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Hello Everypony!

We are currently looking for more administrators to help keep this group running stable, especially when I am not available to manage the group. I would be very busy starting next week on behalf of my training to become an Air Traffic Controller, and that would require me to  stay in the lodgings the training center would provide 6 days every week for about 6-9 months. That would severely tax my time to manage the groups that I do here in DA, and that presents a problem wherein the members of this group would be presented with a huge inconvenience.

Now you know the main reason why we need new admins, but that is not the only reason. The incident last time also made it clear that this group needs an adjustment. It needs more people who could handle it and take care of it, and any incident that might occur while I am not available. That being said, we are looking for admins with a good sense of moral direction. So, what are admins supposed to do? Well, they would vote on the various deviations being submitted into the group, as well as assist in organizing the folders. What do they get for the efforts they put in? They get to help run a group that has more than 2 thousand members and steadily growing, and they would have special access to the special folders within the group for their own use.

It would be nice if you also have a Skype account so you would be able to chat and coordinate with the other active coalition group admins. Hopefully, make new friends along the way.

THE EQUESTRIAN DREAM by The-Equestrian-Dream


That about wraps up this Journal Entry.

Flying_Endeavor, signing off.
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Welcome everypony to Fairness And Harmony! Feel free to submit your artworks to the right folders within the group and please, keep it friendly and civil.
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Magnet design: Adventure Time by Lailyren
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Electro Beat Avatar by 8-BitBrony
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One Big Happy Family by CrimsonWolf360
Pinkie Pie's new mule friend by Porygon2z
A Pinkie hug for Duncan by Porygon2z
:COMM: Smiling Brony by LupiArts
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Hold on, King! The doctor will fix you right up! by Porygon2z
Fanart - MLP. Tea at Sunset by jamescorck
[KirinDOS] Wheatley by Australian-Senior
It's double de-feathering time by Porygon2z
MLP: A New Generation Quick ThoughtsTLDR:,Can you believe it? It's been almost two years since the end of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I still remember crying my eyes out when I saw my favorite cartoon protagonists appear for the last time. Ah, the good ol' days...A little less than two years later, in the middle of a pandemic, and after being in a different job - again - I'm back watching animated ponies intended to be seen by little girls who could as well be my daughters.To be honest, my expectations were pretty low. I didn't like the ponies' new design - despite a fellow deviant being in the creative team - and the fact that the movie is fully CGI. I didn't like the premise either with the perfect ending of FiM destroyed by the pony races now being apart. But unlike with Pony Life, I decided to give the new generation of MLP a chance.And it's ok. Passable.Thankfully, the majority of the new main characters are fine. Sunny, Zipp, and Izzy are more than capable of driving the story, even though there are obvious traces of their predecessors, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie respectively, in them. Hitch is also a nice addition to the cast and it's a big plus that he is a stallion who is given a bigger role than anypony back in FiM.As for the story: it isn't that bad either. An optimistic earth pony who believes in the power of unity and friendship goes on an adventure, meets with unicorns and pegasi, to put together a McGuffin that turns out to be nothing more than a metaphor for the obvious ending that you could see from a mile. Yeah, it's pretty generic, but hey: if FiM was strong in something, it was selling generic stories.The problem is that the writers tried to grab too much from the pot and missed the mark a bit. I mean, why on earth did we need a villain? Especially an idiotic sidekick to Hitch who, all of a sudden, turns into Idi(ot) Amin? I get it, bigotry, racism, and such, but let's face it: bigotry and racism would have been enough. That's the driving force of the story that needs to be defeated. Why a villain? Also, I cannot stand Sprout.And I cannot stand Pipp and her mother. I don't know, they feel too snooty for me; way snootier than Rarity was back then. And Rarity was funny sometimes!Also: the semi modern setting just doesn't work for me. We have ponies with canned beans, pizza, streetcars, TV (?), smartphones (??), and Instagram influencers (???). C'mon; the world of Equestria worked so well because it dared to create a world of its own. Making it resemble more to our world, a sh*tty world, is a bad idea. By the way, didn't the Nostalgia Critic put it in his A Cat in a Hat review that "modernizing" classics - in our case, adding contemporary elements to a fantasy world - is why these movies will feel super outdated within just a few years?However, these are just all minor things. My biggest problem with A New Generation is that it doesn't even attempt to answer the biggest question of all: what in the f*ck just happened after The Last Problem. Why the divide between pony races? What happened to Twilight? Her friends? (Aside from a nice cameo at the beginning.) Why were we deprived of a perfect series finale by an artificial conflict? Why? What?! WHY?!Anyway, I'm glad that the new generation of MLP was kicked off with a movie that's passable. But it's only that: passable. It has to stand on the shoulders of its enormously successful predecessor without alienating fans of FiM and also gathering new fans. I don't know if the latter mission will be successful or not, but as for the former: I think we can all agree in giving My Little Pony: A New Generation a big ,3.5 / 5 (C+)[click here to rate the movie]...
Customs Crafts Plushies and merchandise
Soft Gradient Rainbow Dash Plushie by Cwossie
Gallus Handmade Custom Plush by Chibi-pets
Rarity Handmade Custom Plush by Chibi-pets
Fluttershy Handmade Custom Plush by Chibi-pets
Comission for Thetaze by age3rcm
Non-Mature Human or Anthro
MLP FIM - Anthro Rarity Fancy Pose by Joakaha
The Pone Wars 11.10: Stardust in the Eyes by KittyTheS
Cannon Group
The New Girls by 8-BitBrony
Pinkie Pies cosplay by grimnir11
Pixels and Stamps
Sisters Castle Luna's library by heathfiedler
Tumblr questions
Ask Movie Slate - The Island of Doctor Moreau by jamescorck
Past Gen Characters
[COMMISION] spectrum burst by Conphettey
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Rarity Overload by AtomicMillennial
Creatures of Equestria
COMM: Radicalhat by GanashiAshaka
Stargazer by CrimsonWolf360
Devious Folder
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Rin by Foxpit-Arts
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A Luminous group by PrismaGalaxy514
Main 6 + Spike Folder 2
Dawnverse Headcanon: Sunburst and Twilight Sparkle by GanashiAshaka
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The Fire Dj by DjFireNote
Devious Folder
Cavalry Rush by Underpable
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[Ych] Flutters by AdagioString

