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A Wedding Despite the Coronavirus!!!

My Daughter's wedding was cancelled due to this Coronavirus :-(.  We had a huge venue with 150 people :-(  They wanted to be married on March 21st.  A special day for our family.  We decided to go ahead and have a private ceremony with just parents and grandparents.  They actually got the very last marriage license before their township closed!  They had to wait for them to deliver it to my daughter outside in her car.   The florist had all his orders canceled.  The bakery we were using closed!  Also daughter did not confirm with the pastor...rofl  We were all getting ready, only find out that the my daughter had not confirmed with him.  So within 30 minutes he was at our house.  The florist scrounged  up enough flowers to make a small bouquet for my daughter and we even found a bakery that made us a very itty bitty cake.  Which they delivered to me while staying in my car.   The pastor told us that after the ceremony their would be no more marriages for the next couple of weeks!!! You talk about a memory for your wedding  We thought this was befitting for the occasion :-)  Got to keep the Humor!!!😂😂😂
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That's a great story- not the wedding they'd planned for sure, but something they'll talk about for years to come and smile about :) Thanks for sharing!

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Congratulations!! :love:
To great ills, great remedies ... that's what they say in my country.
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Thank you!:-) we did make the best out of the worst
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Totally agree my dear!! flowers smile 
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I'm not sure how to feel about this, 
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Happy, the got married despite their big wedding.  We will have another on this fall.  How many girls get to get married twice to the same man... :-)
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Love conquers all :)

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Wow, how very surreal! What a crazy situation. Perhaps they will have a proper redo after all is said and done, and things are safe again? Or perhaps a nice family gathering just as a get-together. It's a bit difficult to redo a wedding, I suppose, so if nothing else, at least it's memorable??

(Wishing you all well, and stay safe!)

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They are going have a redo this fall with the very expensive wedding dress. :-)  but this time it will be more fun.  
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too cute, love it...stay safe and healthy
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Thank you, You do the same!
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