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FT Erlu Fic: You (Always) Have a Way With Words"HUUUUUH!? THEY REJECTED MY STORY!?"Lucy stared, blank-eyed, at the letter, other wizards staring at her until they went back to their own business. Lucy scrunched her lips and eyebrows. How dare they ignore her complaints! All that hard work for Sorcerer's Weekly, and this is the thanks she gets!? Rejecting her short story for a contest!? And getting it the day she had a date with Erza!? INJUSTICE!"Well, yeah, you sent them straight-up porn!" Natsu replied."EROTICA IS NOT PORN, NATSU!""Erotica's just an artsy way of sayin' porn!" Natsu replied."They said erotica was acceptable!" Lucy snapped. Huffing, she spun and put her fists on her hips. "I swear, someone was out to get me!""I know what happened!" Happy declared as he flew up to Lucy, "… Wait, what happened?""I'm not repeating myself!" Lucy snapped."I read it too," said Gray. "What the hell is 'wax play'?""That sounds like something filthy, Gray-darling," Juvia said, sitting at the bar, snuggling up to Gray while he had his arm around her."I thought it was nice," Mirajane added as she finished pouring a couple of beers and other drinks."Oh, thanks, Mira!" Lucy sighed. "Thank god you're—""But it was too dirty for the contest.""NOT YOU, TOO!" Lucy shouted. Huffing and harrumphing, Lucy put her fists on her hips again. She'd worked so hard on that story, inspired by her and Erza's nascent relationship, and how she felt about her. Also, she read the other entries, and her story was the best! How dare Sorcerer's Weekly shun a former staff writer like that! It was an outrage of the highest caliber! She spun, facing the rest of the guild. "Hey! Am I going to get any help here!?"Nobody spoke up. Gritting her teeth, Lucy growled. "HEY!""Uuuuuhhhhhh… what was the story about?" Elfman asked."Two girls doin' it," Laxus answered, not looking up from a copy of Sorcerer's Weekly."No thanks, not manly enough," said Elfman."I WASN'T ASKING FOR YOUR INPUT!" Lucy barked."Lucy, maybe you should eat something," said Lisanna, "You get overly righteous when you're hungry.""Yeah, here ya go!" Natsu said as he stuffed a sandwich in Lucy's mouth, earning a glare. Clearly it didn't work, because Natsu laughed at her. "Aw, man! You should see… the look on your face!" he laughed.It was at that moment, while he was distracted, that a giant fist snuck up behind him, hovered over his head, and slammed down hard on him. After lingering for a moment, Makarov withdrew his hand."That's not how we treat our fellow guildmembers," he said. "Lucy poured her heart and soul into that story, and we shouldn't be making fun of her for being rejected.""Ugh, THANK YOU!" Lucy sighed."Besides, I've never felt more alive reading it, tee-hee—OW!""YOU DIRTY OLD MAN!" Lucy shouted, punching Makarov. No, she was not going to get in trouble. After all, and Makarov would admit, he kinda deserved it.All the while, Erza watched at a booth table, smiling admiringly at Lucy. Lucy had talked about that story on more than one occasion, and Erza loved hearing her talk about something she was so passionate about. In fact, she even read the story, and found it to be incredibly passionate and romantic, the two women in the story matching her and Lucy so well. That being said, Lucy getting offended at something so trivial was kind of funny. Made her forget about the date with Lucy—oh, that's right, they had a date tonight. Oh, well. She could worry about that later.Erza wished she had Lucy's way with words. Sure, Erza could make a good speech in the heat of the moment about friendship, how she will never back down, etc, but telling Lucy that she loved her? Impossible. Never mind that Lucy couldn't spit it out before, and it took some prompting from Cana for Lucy to spill her thoughts and feelings about Erza, unknowingly in front of her. Well, Lucy had been sitting next to Cana, Erza overheard Lucy's word vomit and reacted the way she'd yearned to do for months now; kiss Lucy Heartfilia (but not before Lucy saw her shocked face).Just the fact that, with all they'd been through together as a guild, right down to taking on a freakin' empire AND WINNING, and Lucy's growth as a person, wizard and writer, she STILL turned into a mess when trying to confess her feelings was hilariously adorable.Speaking of, the wizard in question walked up behind Erza, slinking her arms around her neck, snuggling up to her girlfriend. "Hey, Erza-darling," she sang."Hey, Lucy," Erza replied."We're still on for our date tonight, right?""Of course," Erza answered. Recalling that moment, when their relationship started, she could never forget how terrified Lucy had looked when Cana alerted her to Erza's presence. It was nice to see that she'd gotten more comfortable around her, even if she occasionally felt