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Brightcrest keyblade Tutorial

By Fairie-Tails
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I'm glad I took so many progress photos now so I could put this together. I love my keyblade so much! Might make another one, if I can be bothered haha. It takes a loooong time to finish, but I love the result. I made this in a week, and by that I mean a week without sleep. :nirvana: Give yourself 2-3 weeks :)

My keyblade is super duper light, I even had people coming up to me at the con because they'd heard how light it was. Which is good for me, I wouldn't be comfortable lugging carrying a heavy prop around.

Most importantly, be careful! If you're new to super glue, craft knives, drills and what have you then get someone to help and take your time. We don't want any cut fingers or fingers glued together! ^^;

Feel free to ask any questions, I kept the tutorial quite basic so it wouldn't be a total bore to read. And show me what you've made if you use this, I'd love to see it! :eager:

for more photos, WIP and updates you can check out my facebook page :meow: [link]
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This is exaclty what I needed in life QAQ thank you for posting this tutorial! 
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I'm so glad I found this!...now where to get materials for cheap? does it matter what kind of expanding foam, or are they all the same? and I'm not entirely sure what you did with the masking tape...  ^^;
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Hmm I don't know if you can get expanding foam cheap...at least not that I could find. Have a look around your local hardware stores? I'm pretty sure expanding foam is all the same :) Stick to the same brand just in case. Oh and I covered it all in strips of masking tape, just another layer to make it more sturdy :aww: Hope it helps!
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/Revives picture? 8D?
I'd been thinking about making a keyblade out of expanding foam myself, but I had nooooo idea where to even BEGIN. And then I saw this tutorial on CNZ and though 'omgz my dreams have come true'.
I'll be using your tutorial for sure, but with maybe a few changes depending if they work or not. Such as builders fill to be slathered all over the outside of the keyblade instead of tape and paper mache. But I'll see how it goes. /Terrible procrastinator.
I'm making Oblivion and Oathkeeper for a competition cosplay(Final Form) so it deffo needs to be light weight. I'm so glad that you made this tutorial. xDD And I'll for sure show you a piccu if you want. =DD
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Very happy to help! And feel free to do your own thing, using filler is something I learnt about after I made my keyblade but heaps of my friends use it and it looks great. I'd love to see a picture afterwards! :)
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This is awesome, and if I can ever get supplies I think I'll try some of my custom keyblades like this. Between this and that crafting foam stuff, I think I can make most of them...
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Thanks! Yeah I think a lot of them can be down with this method, good luck! :D
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I might try this to make the Rainfell Keyblade if I cosplay Aqua next year-if I decide not to cosplay Fi.
but Aqua will get more photos...
this IS a conundrum...
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I usually pick based on what costume I think I'd have more fun wearing, if that helps :)
crazyforchocobos's avatar
in that case...
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This is really helpful! I tried making a Kairi keyblade on my own one time and...... well it sort of died on me, and I kept meaning to redo it, now that I've found this maybe I'll actually do it :D
Fairie-Tails's avatar
Thank you! <3 I'm very glad to help :) Please show me once you're done!
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I will! But you have might to wait a while, I'm a really bad procrastinator.....
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Haha don't worry so am I, I made this keyblade like 2 weeks before the con. Opps ^^;
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I am so happy to come across your tutorial! it's pretty much exactly what I was looking for. (I knew fandom wouldn't let me down)

You see, after making my Kairi Keyblade I was dying to try another one (probably just the basic kingdom keyblade so I can rope a friend into cosplay) ... at the same time, my dad has been trying to make a mock up of a golf club idea he has (silly and seemingly unrelated I know) ... his idea came to using the foam that you have here, but neither of us could think of the best way to make the surface smooth and paintable. Gesso sounded like a good idea, but foam soaks things like that up >.< It's awesome to hear that even with all your layering that thick keyblade was still light though! This means we can use this process for BOTH of our projects. (and since it doesn't use "craft store" things I can even make one while back at college... where we have no craft stores nearby :faint:)

So, TL;DR ... thank you! this is perfect for several projects and it's fantastic to know that putting so many layers on doesn't hinder you with weight. :heart:
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Thank you! Glad to hear it's helpful :) I hope your props work out, feel free to show me once you're done!
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Ill use this for Saix's claymore. I have been waiting to start it since I don't have supplies..
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Awesome! Show me once you're done? :)
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This is a brilliant tutorial!

I designed and made a Snow White keyblade for myself (before the BBS keyblade designs where available) and my keyblade is pretty heavy. Mine is made of solid wood which looks beautiful, but it's not practical.

I will be referring to this tutorial when I remake it.
Fairie-Tails's avatar
Thanks so much! :heart: Please show me if you do. I looked through your gallery, I love your KH version of Snow White! I recognised it straight away :D
Cosplay-Twiggy's avatar
Thank you! I'm quite proud of how my costume turned out. (Especially that giant zipper of doom)
Fairie-Tails's avatar
That zipper is awesome :D Makes it really recognisable. I love how cartoony KH is~
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wow I wouldnt have thought that expanding foam would work that well. You carved it really well! It looks so fantastic ^^
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Thank you! I really took my time with the carving, I've never done it before with foam. I was so nervous it'd turn out horrible ^^;
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