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I do

This is my answer to the anon who sent me the sweetest mail evar! Said anon has asked me to be his/her Watson since January 29th is supposedly the day Sherlock Holmes met John Watson... I know I'm late but hopefully this bit of art makes up for it! Ugh it also didn't turn out the way I wanted but, it's from my heart and whoever you are who sent me that lovely note....

YES! I do! I will be honored to be your Watson!
*Gives you a jam jar*


Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are (c) to BBC and Sir Arthur Conan Dolye.
I own nothing but the wonderful anonymous mail!<3
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Oh goodness, that's so adorable, thank you! :happybounce: Love Clap
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That warms my heart after all that reichenbach stuff :blushes:
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Awwww thank you! I purely understand... That was a real tissue box-hoarder!
I'm trying to fluff up the internetz in some futile hope that it'll cushion the fall... No pun intended!
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This is just...LOVE çwç <3 They're so sweet, colours and context give a soft sense of warmth.
And the anonymous was really cute XD
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Thank you! And yes, the anonymous was wonderfully sweet. *hugs it to bits*
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WHat cuties UoU I Love the coloring and the expressions! SO very sweet and domestic
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Awwww thank you for all the compliments!
And yes, the sweetness all came from the fluff that was the anonymous note... Of course listening to Michael Giacchino's 'Married Life' on repeat had nooothing to do with it! XD
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omg sherlock. *falls over*
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YESH it's Mistah Holmes and his Jumper John! *picks you back up*
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*sits in a pile* I'm so very sherlocked. @_@
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