inadequate around Erza, and needed reminders that she actually was amazing."Can, um, actually, may I have my books back?" Erza frowned, then blushed. She needed these romance novels for… research purposes!"But... I haven't finished them yet," Erza protested."I haven't eitheeeerrrr!" Lucy moaned. "C'moooonnnn, pleeeeaaaassssse?" Lucy gave Erza a puppy dog pout, one of Erza's weaknesses. Blushing, Erza wondered how this woman could be so cute and yet so powerful, and worse, so willing to play unfair. How could she say no to her girlfriend?"I… don't have them with me," said Erza. An excuse that happened to be true, but an excuse. Lucy huffed, scrunching her lips."You're reading one right now," she said.Damn. Erza had forgotten. Sighing, Erza closed the book and handed it to Lucy. Her girlfriend took the book and gave Erza a strong smooch on the lips with a good-ol'-fashioned, "Mmmmm-WAH!" and walked off, book in hand."The braaaave Erza Scarlet, laughs in the face of death, but afraid to tell her girlfriend she loves her." Erza jumped out of her seat, summoning her sword, but sighed when she saw that it was just Mirajane. Her smile, the same innocent-seeming smile she always wore, wasn't so innocent. Mirajane was feeling a bit mischievous at Erza's expense."Don't scare me like that, Mira!" Erza huffed, dropping her arm and plopping back on the seat."Well, so much for being brave!" Mirajane walked around, sat down across from her."Are you here to mock me, Mira?" Erza asked."A little." Erza sighed and Mirajane giggled."How did you know—""You wouldn't be reading those books if you knew how to tell her," Mirajane interrupted."I just… need them for… motivation!""Well, what are you so scared of?""I'm not afraid to tell her! Well, I... just don't know how to say it," Erza murmured, nervously poking both her index fingers."Jeez, is that all?" Mira huffed. "You don't need flowery language and stuff, just tell her what's on your mind!""But how can I tell her how amazing she is?" Erza asked. "She has such a good way with words.""And you don't?""Not as good as her," Erza replied."Then get rid of the books, they're not realistic," Mira huffed. "Just be yourself!""But will that work?""She fell in love with you because you're you," Mirajane pointed out, "I guarantee she'll love it." Mirajane had a point, Erza had to admit. Both women fell in love slowly, over many missions and battles. The transition from friends to lovers had felt surprisingly quick and felt natural. And yes, Erza loved Lucy.And that's why she needed the romance books, to know what to say to her."No! I'm going to keep them!" Erza declared as if she had accepted a mission.Groaning, Mirajane threw her head back, then forward, facepalming. "You're hopeless.":-:-:-:-:-:-:-:Lucy waited outside the restaurant. Next to her, a chalkboard read, "Fine dining and dancing! Open nightly!" Yeah, this was going to cost her a pretty jewel. Better get a good-paying job soon. She was lucky she even managed to find an opening for a table on such short notice. Normally, anyone who wanted a table either regularly dined here, or had to reserve one months in advance. A recent wave of cancellations opened some reservations, and acting on impulse, she reserved a table just for her and Erza. And she only got the table when she mentioned her last name. Her family fortune may be gone, but there were still some advantages to the Heartfilia name. Nervous, she shifted her hand purse from her right hand to left, used that right hand to adjust her hair bun and the straps on her lime-green dress. She patted at her hip, checking for the pack with her celestial keys.She also wanted to move on from the sting of the earlier rejection. A date with her girlfriend was just what she needed.But she was not here yet. Either Lucy was early, or Erza was fashionably late. At least she had the soft Magnolia nighttime to keep her occupied until Erza arrived. She could do some people-watching. Like watching that young couple over by the canal, being all lovey-dovey, making her think of being lovey-dovey with Erza."Lucy!" Turning towards the source of the sound, the wizard in question turned to her right and turned bright red in an instant.Erza was wearing a strapless red dress that emphasized both her womanly curves, from her chest to her hips, but also her toned arms and broad shoulders, and had her hair up in a bun, too. Blushing, Lucy gulped. Erza was always effortlessly beautiful. She was such an amazing woman, no one could blame Lucy for feeling inadequate around Erza. But Erza wasn't being seductive. Instead, Lucy could see the admiration in Erza's eyes, making her recognize that Erza saw something in her, too. And she wanted those arms to hug and hold her so badly right now."Wow, Erza, you're so beautiful," Lucy breathed."Thank you," Erza replied confidently, never