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Axis.Powers-.Hetalia.full.97778 by Fairy-of-the-valley

~You Don't Fool Me~

           ‘Perfect!’ You thought to yourself while admiring the outfit in the mirror. It wasn’t too extravagant, but not far from elegant enough either. The clothes were pretty new and they were matching perfectly. Your hair was nicely brushed and everything little detail was planned. Only, what was all the fuss about? Why were you dressed like this? You see, lately you’ve been pretty busy with either school projects, helping your parents around the house or doing voluntary work for the community. Your schedule has been so full recently, that you’ve kind of neglected the precious time you should have spent with your friends, the Nordics. And as a way to make it up to them, you’ve decided to pay them a surprise visit.

           The sweets in the oven were almost ready. What’s a better way to say ‘Sorry I forgot about your existence in the past weeks, are we still friends?’ than a fresh batch of home-made cookies? They had different flavours to satisfy all your friends’ preferences. You knew that Tino would love the cinnamon rolls and Lukas won’t resist in front of the chocolate filled delights. As soon as the timer announced the sweets were ready, you placed them on a plate in a basket and made your way to the Nordics’ house.

           When you arrived you couldn’t contain your excitement as you knocked joyfully. Silence… You knocked one more time and waited for any response, only to be welcomed by the same non-sonorous response. At the edge of your patience, you walked inside, no matter what. To your surprise, the door was unlocked.

           “H…Hello? Is anyone home?” you inquired while kicking your shoes off and crossing the corridor leading to the living room. “Guys, are you… HOLY SHIT!” One more step and your leg would have been deep fried. “What the hell?” You shrieked while jumping back from what seemed to be… a lava floor? The whole living room floor was a hot steaming liquid, here and there white pillows being thrown for anyone who felt like going in an adventure.

           This train was going straight to Nope-land. But what exactly happened here was intriguing you too much to let you turn back on your heels and go back home. Not taking too much time to think, you jumped from one pillow to another, trying hard not to lose your equilibrium. One wrong move and…

           “No, no, no, no!” You yelped as you felt your body bending dangerously close to one side. Just some more degrees and you were dead. “Oh my God!” And there you were back to your initial position. Two more pillows and you were finally out of the living room and the death floor.

           You could bet on all the cookies on your basket, which you almost dropped by the way, that this might have been a trick pulled by Norway. You knew he had all kind of spells and magic tricks. You made sure to “thank” him later for pulling such a dumb joke for no reason. Wasn’t he the ‘big brother’, insisting all the time for Emil to call him so?

           Unfortunately, and unknown to you, the adventure wasn’t ending here. While contemplating that you were still alive, you’ve made up your mind to see if any of the Nordics were in their rooms and pay a little visit to your Norwegian friend. Wrong move. As soon as you stepped on the stairs leading to the next floor, you felt a terrible paint stabbing your heel. You jumped in the air, almost not falling back on your feet and dropping the sweets all over the floor, the second time this day.

           "Matthias!” You shouted after realizing that you’ve stepped on a Lego brick. “I’m going to kill you when I find you!” This was no other than the art of your Danish friend. He was the one who invented the evil Legos after all. After all the wars lost in History, this is the revenge he came up with.

           Fearing the future of your cookies, you headed towards the kitchen to leave them on the table. What was strange, no one seemed to be at home, suspecting after the deathly silence in the house. But the door was still unlocked... Who would go out of the house without locking the entrance? Not Berwald, for sure. Have they gone deaf, maybe? Your thoughts were interrupted when your feet stepped on another sharp thing, this time making you fall and hit the floor with a loud thud right before the entrance of the kitchen. Your karma must love you today, since the basket didn’t have it too bad.

           “I swear the God, these things are, like, everywhere!” As you stood up you saw a gun pointed to your head and you let out a loud scream as three shots could be heard, the three bullets missing your head at only a few centimeters. You crumpled on the floor, hiding your head in your hands. What the hell was going on?

           “[Y/n]!! It’s you! I thought it was Matthias and I wanted to scare the shit out of him. Oh my God, I am so sorry! I’m sorry!” You moved your hands from your head and looked at the blond that kneeled next to you.

           “Could anyone tell me what is going on?” You sighed after taking Tino’s hand, who was trying to help you up. But he didn’t get to answer you, ‘cause as soon as you were standing again, something swirled around your legs, turning you upside down. “Nooooo!” You shrieked while frantically swinging your body around. “Okay, I have certainly come at a bad time.” You lost the fight. And now you were just hanging around.

           “Lukas!! We’ve got a problem! Guys!” Tino got out of the kitchen leaving you up there, only to come back with the others as well.

