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From Cave to Castle

Mon Sep 25, 2017, 9:10 AM

So; after three weeks of feeling absolutely mortified and unable to accomplish anything, things are moving.
Or sliding. Like.. a LANDSLIDE.
It feels a bit like that terrible clog all of a sudden just decided to dissolve in the drainage pipes of my life.
With a joyous "schlurrp" and a "WTF just happened?", I've been offered a room suitable for a studio/storage.
My old one was little more than a garage/cave with a very fragile door and low ceiling - residing in an apartment building.
So not only have I been worried to have expensive tools in there, I also worried about disturbing the people living on top of my ceiling since inspiration has a tendency to strike after bedtime for most muggles.

And now.. in a free-standing little business building where I dreamt of having a shop when I was a girl. Behind two steel doors, with lofty ceiling and large studio windows too far to reach or peek through.. Same size as my garage cave but with several outlets (Like.. 10 instead of 2), tiled floor .. where I won't disturb anybody! No matter how noisy I get!
And I can see the windows of the locale from my very own home! Oh, this is amazing.. My view from the studio window is a beautiful oak tree, acting as my shelter. This is going to be so awesome, I can hardly contain myself!!
Yes, the place could use new paint. yes, probably most people would think the room is good for nothing, but it's such a change for me, better in every single way - with even availability to WC..

I've felt so vulnerable in my old place I could not find any peace working there. I got the cave-place three years ago and was happy. but once I got it furnished I only used it for storage, pretty much, from the bad feeling about it and worry about the neighbours. So now comes a hectic time, packing up the stuff and deciding how I'll set up all the shelves (and oh, the floor is actually straight, so I won't have to secure my shelves from toppling over! ) and my desk. And oooohhH! WEEEEEEEEEEEHH! :D

Moving from cave to castle! I'm so happy!!!

..Also; this happened. Lampwork draught is officially OVER.
I realized I was scared my hand would be so bad off after my injury I was afraid to do lampwork - afraid I would not be able to match my own skill from before. But LOOK AT IT! :D

..Wow.. A single day, so much changed..
If I only could sort out my emotional life now, that'd be great.
My life would be complete. :P

Thank you, whomever/whatever been listening to me whining these past weeks and helping me.. :heart:

The Fall - multiple view by fairyfrog

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Don't Quit Your Day Job

Wed Sep 13, 2017, 8:18 AM

"Don't quit your day job."
My brother told me this two decades ago when I wanted to start my own crafting business. It's been very true, and I have cursed my way of doing things more than once. Jumping straight into a business after school, without any money set aside what so ever - isn't only stupid but really, really tough.

So there's so much happening in my life,as always. Yesterday I took the decision to once more slow down the pace. By picking it up!
As some of you know, I've been working at the Stadsteater in Stockholm for two years. It's been amazing, fun and exciting.

They called me this season as well and I decided to turn them down for now.

The reason for that are many, but foremost that I have an incredible chance of being apprentice and assistant in a glass furnace workshop starting this autumn. I already been there a few days, helping putting the furnace together and learning more details of the trade more than just "Gather and blow". I want to know it all. I don't mind long hours.I can handle an economically difficult autumn even though the notion is scary.

What matters is my pursuit of the lifelong dream - to be a glassblower. And here I stand on the threshold with the door open - and is asked to come in. Invited, even! :squee:

Another pursuit is my music. A third - my original designs. I will hopefully start getting back into metalwork and open up for commissions again, both in goldsmithing and glass. And horncarving will happen, too! It's like I needed a break from my creativity and get the spark back as well as stability in my economy. Now my creative spirit yearn to come back into the drivers' seat. As well - my hand is _better_ now, and I hope it will agree to my decision.

So over the next few months creativity will hopefully rule alongside quiet me time.
Perhaps my heart of glass will mend by the heat in the forge, as well, and the cracks heal so much I can see through to it's innermost core again.

It will not be easy and I will struggle to afford things, so there might be call-to-arms for tools of greater cost. I'll manage a modest everyday life but that is pretty much it.
If you feel like supporting my choice and journey - I do have a humble Patreon page.

So with this I invite all of you to come along as I move into this new phase in my life - A life of glass, Weird Wondrousness and the beginning of a journey I never thought possible.

Never Lose Hop!

/Sarah B.

PS! Technically I didn't quit my day job - I turned down the evening one..