tired of someone complimenting her beauty. "You look beautiful yourself. And I'm loving the hair.""Thanks, you're looking… snazzy as usual," Lucy replied, blushing and brushing her bun. Snazzy? That's the best you could come up with? She thought. So much for being good with words."Anything for my princess," said Erza. Lucy blushed as Erza took her hand, knelt before her and kissed said hand."Come oooon, you don't have to do the knight thing," said Lucy."But I feel like it," said Erza.Lucy hesitated, biting her lip, rolling her eyes and finally smiled. "Okaaayyyy, you can do the knight thing. Now kiss me, you big dork.""As you wish," Erza replied, standing up straight and quickly kissing Lucy's lips. Strawberries. Lucy could never get tired of that taste.Flustered, Lucy gathered her thoughts. "So, um, shall we?""We shall," Erza replied. She held out her right elbow, and Lucy slipped her arm around it. Arm-in-arm, they entered the restaurant.The greeter just inside the entrance welcomed them and led them to their table. The tables were all set up in an alternating pattern, like the squares on a chess board. They took up two-thirds of the restaurant floor, the rest of which was the wooden dance floor and a stage for the band. The kitchens and restrooms were off to the right from where they entered. The place was also gently, but well-lit by elaborate candle chandeliers, the light bouncing off the white ceiling and walls, but with some green wallpaper just below where the ceiling started. The greeter led them to a table with two seats, a fancy spread and a fancy candlestick holder. Both women sat down across from each other, holding hands and their gaze. The band played soft jazz in the background, and it mixed with the light conversations of the other patrons, all dressed to the nines. And all but 2 or 3 couples/pairs were at least twice as old as Erza and Lucy.The waiter arrived at their table a few minutes later. "Good evening, ladies," he said, with as snooty a voice as Lucy had ever heard. "Oh, do you need more chairs? Will your dates be—""No, we're fine," Lucy replied. The waiter paused, confused, but his expression seemed to darken, until Lucy showed off the Fairy Tail symbol on her right hand. The waiter, knowing what would happen if Fairy Tail heard about any bad treatment, stiffened. Best-case scenario, he'd be fired, some guildmembers would trample mud all over the carpet, or worse…"M… y apologies," he said. "Could I get you anything to drink?""Wine, please," said Lucy, after a quick inspection of the drink menu. "Red wine, vintage X774, if you have it."Now the waiter was pleased. "Ah, a fine choice, young miss. And your companion…""Just water," said Erza."Very well," the waiter said before departing. It was now that Erza wished she'd ordered wine or beer. She could use just a tiny bit of liquid courage.The waiter was back minutes later, wine and two glasses in hand. "In case your date wants any," he said. He presented the wine, from vineyards in Alvarez (a recent gesture on behalf of the Alvarez government as an apology to Fiore for the war, they sent some of their wine to Fiore). Lucy approved the wine, and the waiter uncorked the bottle. Lucy smelled the cork."Untainted, thank you," she said.With a nod, the waited poured an ounce of wine in her glass. He did not pour any for Erza, but after wiping the bottle opening off, he set the bottle on the table, bowed, wished Lucy to enjoy her wine, and departed.Erza watched as Lucy went through the motions of preparing to even drink the wine; swirling it, bringing it up to her nose to smell it, sipped it, swished it in her mouth for a second, and swallowed. "Delicious!" she said. Erza nearly had a heart attack at the face Lucy made, one of pure delight and satisfaction."How… how do you know how to drink wine?" Erza asked. In her defense, she's more at home in a bar or tavern, knocking back some ales, lagers, whiskeys or anything stronger."You think my dad, as awful as he could be, would not teach me proper wine drinking techniques?" Lucy asked incredulously."No, sorry; I didn't mean to offend you—wait, your dad let you drink wine as a kid!?""Of course not! You just swirl it in your mouth and spit it out." Lucy laughed when Erza, blankly staring at first, reacted with disgust, sticking her tongue out."Very well," Erza sighed. "How is it?""I like it. It's sweet, like grape juice, but you can taste the… what's the word I'm looking for? Gosh, I'm usually good with these words… Oh! Tart!""Can… can I try some?""You can, but are you asking permission?""Um, yes.""Then ask, 'MAY I have some'," Lucy finished. Erza groaned. She hadn't taught Natsu all those words and grammar for her girlfriend to do the same, albeit slightly more patronizing."May I have some, and please don't speak to me like that again," Erza