4 13 Fairytale Princess Pocahontas (FAKE YGO CARD) by FairyofThunder22 Fairytale Princess Pocahontas (FAKE YGO CARD) :iconfairyofthunder22:FairyofThunder22 7 10


Episode 3-31 by Guzbourine Episode 3-31 :iconguzbourine:Guzbourine 7 4 Coral by Harruka Coral :iconharruka:Harruka 7 0 Goliath  ~ Gargoyles by ChickenDS Goliath ~ Gargoyles :iconchickends:ChickenDS 12 1 Sora Fan Art Kingdom Hearts 3 by Stev-Art Sora Fan Art Kingdom Hearts 3 :iconstev-art:Stev-Art 10 0 Ohana (2019) by ExusiaSword Ohana (2019) :iconexusiasword:ExusiaSword 47 12 Miele Charmix by MkE7 Miele Charmix :iconmke7:MkE7 35 5 Heavenly Judgment Dragon by ChaosTrevor Heavenly Judgment Dragon :iconchaostrevor:ChaosTrevor 34 5 Riku by superSAKURA64 Riku :iconsupersakura64:superSAKURA64 34 6 sonyaaa by dreameroftheblue sonyaaa :icondreameroftheblue:dreameroftheblue 38 11 Fa Mulan + the Beautiful Mermaids - (Disney) by jajuruns90rebels Fa Mulan + the Beautiful Mermaids - (Disney) :iconjajuruns90rebels:jajuruns90rebels 70 11 Translucent Purple Fairy Dragon by HowManyDragons Translucent Purple Fairy Dragon :iconhowmanydragons:HowManyDragons 398 20 AURORA by FERNL AURORA :iconfernl:FERNL 131 5 Summer Splash by zealousshadow Summer Splash :iconzealousshadow:zealousshadow 11 0
Choose Event 40! Voting Ends: June 22nd, 2019
Pick your Top 3 "mostly likely to draw RIGHT NOW" for this Event!
1. TEAM POSE! Have your KH OC(s) and (canon/non-canon friends) pose as a team!
2. WINTER BREAK! Have your KH OC(s) spend their winter break in another world
3. CULTURE APPRECIATION! Have your KH OC(s) dressed in a Cultural attire
4. REGRETS WERE MADE! Have your KH OC(s) experiencing their biggest regret(s)
5. LUCID DREAMS! Have your KH OC(s) experience a literal dream
6. GOAL SEEKERS! What’s your OC’s dream? Draw their pursuit/accomplishment of it, or maybe just their longing.
7. 1ST TIME! Show us your OC trying something for the first time.
8. MAGICAL MISHAPS! So your OC has suffered the effects of some accidental magic! What happened to them?
9. 100 ACRE WOOD SPORTS FEST! Everyone has gathered in the storybook world to compete in minigames! What’s your OC doing?
10. CLOSET FOR COMFORT! Doki-doki! Looks like your OC has been trapped in a closet with someone. Crushes may be
:iconxxkingdomheartsocxx:XxKingdomHeartsOCxX 3 7
The Arabian Nights pt 7
(The Large Garden Area)
Prince Tobirama and Princess Emily are walking around the Garden "you have a very lovely backyard Garden you got here my Princess~" said Prince Tobirama with warm smile as Emily giggles at him "Thank you, say who was the man who was standing beside you earlier?" said Emily, "Oh him? He is my Uncle and his name is William. he is my father's Brother" said Prince Tobirama as he trying to protect Genie's true identity "that's Nice say My Father is throwing a Party tonight, wanna come over to the party?" said Emily as Prince Tobirama reply back to her "why sure my princess I be glad to come to this party, when it starts?" said Prince Tobirama as Emily reply "when the sun goes down, you can bring your uncle with you if ya want?" said Emily as Prince Tobirama kissed her hand and reply "we shall be there Tonight My Princess~" said Prince Tobirama with warm smile and Emily blushed after he kissed her hand as they continue on there day.
(Later on at Night)
Prince Tob
:icon115spartan:115spartan 3 42
MermanIsura {Commission} by frozenvepar MermanIsura {Commission} :iconfrozenvepar:frozenvepar 22 2


As I mentioned in the preview for 'Wonderland Of Stone'; many people have been giving me grief, about using the name 'Sarai'. So I found a couple other names that might work...but I can't decide which to use. Please help me figure is out.

Here are the names:

Green Star Sarita 
     Elda  } (All 3 mean 'Princess') VOTES: 

Green Star Eres (Meaning 'Wonder') VOTES:

Green Star 

                 } (Both mean 'Creator') VOTES:


Green Star Nevaeh (Meaning 'Heaven') VOTES: 2

Tell me which name you think would fit my Gargoyle OC in the comments. Voting will end on the 22nd.


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Happy Father's Day everyone!
I hope you and your Dad's have a wonderful day!
Hey Guys!
The first chapter of 'Wonderland Of Stone' is almost done!
Heart emoticon As a thank you for being patient with the long wait...I'm going to post a preview of the chapter. 
Anyone else having trouble with their Notifications? Everytime I delete messages, it says I still have more than there is. (Like I count 3 messages...but it says I have 6)
That happening to anybody else?


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Hello to all!
FairyofThunder22 here...welcome to my profile. Before I tell you about myself I must warn you now...I do NOT TOLERATE anybody who steals, harasses, or bully any of my friends. (Online or not.) Mess with my friends and I'll turn your life into a living nightmare! And I have ways...MAGIC ways.
I LOVE THUNDERCATS! The 2011 version is all right; but I love the orginal show. I'm in collage and a massive BOOK WORM!
I'm the Princess of the Thundercats, and I've got five centuries of Magic Training under my belt from different areas of the world. I'm also a master Archer and friends with Merida, Hiccup, Atem, Yusei, and Rapunzel! I also know some others but I can't reveal all of them here. Besides being a princess, I'm also a healer for both people and well as creatures of legend (Griffins, Dragons, Centuars, Merfolk, etc.) I do all my Healing in a giant Red Wood by the river that leads to the coast; a hop, skip, and a jump from Cat's Lair.
I'm also a writer; my pen name is 'Sunrise Phoenix'.
I write Thundercats and Yu-gi-oh stories and wrote a Thundercat crossover with Yu-gi-oh. It's called; 'CAT GUARDIANS IN EYGPT'. I'm thinking of posting some of my stories on here too. :D
Besides THUNDERCATS; I write YU-GI-OH stories that are 'Fairyshipping' (Atem/Yami with my OC Angela). I thank my fellow writer :iconyami72: for helping me come up with the name of this shipping. Now all my stories that have AngelaXAtem/Yami will have this shipping.
Check my stories out if you like...but please no FLAMERS.


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