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Gone Glassing

Sat Sep 9, 2017, 5:39 AM

On the matter of Timing, well, I think I may just have the worst.

I don't even know where to start. It's been a few months since I updated the journal, and I have to much to write. So much has happened.
I have finished some long over due orders, managed to get some wedding orders done after two years, and I figured I perhaps should do a batch upload of my latest adventures.  Bla, bla, blah...

When I had a look in my galleries, I realized I've been worse at posting on my DA ever since I got my Facebook page (WeirdWondrous). I really should get back on here, to show the world my works in better resolution. Facebook really does a number on the image quality.
There is so much I should do. Find sponsors to my Patreon, get going, DO SOMETHING. Every day I sitt idle I grow a lump of guilt. I can't rest - ever.
* sigh *

However, awesome things are in motion as well. I am currently helping putting a glass furnace back together. My new, very hot lover! 1140 degrees celcius. ;)
The studio belonging to Gunilla Kihlgren is placed in a beautiful renovated old factory locale near Lake Mälaren in Stockholm. The surroundings are glorious, and Gunilla herself seems to be a very kind, patient and extremely skilled glassglower. it is an honor and a privilige to get to help around the workshop and I hope I will not dissappoint. I will also get to assist the brilliant Eino Mäkelä for a project this autumn, and I am so humbled to be in the presence of two such experienced and acknowledged artist in glass.

On another note..

I recently got back from the amazing Mad max-inspired larp "Blodsband Reloaded", and I think I may have left a part of my heart and soul in that dwindling, dark and dusty place. But why is my life never easy in matters of the heart? I find myself always to be at the emotionally wrong place at the wrong time. Or in the wrong mood. Or in the wrong time of -their- life. Sometimes I think it is the price I have to pay in order to create things which have a soul of their own, imbued with my own pain and longing.
I do not know. I just feel right now, that life is quite unfair. Not only to me, but also to those whom I am inaccessible, or to those who do not dare to approach me. Or to those who want me, and I want in return; but cannot have.

Wrong time, wrong place, wrong situation. Constantly.
I should just set up a sign on my heart:

"Gone Glassing."

CSS credit goes to:
Stock: Dragoroth-stock, little-spacey, mimose-stock, Dralliance-Stock, Dracoart-Stock, gaiastock, CAStock
Brushes: iMouritsa
Coding & graphics: kuschelirmel-stock
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Waiting for my real life to begin

Tue Jul 4, 2017, 3:13 AM
I've been on the mend for a year now.
Doing rehab and trying to behave, slowly getting back into working with my hands.

It's slow. Terribly slow. A year passed since my hand injury, and it's only now I'm starting to be able to work properly again. I get tired fast and I feel my injury, but it isn't completely wrecking any more. For instance, I can brush my hair or open a door handle without thinking or having to take pain into account any more.

Thank heavens for the ability of regeneration and healing. The year given me a lot to think about, for instance that to take a hand insurance might be a very smart move. It won't be the last time I injure myself in my line of work. Hammers, fire, glass rods, saws and drill bits are all hazardous.

Something AMAZING that happened the passed months since April is that I finally got myself into furnace work for the first time. I dreamt about it for over thirty years, and I finally took a class in it. The teacher was impressed and I managed to stand out so much I was allowed to stick around. Sadly, the workshop was about to close a mere two months later, but I managed to get some work time in there, practicing as much as I could and spending every moment possible in the work shop. Watching, learning, helping, practising.
The best ting I know is the moments I get in a workshop in my own. Sure, I can enjoy company, but when I work there's nothing as great as it being just me, just glass. Only me and the material, just my hands and the tools. It is my solace, my life, my heart and my passion.

Home resides in my craft.

On a more low note, the man I been (and still is) madly in love with broke it off with me about the same time I got into furnace work. Hiding myself in the glass studio helped a lot, but now when the furnace closed down I keep running away from myself, and I think my work reflects my mood. Well, of course it does, since my craft is my heart, and my heart is broken.

Roses of Shattered Dreams. -The first time I made in my own flamework studio since he broke it off. Pain might as well be channeled into something of lasting beauty.

Dream shard roses by fairyfrog

Not much more to say apart from that, really. I'm diving head first into work. I need to get funds for a larger kiln, it's getting frustrating not being able to make anything larger than 20 cm (7-8 inches). That space gets occupied fast when you do roses or lacework.

