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Before submitting any art, make sure to read our RULES!! (


:star: Featured
This is a special folder that we use to feature random members and special artworks of the guild. Every week, a recent deviation is chosen by one of our administrators.
To be chosen, just contribute to the guild! You can submit any art to the featured folder (of course, it has to do with the manga/anime). In order for your artwork to be displayed there, the admins will to vote, which means you need at least two 'yes'. Every admin has a different view on what should belong to the featured folder and what shouldn't, so there are no guidelines we could give you (well, a sketch or a lineart probably won't make it through, your art should be of high quality and original, meaning no manga colorings or other people's lineart colorings ;)).
Submission limit: 1 deviation per month.

:star: Natsu Dragneel
Artworks containing ONLY Natsu. There mustn't be any other character.

:star: Lucy Heartfilia
Artworks containing ONLY Lucy. There mustn't be any other character.

:star: Gray Fullbuster
Artworks containing ONLY Gray. There mustn't be any other character.

:star: Erza Scarlet
Artworks containing ONLY Erza. There mustn't be any other character.

:star: Wendy Marvell
Artworks containing ONLY Wendy. There mustn't be any other character.

:star: Gajeel Redfox
Artworks containing ONLY Gajeel. There mustn't be any other character.

:star: Mirajane Strauss
Artworks containing ONLY Mirajane. There mustn't be any other character.

:star: Exceed
Artworks containing ONLY Exceed. There mustn't be any other character (there can be more then one exceed).

:star: Celestial Spirits
Artworks containing ONLY Celestial Spirits. There mustn't be any other character except for their summoner.

:star: FT - Single Characters
Artworks containing ONE Fairy Tail member (Edolas characters belong to the "Other Guilds, Official" folders; same with Jellal! that guy ain't no Fairy Tail member^^).

:star: FT - Groups
Artworks containing more than one Fairy Tail member (but still only Fairy Tail members, no other guilds are allowed!)

:star: Pairings
The pictures should have a clearly romantic content.
OC's allowed
There can be more than two characters.

:star: Other Guilds, Official - Single Characters
Artworks containing ONE official character (from the manga or the anime).
Doesn't have to be a mage.

:star: Other Guilds, Official - Groups
Artworks containing more then one official character (from the manga or the anime).
Pictures containing Fairy Tail members and any other characters belong here.

:star: OC's
Everything containing your OC's (original characters).

:star: Fanfictions
For fictional stories with elements of Fairy Tail.

:star: Doujinshi and Comics
For fictional mangas/comics with elements of Fairy Tail.

:star: Manga Pages
Colored or redrawn manga pages (NO linearts!)
IMPORTANT: Don't use the original scans! You have to use a lineart, otherwise your artwork contains copied materials and is against our and dA's rules.

:star: Fairy Tail + other mangas, Crossover
Everything containing something from other mangas, animes, storys, movies...(e.g. other characters, powers, clothes...)

:star: Cosplay
Self-explanatory, isn't it? :D

:star: Stamps, Icons and Animations
NO copied scenes from the anime or the movies! (those are like screenshots and not allowed here)

:star: Sculptures and Crafts
Handmade stuff (Buttons, stuffed animals...)

:star: Linearts
Only submit lines that are open for use! (it doesn't have to be free, but be purchaseable)

:star: Sketches and WIP's
Special folder for unfinished works, unfinished pencil and sketches.
If you finished a WIP, sent us a message so we can move it to it appropriate folder. Do NOT remove the artwork and resubmit it a second time! It won't be accepted again!

:star: Other images
Here you can submit anything that doesn't go in any other folder; including memes, wallpapers, posters, covers and colleges that are not allowed in the other folders.
But ATENTION! Any attempt to edit the work of other artists (without permission) or fraud will be punished with banishment.

If you have a question or suggestions for new folders or if you think that some folders might be unnecessary, leave a comment!
You members are the most important part in our group, so we want you to feel comfortable here and want to hear what you think!

Looking forward to see your art,

© 2012 - 2021 Fairy-Tail-Destinys
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How do put a picture in a folder?
xPlushie-Ninjax's avatar
After you pick the group you want to submit your picture to, there should be a second  option saying submit to. You then can scroll and pick the folder you want. Hope that helps.
Jcoolfire138's avatar
I did that but it doesn't have pairings in it
xPlushie-Ninjax's avatar
Well that does sound odd. Are you a member of the group?
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Then how you join the group
xPlushie-Ninjax's avatar
If you go to the group page and there should be a spot that says "Join Group" just click that to join the group.
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