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Storm Queen by FairestMoss


No relation to the Storm King.

I've been working with one of my close friends lately on some random, intriguing projects where we both work to design MLP characters of one another, with some input of course from the person themselves. This is a lot of how the Storm Queen here, who's yet to have a proper name, has come into existence in these past... what, two days? We kept bouncing ideas, he started to build this interesting character of me, deciding that I should be a winged unicorn, meaning of course by the standards of the G4-verse she resides in that she is royalty, and that her contribution to the world should be that she can control the weather. As he built this idea, I eventually ended up getting inspired myself - the design he'd come up with was entirely different, going with my usual, lighter coat colors and some of my usual cool colors in the rest of the pony. As he kept talking about her having this title of "-of the storms" though it painted an entirely different picture for me... and so you have my side of things.

Said friend of mine ended up falling in love with the design and said it perfectly fit me in its nuances. And I agree with him. Yes, the "crazy" face too, because sometimes being a little unstable is a ton of fun. If any of you watch Achievement Hunter, it's a bit similar to a Ryan brand of instability.

So, well, as fun as it's been there's been a reason I haven't made a winged unicorn character/persona myself in all this time. It wasn't because I didn't want to, I've always loved making winged unicorn characters, since long before it had the meaning it does now with G4. I stopped making them because of the meaning they have, and more specifically, the way the rest of the fandom tends to react to "alicorn" OCs. It's just not something I've wanted to deal with. I am, however, very excited about this one.

We've ended up coming up with a ton of story for this character, so she's turned into someone who sort of, in a sense, banished herself from Equestria back in the early days of Celestia's and Luna's rein, maybe even a bit before then. We're still working out the details. In her time away from Equestria she's remained isolated from it, and from the rest of ponykind, instead ruling over subjects of other species who chose to follow her as she uses her power over weather to bring water to the land. And, chances are the main show cast will end up meeting her via being called there by the map, seeing as the reason she left boils down to a friendship problem.

There is definitely more to this character, but that's all I want to say for now. I won't be the one writing this, though I of course will be very heavily involved in her portrayal - the aforementioned friend of mine will be writing her debut story into a pre-existing story he's been working on. Said friend is also a huge history buff and cares greatly for actual portrayals of things like societal structure and the usefulness of armour and such. He and I work together a lot to make sure that things make sense, while keeping and sometimes helping bump up the intrigue, and still avoiding falling into stereotypes. Storytelling and writing is a pretty big interest for both of us, though doing the actual writing part is... well, he does that a lot more than I do haha. I'll get there.

I hope you can look forward to meeting this character. She's quite something.

While we're here, I'd like to remind everyone that this person really needs help:
Support appreciated
(if you care)

Attention please! My life is in serious danger and I won't be able to manage the situation without help!

 I'm having a tough time currently and am trying to share the information about the situation in order to get help. That's really not easy, so I kindly ask to avoid any negativity. 
About two months ago I was kicked out of the house where I lived together with my husband and cats. Since then we're fighting for survival barely having the money for food and my health state became as worse that if I won't be able to fix it my life will be in serious danger.
You can learn more about what happened on GoFundMe, but feel free to pm me if you have any questions. 
I'd highly appreciate any support!


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FairestMoss's Profile Picture
United States

Hello, and welcome to my page!


I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil, but it wasn't until I met a special person and fellow artist at around eleven years old that I started drawing more seriously. I started out drawing on any paper I could find, usually lined or printer paper. I drew anything really, from dragons to ponies to various kinds of humanoids and nameless monsters. Eventually I graduated to actual drawing paper and I refused to go back. At the time I was often too afraid of trying to color my work, since it usually turned out badly for me. Instead, I focused on learning how to shade. I often rubbed my fingers against the paper until every touch felt like a thousand needles piercing the skin, but it was always worth it.

I received my tablet as an early holiday gift when I was sixteen years old. I couldn't tell you how happy I was! It was a little ironic too, because I was in the middle of a project meant to prove that one could make tablet-quality art with the mouse. I was doing well, too! I was about a week into it and only halfway done, but it looked like I'd been using a tablet. As for what's happened to that tablet since then, I still have it but I've recently started using a newer, bigger tablet.

If you want to know about me...

As much as I would love to, I could never properly tell you everything there is to know about me. I am an open book, sure, but I am a book with more than a thousand pages and no brief description could ever capture that. That being said, one of the most obvious of my traits is my love for psychology. Much of my time is spent learning about myself and the people around me, so that I might try to apply that knowledge to better the lives of myself and my friends. For a long time I considered that my duty in life, and perhaps to some extent I still do.

My aspirations are another big part of who I am. The only job I know of that I believe would fulfil me is web development, as it includes my loves for design and coding, and having a little knowledge of psychology certainly doesn't hurt. To boot, if I make my own avatar site as I've considered doing, it would even include my interests in management, storytelling, and world building. Achieving my dream job however is not the end of my dreams, but the beginning. My true goal is to be able to travel the world with the people I hold closest to me. I want to spend my life as a nomad, exploring the different landscapes and cultures. I don't just want to see the world; I want to experience it. Maybe one day when all is said and done I'll settle down somewhere. Where? I don't know. I'll find a place that truly makes me feel at home, somewhere unlike where I am now.

Sometimes a little says a lot.

On my long quest for self-understanding I have found a number of things that do well to describe what kind of a person I am. They can be so dead-on that they used to creep me out, but if you're really that interested then you're welcome to look into some of these yourself for a little more insight.
Western Zodiac: Pisces, Pisces Rising
Eastern Zodiac: Wood Dog
16 Personalities: INTP T

Find me Elsewhere:



It absolutely kills me that people think platinum is the only blonde that exists. The thing people don't realize is that natural blonde hair normally gets darker as you get older - most naturals are mistaken for brunettes by the time they become adults. The color is still distinct from brunette though. While I'm at it, blue and grey eyes are the same damn thing. There is no such thing as blue pigmentation for eyes. I am left-handed, "blue"-eyed, and blonde-haired, yes this shit gets really annoying.
Something's been stuck in my head lately. Even with everything going on, I just can't shake it. Maybe it's sleep deprivation. Maybe it's a much-needed escape. A fun sketch lies beyond this link.…
I have to admit that despite loving unicorns as much as I do for as long as I have, for a long time I actually didn't know that traditional unicorns were said to be able to heal the mind, body, and spirit of a person with a single touch of its horn. Upon learning that, it is now absolutely one of my favorite things about unicorns! Do you guys have a favorite mythical creature, and if you do then what's your favorite thing about it?


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