Trying to finish off orders that's been stalled since my injury last year, and making some proper production for the upcoming Medieval Week in Wisby, Gotland, Sweden.
Right now I'm waiting around for a package, a shipping with glorious glass.. and it's been delayed over and over. I'm going crazy, but not much I can do but think, and wait for my real life to begin.


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Looking For Coffee

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 19, 2017, 7:54 AM
Some of you amazing people follow me on Facebook as well. That's where most of my new things show up first. After a while I remember I have my beloved Deviantart-page as well

I've been here for over nine years now. It's amazing how time flies.

Currently I've started working on a Patreon page and I'm looking for patrons who would like to sponsor me a cup of coffee or so, a month. The page is meant to be more of a blog and showing thought process'es and ideas, and the projects I'd never show here (like ones turning into a complete disaster... lol!).

Last July I hurt my right hand quite badly, frayed some ligaments when I was working with goldsmithing. I'm still on the mend and in rehabilitation. Even typing been a problem for me. The simplest tasks like brushing my hair or opening a jar , painful.

I'm mending but it will take a long while yet for me to get back to strength, agility an perserverence. And I'll be more careful this time around. My crafting is my life and without it I stress out and just generally crash on all kind of levels.

If you would care to lighten the burden and support my crafts I'd be more than happy.


Patreon; to sponsor tools and materials, coffee and such:

Every Little Helps! ;)

Hopefully I'll be back in full swing again. Or at least half. Right now I'm running on a 10% capacity and it's driving me crazy!

PS! I was right. I am in love. Very much so.

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Daily Deviation 29/3-2016

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 29, 2016, 4:43 AM
Vortex galaxy sphere by fairyfrog

A Daily Deviation!?!
Oh WOW.. Thank you so much!!! :squee:
Making this available for full size download as a thank you to the community.

I started making these and really practicing a little while back; there are some really sad experiments from three years ago which I gave up and left the idea sit and simmer as something I wouldn't be able to do. >.<

Recently I took up the design again and studied, practiced and learned; just as a dear, very inspiring and kind friend got into the hospital. Margit was my oldest friend in both senses. We met when I was seven and we've been friends for 28 years.
Working on these I thought a lot about her and dedicated the entire galaxy collection her.

She was/is a proper star child.

Margit passed away age 88 on the 27'th, and getting this DD award for the glasswork she inspired, mere two days later, means a lot.


Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you! :tighthug: :

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Journal Entry: Sat Mar 26, 2016, 3:07 PM

So much going on at my work as a stage hand, but I like it. Quite time consuming and not leaving that much room for me to get to my metal workshop. I need to sort that somehow. Thankfully, I have my glass studio close at hand, and now I'm experimenting these days I have off over Easter...

But exciting things are happening. I'm very tired, on the brink of exhaustion and pondering my future with what to do - the calm of having an income versus the trouble of having no time to create. Or energy, rather. I have time, I'm just spending all my energy at the theatre, making my creativity bundle up inside and releasing like a flash flood once I'm having a few days off. Making me unable to relax but spending my time crafting, creating, experimenting...

It's not helping with the orders I'm trying to sort out. Blergh.

Oh well..

And oh.. I think I'm in love. Like.. a lot. Mhm.. *dreamy*

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Curtain Call

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 5, 2015, 7:57 AM
Remember, remember...

No, seriously, there's so much going on that nothing happens at all!
I have stackloads of orders, even put them on hold. I've made a lot of glass progress, but have no time to photograph them, edit photos or put them up for sale.

All since I GOT A NEW JOB!

I am currently employed as a B-sound/stagehand/techie at one of the grandest theatres in Stockholm - being government employed! WOHOOO! .. This means many late nights for me, scheduled hours, lots of inspiration, premieres, new people, new contacts and general awesomeness going on. This is the job I dreamt of when I was 18 and wanted to work in the theatre business. NOT letting go of my craft, EVER.. but it's under evaluation, business-wise.

Also, there's been a photo shoot with my delightful favourite photographer, Josefine. I adore her art and she has a rare way of making me feel stunningly beautiful, hands down. I always thought I was plain until' I got to see myself with her eyes. Wow, what a blessing! THANK YOU Josie! <3

Here's one of the photo's taken in July.

_Sarah B. by josefinejonssonphoto

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A new chapter, or maybe old.