           “Oh, min Gud! Are you okay, [y/n]?” came the yell of your loud Danish friend. “Oh, look, cookies!”

           “I am so sorry… I didn’t expect you to get caught in my trap…” Lukas said, while helping you get out of his spell.

           “Well, that was one hell of an adventure! What was the point behind all of this?” You had to sit on something as soon as possible. You were tired out after everything that had happened.

           “[Y/n], I wouldn’t…” Berwald tried to warn you. But it was too late. As soon as you plopped on the chair, it cracked under your weight and you found yourself on the floor once again. This was the most ridiculous day you had in a long time, with the gravity as your first comrade.

           Five pairs of eyes were on you, waiting for your outburst. Although, all you did was to laugh. You started laughing as you pushed yourself back again, reassuring your friends everything was fine. This had happened to you too many times to care anymore. They won and you managed to make a fool of yourself. After you had cleaned around the kitchen, you sat together at the table, on the furniture that wasn’t intentionally broken, and started munching on your home-made sweets.

           “Okay, now does anyone want to tell me what the hell was this all about?” You calmly said, resting on the back of the chair. They all exchanged some glances before saying in unison:

           “Happy April Fools!”

           “Wha… What? No, no… Today?” And then it hit you! It was indeed the first of April. You remembered checking the calendar yesterday night when crossing out the last day of the month. It all made sense. All the tricks and… “Oh my God. This was so genius of you, guys! I always see all kind of dumb jokes every year, from houses dressed in toilet paper to prank calls, but this was totally awesome!”

           “See, I’m not part of the Awesome Trio for nothing!” Matthias laughed throwing an arm around you.

           “I’m still mad at you for your Legos everywhere, though! And for the floor that almost melted me. Or for the bullets that almost got me, but no worries, I know you’re a good sniper, Tino. Or for hanging from the ceiling like a rag puppet, Lukas. Or for… naaah, I can’t be mad at you Sve…” you added in the end as Berwald was giving you a look as to stop your talking.

           “You must admit, [y/n], that my magic skills got better.”

           “You might call yourself ‘Big Brother’, but you’re certainly not that mature.” Emil spoke for the first time since you’ve met today.

           “Excuse me! You’re the one who almost set our living room on fire by replacing all the floor with freaking lava!”

           “Wait! You did the lava prank?” You were shocked. You thought only Norge had magic powers from the five of them.

           “Never underestimate me! With a little help from Vlad, everything was possible. What’s the matter, Norge? Envious? Considered you were the only one who was gonna get involved magically in this mass prank?”

           “I must say, it was impressive. And it also reflected a part of your country.” Even if he wasn’t smiling, Emil’s face was showing the triumph of finally beating his older brother. “And that means that the broken chair was your masterpiece, Berwald.”
He only nodded in response.

           “But be careful, you don’t know what other pieces of furniture might play a trick on you. This morning, I swear the sink attacked me.” Matthias stated, still behind you. Both you and Tino laughed at his affirmation.

           “Nope, it’s just you that’s stupid.”

           “You know, [y/n]. We didn’t get to apologize for messing with you today.” Tino exclaimed after getting up and making his way to you.

           “That’s alright, guys! It’s April Fools! I should apologize for not visiting you that often. If I phoned you before I came at least… Sorry.”

           “We really mean it, [y/n]” Lukas added as well, coming on the right side of you, getting one of your hands in his and placing a gentle kiss on your knuckles.

           Your face went bright red as Lukas let go of your hand. At your left side, Emil grabbed your other hand and kissed the back of it, and then the wrist. He would have gone further if you hadn’t retracted your arm, blushing even more. After that, Tino brought you up in a joyful hug and pecked your cheek. Matthias happily kissed the corner of your mouth, so close to the actual mouth, you backed away into Berwald who placed a quick peck on your forehead. Okay, you were indeed dead at this time.

           “Hello?... Ground control to Major Tom?”

           “Guys, I think we broke her!”

           Indeed. [Y/n].exe has stopped working.

~Happy April Fools~
Happy April Fools to all of you! (´ ▽ ` )ノ *:・゚✧ I hope no one pulled any stupid and bad pranks on you, just one of the awesome and funny ones. ♥ Have a little Nordics one-shot! I hope you like it. :heart: I got inspired after a post on Tumblr that I can't find anymore, ugh...

Thank you all so much for reading, faving and commenting. It means a lot to me!  Heart bum

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Story (c) me 
Photo (c) from here
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let's just say my friend that's in the same class as mine gave me a nickname 'Antonio's Tomato'
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