Rules and Regulations

Welcome to Fairness-And-Harmony!

Welcome Bronies to Fairness-And-Harmony amazonite heart {big} by DiegoVainilla
This group is dedicated to showing Fairness and Equality to all fans of the MLP:FIM fandom. We accept all forms of art made by fans no matter what the skill level or type.

bullet blue by 6BTsDid I post my deviation on the right folder? Read the rules Below.
bullet blue by 6BTsWhy was my submission Declined? Read the rules Below.

Group Rules
bullet blue by 6BTs No hate in any shape or form is tolerated. Hate art, comments, etc. will be removed, reported and whomever posted shall be blocked from the group.

bullet blue by 6BTs LIGHT Mature content is accepted. Anything other wise must be under a filter. Mature content that breaks DeviantArts Policy Shall be removed/declined and reported.

bullet blue by 6BTs We are an ART group. We accept any art style and any skill level but the art itself must be drawn/created entirely by the deviants hand. This means no doll makers, etc. Base vectors may be accepted only if you CREATED the vector.
DO NOT POST vector taken from another artist and place it on a real life picture. Real life picture with pony vector will be ONLY accepted if you are both the creator of the vector AND you took the picture yourself containing NO copyright infringement.

bullet blue by 6BTs Stolen artwork is NEVER allowed under any circumstance. If we spot any stolen artwork being submitted to the group it will be removed/declined and reported.

bullet blue by 6BTs Absolutely no submissions to the Featured folder

Detailed Version of the rules Please read for any further information on the group . highly Recommended for members to read.



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