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I'm a full time mum of three, part time fairy and (wannabe) artist when I get a minute to myself, which isnt nearly as often as I'd like.
Before the kids came I loved to paint large and messy canvases, sadly a lack of space and fiddly fingers has ended that (for now) and my artwork is confined to the computer where my little darlings cant spread it all over the curtains!

I live in Deepest Darkest Mid-Wales. Lots of fairies end up here.

I'm currently on a break from Uni, I've got a year left to go before I finish. I just have to work out how to pay for it...


:sweat: Right. Here we go.

Dear Friends and Followers!

The last month of my life has been completely insane. I literally have not had a minute to gather myself and get in touch with the people on here and other sites who really matter to me. I have a lot of news and it's not all good but I need to let you all know what's going on so you can hopefully bear with me while I get things back on track!

On the 22nd June I managed to fracture my own neck. I twisted round and something in my spine made a noise like someone twisting bubble wrap and my head went sideways. After waiting for 2 hours for an ambulance I finally managed to get a lift to the hospital.

After hours in A&E a scan showed that I had manage to wedge fracture C3 vertebrae in my spine, basically the bit that holds my head on. No one could work out how until they found the tiny tumours in my bones. I was scanned again and again and the docs have found that I have had breast cancer for a very long time and it has spread to my bones and basically turned them to sponge. I'm really not well.

I was rushed to Singleton Hospital in Swansea where I have had 5 massive doses of radiotherapy and done density treatment to stabilise my back; good news kids! No paralysis and after 5 days flat on my back I was allowed to finally sit up and start moving again :) All be it in the most ridiculous neck brace ever. Think Doug the Dog from Disneys UP! movie.... but at least I'm up and attem again!

I came home on 29th July; docs can't believe how well I'm doing! And I'm confident that despite my horrible diagnosis I WILL not let this beat me. Ever. And that should have been the beginning of my road to recovery, however....

For the last 14 years I have been mum to my kids and super-girlfriend to my partner. I have literally done everything for him. I was fully expecting to be smothered in love and care while I dragged myself back to new-normal. Sadly not so.

His only response to my diagnosis has been how much it's going to mess his life up and how I've done this on purpose. To make his life hard. I kept quiet and hoped that it was just the shock. That he'd wake up and step up and be the man that I thought loved and cared for me and the kids. On Tuesday 3rd July 'hubby' decided to go out, rock back in just after midnight, steaming drunk and preced to smash up our home...... happens quite regularly to be fair but when I'm well I can calm him down. I have done every week for the last 12 years or so, Now? the slightest knock could kill me instantly. So I called the police and I'm gone.

I don't need to go into detail about what he did; needless to say the police were that disgusted that they put him under a domestic violence order and he is no longer allowed anywhere near me and the children. This was backed up by a magistrate who extended the ban for a month. But I'm not safe in my home anymore and I don't trust him not to get drunk and break his bail. So me and the kids have had to flit.

Thanks to the support and care of the local authorities, my landlord, the police, the hospital, macmillan, my bestest friends (you know who you are!)... EVERYONE else who has been around and most of all my amazing amazing parents The Kids and I have managed to hit the reset button on our whole lives and are safe, happy and being well looked after.

Number one mission at the moment is finding a new home so I'll be busy house hunting for a while. And I started my cancer treatment yesterday; I can literally feel it pulsing round inside me like a minion party. I feel amazing. I won't let this beat me; I'm getting the very best medicine and I'll be back to full power in no time at all. And if it weren't for this stupid head brace holding my noggin up I don't think anyone would even notice that I'm not well.

I don't want sympathy or sadness! I want to get back to normal as quick as I can. But I'll probably be quite busy for a while sorting my new life out so please accept my apologies if I miss messages or texts.

normal service will resume shortly!

Love you all
My Asthma Nurse has been trying to kill me.

Sorry I haven't been very active for the past couple of weeks. I've been feeling worse and worse since christmas. I wont bore you with the details but I've had every germ and lurgy going and aches and pains in places I didn't even know I had. Turns out I'm having some horrible side effects from my asthma medication and hadn't realised so I was slowly poisoning myself.
Needless to say I am not taking that medication any more and after a week I'm feeling almost human again!
As I haven't logged in in a while I've got thousands of notifications to trawl through but I'll get to them all eventually....

Normal service will resume shortly!
Once again I have randomly commented someone with something that will make no sense at all.
I've officially finished the 100 day challenge!

Look at me! I FINISHED something ;)

So watchers (and visitors passing through - why aren't you watching!?!?) I'd like to know how you motivate yourselves?
So, I've been here for 8 years and I have a grand total of 48 watchers.
I'd love to know what your hints and tips are for getting more people to watch?


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