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The Toy Maker in the new book The Box.  Alone in an industrialized world, Monsieur Chartreuse, keeps a world of clockwork dolls running after abandonment by the garden lords.  When a young girl from this world, Charlotte, is in need of help, he sends his his special creation, a doll named Prince Olivine to her.  Charlotte and Prince Olivine come across a journal by the young Toy Maker's lost love, Lady Violet, in a library that warns them of a mysterious and sinister figure who is after Prince Olivine and all of the dolls, named only The Collector.  Now it seems they are the ones who must help the Toymaker, but can they reach his world in time?
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I'm loving that green! *.* and I like the wispy plume on his hat.
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Lovely as always hun! You never cease to amaze me and I cant wait to have another session with you! <3
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Thanks, Ase, me too.. need to paint more :) <3
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It's so wonderful to see you back here again. I love the green :)
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Thankies, wouldn't have made it here if not for you.  pounce <3
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very pretty sweetie ^^
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Thanks sweetness <3
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