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Welcome to Fairy Tail Destiny's

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► Welcome mages!
Fairy-Tail-Destinys is a group dedicated to all fans and magic creatures of Fairy Tail!
If you simply love the story and the amazing characters created by Hiro Mashima, come and join our guild!

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Everyone is free to join the guild as a member.
Please read our rules carefully and check our folders before submitting any artwork to our gallery.

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Art Challenge #3 - Eye Candy by mono-chromeghost
[LEITHE] Hearth and Wine by WitoruniP
Greek Gods Collab: Trixie Thalia by xPlushie-Ninjax
Greek Gods Collab: Joyce Persephone by Jusace
Natsu Dragneel
{Fairy Tail} Natsu Dragneel by Crystalheart2018
Let it Burn - Natsu Dragneel by iBlapping
E.N.D. ~ Etherious Natsu Dragneel by LeviathanMozart180
Salamander by Furry--Turtle
Lucy Heartfilia
Lucy from Fairy Tail by Amilao18

Mature Content

Lucy Heartfilia (9) by KrazyKamikaze44
Star Dress: Aries Form [Color] by Pink-Lady03
Lucy Heartfilia (8) by KrazyKamikaze44
Erza Scarlet

Mature Content

erza scarlet titania by HARKHAN71
Erza Scarlet in chibi form 6 - Fairy Tail, by ZXY8 by zxy8
Erza Scarlet in chibi form 7 - Fairy Tail, by ZXY8 by zxy8
Erza Scarlet in chibi form 8 - Fairy Tail, by ZXY8 by zxy8
Gray FullBuster
Gray FullBuster - Fairy Tail [2022] by AlexisPortugal
Gray by Furry--Turtle
[Fairy Tail] Gray (CS) by yuki0art
Fairy Tail - Gray Fullbuster by Pigliicorn
Wendy Marvell
Wendy Fanart Fairy Tail by AlexisPortugal
Fairy Tail- Wendy 14 by Pau3AlfarOoO
Commission: Wendy by MalarAntonio
Commission: Wendy by MalarAntonio
Juvia Lockser

Mature Content

Juvia Lockser (11) by KrazyKamikaze44
Juvia Lockser (9) by KrazyKamikaze44
Juvia Lockser in a bikini - Fairy Tail, by ZXY8 by zxy8
Juvia Lockser (10) by KrazyKamikaze44
Gajeel RedFox
Gajeel Fairy Tail 2022 by AlexisPortugal
Gajeel Redfox ( Remake ) by KoWolf-Blue
Grayscale Gajeel by ValkyrieTierney
Fairy Tail - Gajeel by KhalilXPirates
Mirajane Strauss

Mature Content

Mirajane Strauss (6) by KrazyKamikaze44
FA// Flirty Mira-san~ by Yumii-chi
Mirajane Strauss - Fairy Tail, by ZXY8 by zxy8

Mature Content

Mira Morrigan cosplay by MegumiPan616
Fairy Tail Guild - Single Characters
Lisanna Strauss (2) by KrazyKamikaze44
Cana Alberona (11) by KrazyKamikaze44
Levy McGarden - Fairy Tail, by ZXY8 by zxy8
Cana Alberona (10) by KrazyKamikaze44
FT - Groups
Landscape [Color] by Pink-Lady03
Laxus and Mirajane gif by CatCamellia
Happy the Exceed Shimeji [PRE-RELEASE][HOTSPOTS!] by Cachomon
Celestial Spirits
Virgo - Fairy Tail, by ZXY8 by zxy8
Other Guilds - Single Characters

Mature Content

[CM]: Irene Belserion (6) by KrazyKamikaze44
General Groups - Other Guilds, Official + FT

Mature Content

Irene Belserion (3) by KrazyKamikaze44
[FairyTail] Erza Portrait 03 Sketch by Avia-tika
The gigantic beast slayer by Galahound19
Manga Pages

