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Gaten 2002

:iconmeiseki: asked me about my old oils... I don't have them anymore, lost them to water damage, moving and time. This is the last thing I ever did in actual paint, not oils, acrylics, which I had never used before and found a bit hard to work with.

This is from 2002, Gaten, the main character of my first book from, hmm 1998? Never published it, I sorta moved on. Gaten is my idea self, you'll see him evolve a lot in my art, but always the blue and the clocks lol.
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This is great portrait. I bet it looks even better in person. I'm so shocked at how similar this looks to your digital work. Your style must transition really well between different media. And I can't believe it's acrylic either. D: I made the mistake of trying acrylic for my first painting and regretted it immediately.

I also want a coat with clock buttons now. XD
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i don't even know where it is in person, lol. I am wondering if I smoothed the back out in painter...hmm.. I really don't remember now. gosh, so long ago. Yeah I don't really like acrylics, not for painting anyway. I like to use the oil pastel brush now when i work digitally because it's almost like working with real paint. I used to smooth things out a LOT, so this is quite dif. Used a lot of oil so it would shimmer. Hated people that piled up paint all muddy. But you know me with colors, hehe. <3

I had seen clockwork cufflinks before, think that's where I got that. I collect pocket watches and clocks <3 Hehe :D~ *drools*
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I was chuckling when I saw that XD You know me so well!
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