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Deviation Actions

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► In order to be able to organize our group and to keep a nice atmosphere, we need you to follow our rules.
Don't violate the rules and please be polite. Sometimes misunderstandings can occur, but we will do our best to help you.
So please be tolerant to the admins as well, we're only humans after all. :D


:star: RULES :star:

:bulletorange: No copyright infringement! - You must submit ORIGINAL Artwork to our all 25 folders.
Memes, wallpapers, posters, covers and colleges are allowed in "Other images". However, you must credit the persons who you used material from and name the chapter/epsiode you used as a reference.
We don't accept scanned manga pages, screenshots and copied material in any kind! This is an art group, so we all want to see real artwork!
Even if you've drawn part of the picture, as long as your submission contains something you haven't created, it won't be accepted to the group without its credits! (of course, if you got permission to use it, you can submit).

:bulletorange:NO HATE! - No bullying, no insulting and no "shipping-wars"! We accept all pairings.
Respect the other members and their drawing skills, everyone starts from a scratch.
Any insulting or impolite attitude destined to one of the administrators or between members will be punished with banishment from the group.

:bulletorange: Submission information - (overview of our folders:
You can submit two deviations per day for each folder.
Wrong submissions will be rejected and we will tell you to which folder you have to submit to (we won't rip your head off if you sometimes submit to the wrong folder. But please make sure it doesn't happen to often ;)).

:bulletorange: ATTENTION
- Don't remove your artwork from the gallery and try to resubmit it again, just to get more views. That's unfair to everyone who doesn't bother is with those double submissions.
- Add the appropriate filters and warnings to your deviations!

:bulletorange: Be patient! Sometimes it takes some time for us to check the submissions. If your submission expires because it wasn't accepted by us in time, simply send it in again.

:bulletorange: Be polite! If your submission gets declined (disregarding the reason), there is no need to insult us. You can always ask why it got declined, we are willing to talk about everything if you just ask nicely. :)



:bulletgreen: Simply press the "Join our group" button and you will be accepted right away.

:bulletgreen: If you want to join the Magic Council please click here:
You need to be fairly active in the group and participate in activities or contests sponsored by the guild.
You also need to be reliable, since you can accept submissions and that shouldn't end in a chaos. ;)
Just ask us about it and we'll take it from there.

:bulletgreen: We only affiliate with groups related to Fairy Tail or manga in general! (other Fairy Tail groups, groups about manga colorings and arts...)


Still having a question?
Leave a comment on our front page or send a note to one of the admins!
If it's something concerning the group as a whole, you can send a note to the group.


Something important at the end: These rules are not fixed! If there is the need to change the rules, they will be changed. So keep an eye on our journals, you will be notified this way. :)

And now: Have fun! I'm looking forward to see your submissions!

© 2012 - 2021 Fairy-Tail-Destinys
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Willowstar44's avatar
Ahhhh where would we submit an OC/(actual character)?
xPlushie-Ninjax's avatar
All submissions for an OC should be sent to the OC's Folder
xPlushie-Ninjax's avatar
Sure thing ^_^ Always happy to help.
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Can we submit OCs?
Bludy-chu's avatar
Yes! In the OCs folder ^^
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Nickyparsonavenger's avatar
yes just make sure its in the oc folder
MightyAudrey's avatar
Nickyparsonavenger's avatar
no probs hope that helped: )
Nickyparsonavenger's avatar
wait so what does it mean to be a dragon slayer? I mean it sounds cool and im excited but imma just curious for what i signed up for XD
Bludy-chu's avatar
you signed to be a co-founder ^^ its mean you have to take care of this group like your baby lmao 
xPlushie-Ninjax's avatar
If you go to the admin area there is a forum topic from Bludy-chu to explain the basics.
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