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Notebook Paper Plain

Since I see this has been viewed & downloaded over 2000 times, now, with only a few faves, let's review, shall we?

All stock posted by me is subject to my stock rules - PLEASE READ THEM before using my stock art. Thanks!

image copyright Justine Greene / Pixies 'n Pixels / Geek Gyrl Friday / Geeks Addiction

working on a project for school...I needed the lines from notebook paper, so I scanned in a piece, and I'm sharing the variations I made - the plain paper, and a couple color shifts that I needed, that might be useful to others.
the ones I've added, here, are all RGB, because DA won't let me load the CMYK version I also if you're looking for this, for print purposes, and not web, make sure you remember to convert your colors. :)

If you use this, just please fave it, drop me a comment letting me know you used it, and if it's for a project on DA or another website, please link back to me. Don't redistribute this as your own....but you may use it for personal or commercial purposes. :)

August 2011 edit
very nice, simple typographical use of the stock, here:

B>Sept Update</b>
used here:
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thank you 😍

Using this as a bg. Thank you!

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I'm using this. Thank you

I'll be using this, thank you!

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Using it for some photoshop practice 
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Thanks for doing this!
I'll be using it for a school project. :)
wave remake Tight Hug  OMG MOAR POEMS!  
Using for a work project - thank you
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I'm using this for a school project, thanks!
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im using this thx!
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I used this! :) Thank you :3
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hey, thanks!!
using this for a school project. ^^
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I used this!
Thanks a lot :D
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ty ty ty so very much for this! I was getting abit down at mydrawing because it wasn't onthis paper. I used to draw so much in school and i was a little bit of an outcast so yeah. drawing was my friend and this brings back what joy i got from drawing on real notebook paper, now u can do that digitally! thank u once again! <3
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Used for school. Thanks~
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Thank you very much! I needed this for a Spanish project. :)
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thank you, very useful
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