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October 14, 2011
Clandestine by *Fairygodflea
Featured by Moonbeam13
Suggested by Viking-Heart
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Ah yes, the perils of dating someone not of your class... Or species.
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Because really, that's all a dragon is doing when they kidnap a princess: Just taking them out on a date
LoveTeacupKisses's avatar
This is so super cute! I love how it looks like the princess is trying to help the dragon hide from her father! And the fact that the dragon is holding a musical instrument adds to the feeling that he is just a big cuddly dragon and not a vicious one! Too cool!! <3 <3 
LordAkiyama's avatar
I would very much like to see this made into an illustrated book. It's absolutely fantastic!
Aidesu's avatar
This is swell!:D
Phage-Marrowice's avatar
This is fantastic. Unique style and very humorous, looks like something out of an interesting children's book. Cute
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hanashippanashi's avatar
greaaaaat! Amazing characters :)
MoiMaine's avatar
I saw this on Tumblr and LOVED it right away, specially the stylization of the dragon. Awesome work! :)
anakisa's avatar
Omg, this is adorable!
ariartna's avatar
hahaha so funny!
Ariyk's avatar
It would be very hard.

Did the dragon strum too hard on the guitar, or is it just because of his claws that the string broke?
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love your style
Suelette's avatar
There are no words for how wonderful this is!
AdinaLintu's avatar
This is funny and cute! Congrats on the well deserved DD! ^^
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Star-Gamer's avatar
Excellent art! :iconexcitedlaplz: Dragons are always wonderful creatures!
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:
NaurCalad's avatar
Absolutely AWESOME. :la:
kohaku-dono's avatar
That is hilarious! And very well done too!
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