replied.Lucy paused, then gasped. "Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to—""I didn't want to sound rude, either!" Erza spat frantically. "I mean, I just didn't, you want to be… talked to with that… way."Lucy laughed, covering her mouth like a proper woman. "You're so cute when you're like that," she said. "Yes, I'll try not to sound so patronizing from now on."Erza sighed. She watched as Lucy poured the wine into her glass. Taking her cue from Lucy, she swirled the liquid in the glass, brought it to her nose to sniff, and sipped. There's a first time for everything, and this was Erza's first time tasting fine wine. She didn't like it. She couldn't see what Lucy saw in it, because to her, it tasted like straight alcohol, and not in a good way. Her lips pursed, her eyelids squeezed shut, and she strained to swallow. Once the liquid was finally swallowed, she gasped, ignoring Lucy trying not to laugh."I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Lucy breathed. "Don't like it, huh?""No," Erza groaned."Don't worry, I won't make you drink it," said Lucy. Taking her girlfriend's hand, Lucy looked in her eyes, smiling. Erza smiled back, feelings of love for the wizard sitting across from her.How could Lucy not love Erza? Okay, that's the wrong question, it's actually, "How much could Lucy love Erza?" The answer is a lot. Lucy looked happy. No, Lucy is happy, and no, that wasn't a typo. Lucy was the happiest Erza had seen up till that point. And Erza wanted to see Lucy not only be happy with her, but happier."Are you happy?" Erza asked."I'm the happiest I ever been," Lucy replied, "Because I'm with you."Erza tried to hide her blush. Dammit, Lucy just had to know what she was thinking and be so beautiful at the same time."Are you still mad about the contest?" Shit!Groaning, Lucy closed her eyes and reached for the wine as if she was about to down it. Reflexes kicking in, Erza reached out, grabbing her right hand before it could take the wine glass."Please, don't—I don't want to see you get upset like that again," she said."Thanks, Erza.""If it makes you feel better, I really liked it."Lucy smiled, warmly. "Thanks, Erza. You know, what? Forget about that contest. There's another coming up, I can think of something.""I'm sure you will," said Erza. "You have such a way with words." She smiled, admiring how Lucy smiled, too, bashfully hiding her face. Despite this, Erza was getting a little impatient. She really wanted to use those lines on Lucy, see if they worked.And Lucy didn't give her much of a chance to use them, although the date proceeded as they both hoped. The topic of conversation centered mainly around their day, recent jobs and other guild news. There were diversions and digressions, as there are in any conversation, but they kept coming back to the central topic.The other interruption concerned their food. It was the first interruption; the waiter stopped by, asking if they were ready to order. Lucy ordered salmon and a salad, Erza a steak, well-done. Lucy's stomach sank as she examined the price of the steak. She could definitely afford tonight, but she needed to go on some more jobs."... And so Natsu goes, 'GET IN MY BELLY' at the fire spirits, but they just beat him up!"Tilting her head back, Erza chuckled. "And then what happened?""Well, Wendy and Natsu teamed up, but they were still tough," Lucy continued. "They like, had this plant bulb that protected them from Natsu and Wendy's combined attack. They even got them in a trap, and poor Wendy almost got eaten.""And how did she—""Mirajane got her out," said Lucy. "Aaaaaand, then we got separated… because of Natsu…"Erza chuckled again. "Oh, Natsu…" she muttered. "And you told me there was a fisherman, once?""Oh yeah, him," Lucy replied, face turning blue. "He was all—" she tried to imitate his blank slate as best she could— "Ah'm mad!—" her expression returned to normal, "And then he made Yukino and I fall—""Yukino?""Oh, sorry, that's who I was with—Yukino and I... hey, are you jealous?"Erza was visibly jealous, but her surprised reaction meant that she wasn't aware of that jealousy. Ashamed, Erza nodded. Sighing, Lucy sat back in her chair. "It's okay, Erza," she said. "She's just a friend.""I should be ashamed," said Erza. "I know for certain that nothing happened, and she is an ally. And yet, I reacted poorly. I am sorry, my love.""Apology accepted," Lucy replied. "You have a way with words, sometimes.""I do, huh?" Erza asked confidently, not bringing up the phrases she'd memorized. "Oh, was she the one in Sabertooth? The Celestial Mage?""White hair, kind of looks like Lisanna?" Lucy asked. Erza nodded. "Yeah, that's her."Satisfied that she had overreacted, Erza sighed, hand on her chest. Lucy continued. "So anyways, Yukino's partner, Arcadios, stepped into the lava and got us out. And he