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 3, 2015, 1:33 PM
Lots of things going on!
I will hopefully have time to write something about it here soon!

Meanwhile, for more up-to-date info, check me out on Facebook.

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Gala Nocturna - Swan Lake edition

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 26, 2015, 10:45 AM

I have been asked to join the venue of Gala Nocturna in Brussels on the 7'th of march. Theme is "Swan lake" and I believe it will be spectacular! I hope to share some images with you once it's all done!

For some reason I always tend to make egg-shaped objects whenever Spring approaches.. And swans do lay eggs, after all.

Hope to see you there, I'm bringing a World of the Weird and Wondrous! :heart:

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Matter of FACTS

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 6, 2014, 10:36 AM
So, it turns out I'll be stalking the halls of FACTS - Science fiction convention in Ghent, Belgium! I'll go there with a friend promoting his book "Equations of Being" by Jhedron Luckspar.

I'll be selling a couple of things as well and hope to reach out to a new range of people!

Since I don't have much to show for in that genre I decided to make something special.
I've been thinking about making an Alien-Intaglio for quite some time, and here it is!

..The setting is actually more spectacular than the thing it's framing. Oh, well, the devil is in the detail, I say!

Here is the Intaglio (reversed engraving)

Alien Warrior amber carving by fairyfrog

I spoke with a friend about wanting to make a spaceship silhouette and he went
"Well, I'm just grateful you didn't make a Facehugger. Those things freaks me out!" ..

That stuck in my mind and I simply had to! Thank you, Luke! :hug:

In the making:

Facehugger Brooch Reversed Dissection by fairyfrog

Here it is -a sterling silver Facehugger brooch setting, the total piece being over 15 cm / 6 inches long from tip to tail, jointed for that true neck-cuddling feeling.

I'm so proud my chest could burst!  ;)


Facehugger silver brooch with amber carving by fairyfrog   Facehugger brooch leg detail by fairyfrog


I got a Geekologie-feature! :heart:…

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ValenTIEs! -The Allwin Tie Knot!

Thu Feb 13, 2014, 5:26 PM

Allwin tie knot by fairyfrog

One of the most amazing gifts I will ever be able to present to somebody is creating them their very own tie knot.
-At least if they like and wear ties a lot!

I thought "How hard can it be", and went to town with every single tie I own to make something spectacular in the same line of the Eldridge or Trinity knot. Four in the morning every single tie was tied and there it was! Tadaaa! A double braided tie knot.
So far I have not seen this knot design anywhere else and I claim it as my own. -And share it with anybody wanting to wear it!

The knot is designed to be narrow and elaborate, and is dedicated with love to Mr. R.T Allwin.
Depending on if it's tied from left to right or if you tie it mirrored, the pattern forming on the knot will change as well.


The Allwin tie knot Tutorial by fairyfrog

Happy ValenTIEs! <3

Download it if you want and like me on Facebook!…

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Captain Nyx' Red Wedding

Tue Nov 5, 2013, 2:54 AM

Captain Nyx Morgonstierna Svarte by fairyfrog 


Commander of the Three Roses' Fleet and owner of the ship "The Angel", Nyx Morningstar Shaagra , original character at the annual pirate larp was about to get wed. How do you change the looks and make a gown for a complete dress-refuser only seen in pants and dressed more or less in black from head to toe? And when marrying an unded, evil pirate captain?

The obvious colour of choice for a wedding outfit was "Painfully red". That kind of red that almost cuts into your soul when you see it. The colour of blood, roses and love.
This was my interpretation. I'm very happy with it and felt like a storybook Pirate Queen Heart

The wedding itself went well, but when Nyx realized the promised romancing after ten years or coveting in the cold, frosty darkness was nothing but an act to steal one of her ships she tore off her skirt and vanished out into the night to plot her widowhood...

The wedding ring alongside the annual collectors' pendant:
Rose ring with anchors and thorn wings by fairyfrog  Hangman's Noose pendants by fairyfrog

The kit:
  Nyx the Pirate Queen by fairyfrog    I got your back, Captain! by fairyfrog


Hat by :iconsane-hatter:

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Larp season!

Journal Entry: Thu May 30, 2013, 2:13 PM
Summer is here!
Green stuff is sprouting on the trees and there are bugs.

Going to a couple of larps this summer, one Harry Potter-themed in a few weeks. Looking forward to it and making HP-geeky larp kit!

