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Well, clearly I have not been here in ages, eep. I've had a few bad years of chronic pain and surgeries. I am now working on my site, and will start back here after the holidays. I have not painted much at all, or written for that matter. Just focusing on health. I'll update a journal soon ^^ Hope all is well, dear friends!

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Recovering from more surgery, but my new art site is sort of up.  www.thefairygodfather.com  Will post more after I've healed :)  XxoO Godpa
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1 min read
Hi my Friends,

Just a little note, I've recently moved in with my beautiful Fiancee!  I have a little office-studio now and am starting to get back up with everything.  I still haven't been in a painting mood, but I have a new tablet that I can sit or lay down with, so that is easier for my back :)  So, I am juggling trying to get my site re-done with moving and etc.  I haven't forgotten anyone, and am so grateful for all the wonderful comments!  I'm just enjoying real life at the moment.  We lost little Houdini this spring, he was 18 years old and the love of my life.  I am still broken up over it, but so glad he had a good home and happiness till the end.  Buster Kitten is getting used to his new sister, Cali and we are very happy to be in a loving home ^^

Magic and light to everyone!
Godpa, Godmum and the kitties ^^
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Hello dear Friends,

I have been missing from action again-- this time with some very happy news ^^  This summer/fall I packed up my two kitties, got rid of everything but some books, etc., and moved down South to be by the sea with my beautiful Mermaid. <3  We are engaged now and I can say I have never been this happy.  This area is the first that has ever felt truly like home to me, and it's curbed my wanderlust.  The history of this area, the sea, the beauty of the architecture and the nature surrounding it, is more than I have imagined in my stories all these years.  My Mermaid loves to drive us around and explore, sometimes we just go stargazing by the shore at night.  We go to a lot of plays and concerts, any excuse to live.  I took a little time to edit my books, draining my savings, somehow not even caring.  Feeling at peace for the first time in many years.  The last years haven't been the best, getting sick, stalked, the divorce, losing everything and being alone save for my friends.  I met the most wonderful person while I was sick.  It was so hard to trust again.  Would I lose her as well?  Who could love someone with so many issues?  I blamed myself.  Coming here silenced those demons.  I am starting to feel like creating again, even though my body still has a hard time keeping up.  Writing is easier for me now.  I have friends here, someone who is just such a lovely person and with a family who cares about me more than I had before.  So, sometimes life hs a way of sending you where you were meant to be.  I didn't see it then.  It's been almost a year now that she has been stuck with me-- and it's been a hard road to trust anyone.  I have the best friends.  I have the most wonderful Mermaid that I can't wait to marry.  I am starting new work that I hope will be a better career.  Looking for publishers as well.  I will try to keep up with my art more.  She and her Parents encourage me all the time.  So I will try to for them ^^  Thank you everyone for your patience and your kindness! 

Much Love always,
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2 min read
Hullo my Friends,

It's been quite a while since I've been on DA, yes I'm still alive.  I have been quite ill and have gone through quite a lot-- but life has a way of taking you away from things which are harming you, even if you didn't realize it.  I have been on my own for 2 years now, and huzzah! my writing finally began again, and I am finishing editing my Fairy Godfather series-- 4 books, and editing a seperate book, The Box, which I plan on sending out soon.  I also am working at a job I enjoy and am dating two loverly wonderful people, a handsome Southern gentleman and a beautiful Southern belle of a mermaid.  Houdini and Buster are spoiled little elderly gents now.  Not in the best of health, but well loved and cared for.  I do have a few new paintings, and I will upload those soon.  I seem to have lost my messages, so if you've written, please forgive me.  I have very little time now, but I will try to check in now and again.  Thank you for all the notes and words of concern, they mean a great deal and have gotten me through the hardest time of my life.  Now it's time to start living and creating again. :)

Much love,
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