The Perfect Place to Live
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The best place to live is not that one where you find the
perfect interior design full of decoration, fancy furnitures, big bedroom, a pool or what ever...the perfect place to live is also where you find yourself confortble, and feels glad that you are there, is that place where you have the most intimacy, and you have no shame to share you feeling there..because there is where you live! And to make that place even more special, nothing better then living in a "eco-house"

Tips for designing an eco-house
Step 1

Building materials:
Choose materials that do not pollute and have been produced with low environmental cost. It's time to help care for the planet.
Ask the provider and look for more information on the Internet, in magazines or specialized consulting persons working with these materials.

If you will build your house or reform it, think about isolating the roofs, doors and windows. It is an investment, not an expense.
You'll have a more efficient use of cooling or heating, less affecting the environment.

Reduction of water consumption:
Install meters of water in showers and faucets, and valves for controlling water discharges of bathroom fittings, to adjust the flow based on use.

Replace the common bulbs by low consumption. Make the most of natural light, because that spend less electricity.

Install ceiling fan, because the consumption of energy is less than the air conditioning.

Plant trees:
They will provide shade in summer and you're adding a tree to the planet to help you breathe.
Plant trees, make a garden and consume their own crops.

Low-power appliances:
Look for the market appliances that save energy and not pollute. Several companies have already changed their products in favor of the environment.
Carefully read the manuals and labels to meet the technical characteristics.

-Find out about the news related to the care of the environment. This is the first step to have your lifestyle more "green".
-Send emails to companies that sell building materials and do projects. Analyze which of them are interested in more environmentally friendly options. Analyze them well. You'll see that in the medium term they are no longer expensive.
-The ceiling fan is also useful in winter, as it moves the hot air that focuses on top.

=======Following these tips you are not just helping the planet, you are also making a shelter home for yourself...believe that! =]==========================

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Please go check these guys gallery, they are really awsome!!!

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