almost sank, but Loke summon Horologium to save him. You should've seen the look on Uosuke's face!" She did her best imitation of the wizard's goofy look, making Erza laugh. "You know how we beat him?""How?""So, I tried to use Loke, Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio, but those didn't work like I hoped, until Yukino summoned Pisces' true forms, and they got rid of another lava attack he used. Then he summoned a whirlpool attack, which Pisces was somehow weak in, so I summoned Aquarius. Sheeeee was mad at me…" She paused; Aquarius's glare still vivid. "She was mad at me because I used Scorpio and she had trouble talking to him—""How did you defeat the fisherman?""Oh, sorry. He made the water boil, and I thought, 'Aquarius can't attack', but I kept my cool." She did not. "But Aquarius beat the crap out of him, anyway."The story over, Erza clapped. "Well done. Oh, I always love your stories. You have such a way with words.""Thanks, Erza," said Lucy. She looked down at Erza's plate. The steak was gone, and so was her salmon and salad. The check was also waiting for them, so she paid. With nothing else to do, she leaned forward on her elbows, lovingly gazing at Erza. "I had a lot of fun. Did you?""I had a lot of fun," said Erza, "But we still need to dance.""Oh, that's right! Silly me!" said Lucy.Erza immediately stood from her seat, knelt before Lucy. "Shall we dance, milady?" She asked, extending her hand."We shall," Lucy replied. She took Erza's hand, letting her knight in shining armor but currently in a gorgeous dress, pull her to her feet and lead her onto the dance floor. The dancers stared at them, and it made Lucy shrink a little. Somehow, she didn't think they were staring at them because they were Fairy Tail wizards… But then, she defiantly stood up straight, chin forward to match Erza's equally confident and defiant air. A quick look from Erza made an older couple look away.Erza and Lucy found a spot away from the stage, where most of the dancing partners were concentrated. Erza slipped her leftarm around Lucy's waist, Lucy put her right hand on Erza's shoulder while her arm touched Erza's so they could be closer, and they took each other's hand. They gently swayed to the music, moving their feet in small steps, not breaking eye contact once.The soft music, soft lighting and soft sensations enveloped them in a little bubble of love. They'd danced together before, mostly late-night pajama dances, both of them giggling at their missteps. A double-date with Gray and Juvia gave them another opportunity, although Juvia was more into dancing with Gray just by sheer enthusiasm. They were good practice, for their movements were gentle, graceful.Foreheads were soon touching. Lucy could smell Erza's strawberry perfume gently overtaking her own perfume. Their lips were close, they could smell the steak, wine and salmon on each other's breaths. Not very romantic, to be honest. Actually, the whole moment was still romantic. Anyways, Lucy pulled her head away from Erza, gently smiled at her. She broke into quiet laughter, Erza following. Just to shake things up, Erza spun both of them, dipped Lucy, pulled her back up, Lucy laughing.Finally, Lucy stopped laughing. "You love me, right Erza?" Lucy was teasing, obviously. Erza could see that. But a lightbulb went off in her head. Lucy had given her an opening.Now was the time to put her research to good use! "In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you," she said."Awww, Erzaaaa!" Lucy fawned. "You mean it?""Every atom of your flesh is as dear to me as my own: in pain and sickness it would still be dear," said Erza."Awwww, Erza… Wait... THOSE ARE LINES FROM MY BOOKS!"BUSTED."L-Lucy, I can explain!" Erza stammered."Is that why you didn't return them?""You have such a good way with words," Erza lamented. She sighed. Better fess up. "I didn't know what to say, so I used them for research. I just—I just couldn't figure out what to say!""Really?" Lucy was tempted to let Erza stroke her ego, but she didn't. "I… don't need to say much. Just that, you're an amazing person, and I love you.""That's it?""No," Lucy replied. "But believe me—" Erza twirled her and brought her back against her. "If I could, I'd tell you how much you mean to me, and stuff. I know I have a good way with words, but… you're so amazing, Erza! I wish I could say anything like what you just quoted.""I wish I could tell you," said Erza. How could she tell the woman she loved with all her self that she loved her with all her self? Maybe Mira was right, she was afraid to tell Lucy. But they were dating, and it was clear they were very much in love. But she needed a way to tell Lucy how much she meant to her, and a simple "I love you" felt… inadequate."You still love me?""Yeah, I love you so much," Erza replied. "I just... wasn't sure how