Mature Content

Misaki by KrazyKamikaze44
Doujinshi and Comics
Fairy Tail: Wendy Sky Devil Mode by TitanXecutor
Fairy Tail Erlu fic: Erza's NightmareLucy’s bed rocked. She had been asleep, not dreaming, in the inky blackness. The bed shook, bringing her out of the inky blackness, forcing her to open her eyes. Her bedroom was dark and silent. It must have been late at night/early in the morning because there was no hint of sunlight. But there was moonlight filtering through the blinds covering her window. She was disoriented as if forgetting she’d been asleep at the time until she felt something slap her left arm. Now she was awake.She sat up, holding the comforter and sheet to her chest as if she was naked, before remembering that she was wearing a set of PJs. Dropping the sheet, she turned to whatever it was making the bed shake. Erza was still asleep, but her expression was pained, and she rolled in the bed, trying to escape the monster in her dreams.Lucy gasped. She shook Erza’s shoulders until Erza’s eyes shot open and she popped up from the bed, panting and sweating, hair sticking to her forehead.“Erza! Erza!” she said, grabbing her girlfriend’s shoulders. “It’s alright, you’re awake now.”Erza turned to look at Lucy. The redheaded swordswoman’s frightened expression scared Lucy, too. “Erza, honey, what is it?”“I just had the worst nightmare,” Erza said, her voice shaking.Lucy’s chest clenched, pupils dilating. Any number of traumatic events could have triggered the nightmare. From what she could see, it had been horrible. Had it been when Fiore was attacked by dragons? Anything to do with the Tartaros guild? Maybe Zeref? “Erza, whatever it is… I’m here for you.” She pulled Erza, still hyperventilating, closer to her.“It was… it was…”“Erza, what was it!?”“Ichiya had asked me to marry him! And I almost said yes!”Lucy gasped and hugged her girlfriend tightly. “No! Anything but that!” she said. “You poor thing!”“I couldn't control myself,” Erza continued, voice still shaking. “It was like something had taken me over!”“Erza. Erza. Look at me.” Lucy took Erza’s chin in her hands, turned her head towards her. She made eye contact with Erza, also ensuring Erza would do the same. Her girlfriend’s eyes darted about in the darkness until Lucy laid her forehead against Erza’s. “We’re together. We love each other. Things will be fine. Ichiya won’t bother you.”“It’s okay?”“It’s okay,” Lucy said gently. “Come on, breathe with me. One…” She took a deep breath, exhaled slowly. Following instructions, Erza did her breathing exercises until she felt her heart rate drop, drop, drop until it was at a safe rate.“Are you okay?” Lucy asked.“Yes, thank you,” Erza replied, gently smiling.“You’re welcome,” Lucy replied. “I love you so much.”“I love you, too,” Erza replied, quickly kissing Lucy, then slipping back into bed with Lucy’s arms around her. Listening to Lucy’s heartbeat, she felt more relaxed. She could take on anything as long as she had the woman she loved by her side.:-:-:-:-:-:-:Somewhere across Fiore, Ichiya also shot up in bed, screaming, “MAAAAAANNNNNNN!!!!” As if on command, Hibiki, Eve, and Ren broke into his room, turned the lights on, and lined up next to Ichiya’s bed.“Master Ichiya! What’s wrong!?” they shouted in unison."Ah, my young apprentices," Ichiya said, his expression stoic and sparkling. "I apologize for waking you. I was just having the most wonderful dream.""What kind of dream, Master?" they asked in unison."It was glorious," he said. "I asked my beloved Erza for her beautiful hand in marriage. And she agreed."The three young men stared at Ichiya for several minutes. Then they relaxed their stances.“Uh, Master Ichiya, Erza’s still in a relationship with Lucy Heartfilia,” said Hibiki.“Yeah, you're too late,” said Ren.“Sorry, but, they’re happy together,” said Eve.Ichiya collapsed back against the bed, sighing “Maaaaaannnnnnnn~!”
The Ice Wizard's Father - Silver Fullbuster by ShortStuffArts
Sculptures and Crafts
Silver Fullbuster Earrings by ShortStuffArts
Stamps, Icons and Animations
Makarov vs Jose gif by CatCamellia
Sketches and WIP's
[FairyTail] Erza Portrait 01 Value by Avia-tika
Fairy Tail vs Night Dragon by ARTholomew159
Other images

Mature Content

[Commission] Mirajane carrying Erza by MegumiPan616




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I realli disliked Fairy Tail's ending, I expected more of our beloved series. So I tried to make my expectations a reality. I started outlining the story where I prepared a Finale fitting for the FAIRY TAIL I LOVE!! There's new characters, and some ships becoming a reality. Please have fun!!!!!!!…

I really want to know my flaws, so please Give me your feedback concerning the writing, and your suggestions are also welcome.

Please if it's terrible, tell me please I need to know. Am I wasting my time on it? Or I need to continue? Please I need your straight harsh honest answers. I need to improve, I have to improve.And you are the only ones who'd know... I wouldn't because I wrote it.

Thanks in advance!!
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