Mercuria, Auror class II, Expiator. by fairyfrog Auror class II badge - Ministry of Magic insignia by fairyfrog

She carried two wands; "One for Business, one for Pleasure"...
Scoped wand by fairyfrog Lumos wand by fairyfrog

Thought I should update things a bit, so I got a new portal on my home page!  -   -  Have a look! :squee:

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Leeroy Easter egg! - Here Be Dragons

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 27, 2013, 5:32 PM

Intaglio time!

My last project has been Leeroy, a little dragon resting in amber!

I bought a natural Baltic amber egg over Etsy three months ago and have been waiting for a proper plan to hatch.. Doing the planning and sketches for the job took about three times as long as actually making the intaglio.

So, I split the egg along a natural flaw in the material and went to town, doing a raw "sketch" to a smaller depth first and then worked out the detail with smaller and smaller tools. Most of the head is done with 1mm and 0.5 mm burrs on my rotating engraving tool. Then painted it, filled with resin and lined it up with epoxy, fitting a gold flame-shaped frame and ta-daa!

Size of the amber egg is 30 mm. approx.
I tried making him green first, but he just looked like a minty Gremlin...
So red/orange it is. Welsh dragon! :D

In progress:
Leeroy the amber dragon in progress by fairyfrog Leeroy amber dragon egg work in progress by fairyfrog

Before setting:
Naked Leeroy by fairyfrog

Leeroy the Welsh Red by fairyfrog Leeroy Easter Egg by fairyfrog     Leeroy close-up by fairyfrog Leeroy 's backside by fairyfrog

I hear there used to be some kind of tradition for jewellers to present Easter eggs at this time of year..?
Faberge and Renee Lalique are both great sources of inspiration to me. ;)

Happy Easter, people! :heart:

Have some :cake:

Note: It is listed for sale.…?

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The Monitor Celestra

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 4, 2013, 1:21 PM
I've just been to space.

I mean, seriously. I just got home from the most incredible Larp ever.
based on Battlestar Galactica, and held in the belly of a Destroyer ship named "Småland". Still euphoric.
The pendant I made for it was a huge success.. just.. wow.


Vergis Corporation BSG pendant by fairyfrog Maly Tropo by fairyfrog Celestra memento pendant by fairyfrog

..I wanna go again...!

/U. Maly Tropo - VERGIS CEO Assistant and Trainee, Kefáli for the Tropoi.

"I'm just the girl who..
*puts hat on*
..brings the coffee!"

This is a link to a FB album I tried to make public content.…

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'Tis the season

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 13, 2012, 12:16 PM

For you wondering what I'm up to these days, here's what my life looks like right now; being one of those people who make everybody else's Christmas presents. ;)

08.00 Up and reply to email and requests 'till 9, take down addresses, wrap packets.
Then get dressed.

09.30 Coffee. Breakfast. -Same thing.

10.00 to the workshop! On subway; check messages, order materials and call customers. Have a yoghurt.

10.30 At the workshop; do metal work 'till lunch, go for an hour lunch, or rather, run around and purchase materials needed for production and then get back, cram a sammich or micro-nuked pie down the hatch -while- working. Meet customers.

15.00 Can't ignore it's time for coffee. Make coffee. Set coffee aside. Work.
15.30 Micro-nuke coffee hot again. set aside. Keep working.
16.00 Drink cold coffee. Mandatory grumbling. Back to work.

17.00 go to post office and wrestle with all the packets while eating an apple- then back to work

19.00-20.00 - finish in the workshop for the day. (Unless I keep going 'till 22.00. Which happens.)

20.30 - home again. Grab last coffee for the day, sit down and answer more customer questions, notify tracking numbers to those who got packets on the way. edit some photos of today's work, post it.

21.00 -Vegetate on Facebook. Take a bath. Eat something.
Then either make glass stuff. Or hats. For more customers. 'Till bedtime.

Or just sit and stare like a vegetable some more (which has been the case the last few days. BAD me.). O.o

Go to bed by 01.00 if lucky. Or when done with glass stuff. Or hats. Or staring blankly into space.

Rinse and repeat for two weeks.

I need a holiday. But at least I'm not bored! ;)
I love my job, actually.


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Autumn Roses

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 28, 2012, 6:15 AM
Intaglio. -Reverse engraving.