to say it.""You big dork, I love you, too," Lucy laughed, nuzzling up to the crook of Erza's neck. Erza blushed, realization of what she just said hitting her like a wet towel to the face. "Just be yourself."Erza was gobsmacked. For a second. Then she remembered her earlier conversation with Mirajane. "Just be yourself!""Just be myself?" Erza asked."Yeah, like, the knight thing you did earlier," said Lucy. "Just… say what comes to mind.""I'm not, I'm not good at this," Erza said, looking away."Oh, please, you're better at it than you think you are," said Lucy."But you're so good with words," Erza lamented."Come oooon, remember I couldn't confess my feelings, either?" Lucy asked. Blushing, Erza looked away. Even looking back, it was hard to know who was more shocked, she or Lucy. Lucy called Erza a literal goddess, but Lucy also didn't expect to confess her feelings. Erza Scarlet deserved love; to love someone, and for someone to love her. Who better than Lucy Heartfilia, a woman whose smile shone brighter than the sun, who fought as hard as she could, and through sheer force of will, had gotten stronger. Expressing her feelings for this amazing woman was hard. But it was better to try than not to try."Okaaaayyyy… I think you're amazing, you're the best Celestial Wizard I've ever seen, the best friend I've ever had, and…" the sentence 'the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with' died in her throat. She held Lucy tighter, blushing. It might be too soon to say that, because something could happen in the near future, and they could break up."Erza?"Fuck it. Erza wanted this to work, too. She imagined scenes of them in the future; waking up together, badly singing in the shower, making dinner and a mess, crushing their enemies, seeing them driven before them and hearing the lamentations of the women… in fact, "Erza Heartfilia" had a nice ring to it. "Lucy," Erza whispered in her ear, "No matter what, I will protect you, I will fight with, and for you. And, I want you to do the same thing, for me."And I want to share my strawberry cake with you, every day of my life.""I would be honored," Lucy replied. She was satisfied. Erza was at her best when speaking from her heart and gut. It was so Erza."I… really like spending time with you," Erza said, "And…" How was she going to reword what she was going to say? Heck, why DID she want to spend the rest of her life with Lucy? "I, I care about you, and I want you to be happy, and, and, and…"I've said this, before, but… I'm proud to have you as a guildmate. And have you as my girlfriend, and… I… when I wake up next to you, I just feel… I love you, so much.""Erza, that's—that's… so romantic," Lucy said, stunned and blushing. "I'm, I'm at a loss for words. And, I'm usually so good at this. Ah, jeez. You didn't even need those lines, after all. You just… you had it in you the whole time. I love you, too. Kiss me, you big dork.""As you wish." Erza cupped her jaw, pulled her close and kissed her. Lucy responded eagerly, slipping her tongue into Erza's mouth. Erza already felt better showing Lucy how much she meant to her with this passionate smooch. Being a woman of action, and all. Lucy could use her flowery words, and Erza could just kiss her like no tomorrow. And she also learned a lesson; romance novels are not guidebooks, especially when you happen to be a more natural romantic than you assumed.After their kiss ended, they returned to their dancing position, and danced the night away, lost in their own little world of love.However, and older couple nearby had been watching them. The wife, dancing in her husband's arms, shook her head. "Oh, those two," she said, "I can't believe you and I used to be like that.""Ah, the honeymoon phase," said the husband. "Don't worry, they'll grow out of it.""I don't recall you ever growing up," his wife said with a smirk."Growing old is mandatory," said the husband, "Growing up is optional."The wife laughed, throwing her head back. "You always have a way with words, darling."
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I realli disliked Fairy Tail's ending, I expected more of our beloved series. So I tried to make my expectations a reality. I started outlining the story where I prepared a Finale fitting for the FAIRY TAIL I LOVE!! There's new characters, and some ships becoming a reality. Please have fun!!!!!!!…

I really want to know my flaws, so please Give me your feedback concerning the writing, and your suggestions are also welcome.

Please if it's terrible, tell me please I need to know. Am I wasting my time on it? Or I need to continue? Please I need your straight harsh honest answers. I need to improve, I have to improve.And you are the only ones who'd know... I wouldn't because I wrote it.

Thanks in advance!!
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