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8th Doctor Who again

Had a migraine tonight, so I did this while listening to some sweet ragtime tunes.
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Beautiful and eerie. :rose:
BlackLanternDaddy's avatar
A brilliant description of the whole show in a way.
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*Stares in awe*
thewindsinger's avatar
this is sooo amazing its almost electric!!!!!
Kisaki-Shattoriboshi's avatar
I really don't know what to say... This is just FANTASTICALLY BEAUTIFULLY DARK AND WONDERFUL! :heart:
Kasterborous's avatar
Rather vampiric. Plenty of emotion in those eyes.
luanamoon's avatar
Lovely hair, lovely colors. Just lovely! Fav!
TinaCaper's avatar
Woow this so different! Dark! Must be the Start of the Time War!
Lissaburd's avatar
This is beautiufl! I loved Paul McGann as the Doctor, I really wish they would have put him in the series :(
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Thank you ^^. I know, I thought he was great.
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Im amazed that you can make up such awsome art even with a migraine o___o... I bet i couldnt even move a finger if i had it xD
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Sometimes it gives me something to focus on so my brain doesn't go explodey.
ZigfriedVonSchroider's avatar
Im glad there are things to keep you busy from a headache :3
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Very cool!!! Always neat to see McGann artwork!! It's a shame that he was only in one TV story but at least we have the Big Finish audios to listen to!
FairyGodfather's avatar
Thank you! Yeah, I think he was great, it is a shame. The Fan art lives on lol.
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SO PRETTY. I love it!
Child-Of-The-Tardis's avatar
Ha ha, he looks like a vampire!
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JadedDayz's avatar
wonderful job E! ^^
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