A decade ago I bought a very beautiful silver pendant sporting a dark amber cabochon with a rose engraved in it. (I never liked amber but always been a sucker for roses as some of you have noticed).
The rose looked so lovely and lifelike, and despite that I couldn't really afford it I bought the pendant.
We were in a place called "The city of Roses" and I always been buying rose jewelry, so I couldn't help myself.

For years and years on end I wondered how this pendant was made and dreamt of that some day be able to make anything so beautiful. Recently I rediscovered my beloved necklace in a box and started using it. I figured I might actually have the skill to make something like it now, and started to experiment with engraving in acrylics with my goldsmiths tools.

I have been obsessing with this technique for quite some time and I've started to see progress towards something more and more looking like the image in my head! So, now I ordered a bunch of cabochon's and I'll go to town making my own dream rose jewelry - and develop the idea past the initial plain rose as well.

Here is the images; from start to present.

September 1'st. Attempting to get a hang of how the burs and bits work. Plexi glass 4mm
Learning Intaglio by fairyfrog

Second attempt, getting proper tools and sharp bits for my hand tool on plexi:
Intaglio test II by fairyfrog

Third attempt; now we're talking! Small picture frame done on acrylic
(ready cut block for scrapbook clear-stamping).
Rose and thorns intaglio photo frame by fairyfrog    Roses and Thorns intaglio side view by fairyfrog

First attempt on amber after trying the burs and bits on a scrap piece
to see how the material reacted in comparison to plastic.
The piece is an old pendant I decided to maul..
Amber intaglio practice pendant by fairyfrog

First attempt on a clear, purchased cabochon. Scary!
Trickiest part was to use the magnifying dome shape to my advantage.
The rose only covers half of the bottom of the cab. Should have taken pictures. Doh!
Amber intaglio solitaire rose cab by fairyfrog

And last, getting a commission for a piece and setting it in something suitable.
It's been a strange and very exciting journey, and there will be more roses. Lots and lots...
Autumn rose pendant by fairyfrog    Autumn rose amber pendant by fairyfrog

Pushing it a bit, trying other ideas:
Captain's Cameo I by fairyfrog


Lots of love
:iconfairyfrog:  Sarah B - Artisan of the Weird and Wondrous


Shameless self-promotion:
Like me on FB and get weird updates that doesn't make it all the way to this somewhat more serious place! ;)

--->… <---

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This was a Triumph

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 11, 2012, 1:34 AM
I'm making a note here
It's hard to overstate
my satisfaction

The engagement rings are finished at last! I'm so GLaD!

It has been a very patient wait for my (still secret) client, but now they are finished at last. At least the love is Still Alive.

The work in progress:
Still Alive Portal themed engagement rings by fairyfrog

Rings finished and tinted:
Still Alive Portal engagement rings finished by fairyfrog Still Alive Portal engagement rings closeup by fairyfrog

Sterling Silver and mixed media. Engraved with "STILL ALIVE" on the inside.

I am planning a nice cubular box for them but I am debating on whether I should just send them off or if I should go through and make a Companion Cube box. They have waited long enough to be honest.

There will however be little charms attached to it. Little Companion Cubes in glass that I made.

Portal Companion Cube pendant by fairyfrog Companion Cube lampwork glass bead by fairyfrog

Also, the rings has been mentioned at Geekologie! Wow!…

..And Wedinator! Hah!

..And (Long, awesome article)…

..I seriously had no idea, I expected a few pats on the back from my fellow DA friends, but this..?

I may consider kicking these into small-scale (tiny me-scale) production with colour option orange and blue. Anyway.
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Through Fire

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 6, 2012, 11:55 PM
Turns out I am in a very transcendent/transitional state in life and when I sat down at the torch inspiration drove me into making something I longed for but never managed to make due to lack of skill and equipment:
Wings. Birds. Phoenix'es... (And dragons. There will be so many dragons...)

The symbolism is blatant and right in my face, playing around with these thin strings of glass was a victory and a relief. Every aspect in my life is in a bit of a turmoil and glass used to be one of the things I could control. Now with a new torch I lost that control for a while which has been very frustrating.

I woke up early next morning, eager to have a look in my kiln and as the sun rose I got some lovely pictures capturing the essence of the orange glass.
They both came out well and the fine threads of glass was undamaged!

Flamechild - lampwork phoenix glass bead by fairyfrog    Fireborn - Lampwork bead glass phoenix bird by fairyfrog




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