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Hakuoki OC
Name: Suzuki Mikisaburo
Age: 21
Gender: Female yet hides out as a male among the group
Hair: Red brown
Eyes: Gray
Height: 5'5.11"
Weapon: Gunsen, kusarigama, katana, kodachi
Love interest: Hajime Saito or Sanosuke Harada
Description: Where Souji has a cat like grin Suzuki or Suzu as the guys will call her at times has the cat reflexes. She is also a quick minded and quick-witted girl. She arrives at the dojo Kondo-san takes over sometime after Souji over comes his bullies and Hijikata arrives. She is discovered by both Souji and Hijikata after hearing some of the students yelling up into a tree. They chase the boys away and find her hiding almost the branches with bruises littering her body. They take her to Kondo and the others where she timidly tells them her name and that she was without parents; her mother was raped by a stranger, her mother's parents disowned her mom and her, and then her mom was killed by rogue warriors. When asked if she knew anything of her father, she says her
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PokeRainbow Vivi and Noba
'Vivid and Noba'
With Juno her Pichu and Astera her Minccino on both her shoulders Saya stepped off the plane into the bright light and she glanced around at what she could see of Xandy Island. Tsubasa appeared behind with Shuhei his Lucario beside him. On Shuhei's right shoulder was Uryuu the Oshawott. "Pretty bright here compared to the mainland," he said.
"That's because there is less to corrupt here," Saya replied as they walked out of the airport. She looked to Tsubasa who pulled out a map. "Where to?"
"The closest to us is Elijah Woods, that's where the Litleo are supposedly roaming," Tsubasa replied leading the way. Soon they arrived, but...something seemed off.
After stepping a little further in Sirius, Saya's Absol, appeared before them. "Something wrong Sirius?" Saya questioned it. It nodded before leading them over to a small group of bushes. Saya looked into the bushes and she gasped in shock. Tsubasa was at her in the next second and saw what she did. A pair of Litleo were
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Digimon Skyline My Nightmare
'My Nightmare'
"Who ever had this bright idea I'm gonna kick their ass!" Kaie declared loudly as the whole Skyline 'family' ran for their lives. What were they running from? Ghost like creatures their Digimon told them were called Bakemon and Soulmon, but there were other strange Digimon besides them like BlackGatomon, Boogiemon, Goblimon, Roachmon, Porcupamon, Vilemon, Sangloupmon, and a huge creature that would make Frankenstien look short called Kimeramon.
"I would too but just keep running!" Leone called to her as he ran slightly ahead of her. The Digimon hung back launching their attacks to buy the group of escape time.
A slight shriek behind them drew both Kaie and Leone's attention. Both looked back to see that Stephanie tripped. "Stephanie!" Kaie called out. Her feet started moving to the girl's side as a strange looking creature floating towards her.
"A Tapirmon," she heard Brimon say.
She would've asked more about it, but her feet picked up speed seeing the 'Tapirmon' gearing
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PokeRainbow Nico Mawile
'Devil Child Nico Mawile'
Saya stayed close to Smolder using his fire to lighten the cave she was in. Once hearing about an outbreak of Mawile at Black Cave she just about raced away to catch the steel fairy type. 'Sorry to leave you behind Tsubasa. But I didn't want to waste time,' she silently willed her thoughts to her close trainer friend. She had left him behind sleeping in his tent early that morning. They had camped in a clearing training their Pokemon there for a good couple of days. "Taranis, Anyon? Anything?" she questioned her Trapinch and Sandile. Both shook their heads. "Keep alert. A Mawile could be anywhere," she instructed.
"Sand!" Anyon exclaimed ready to do anything for his trainer. The same went for Taranis. Both had joined her later in her journey through the rainbow region, but both knew she cared deeply about any Pokemon that she befriended or caught.
"Trap?" Taranis called out hearing a noise not long after that.
"Huh? You hear something Taranis?" Saya questioned
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Fairy Tail OC RP
The Fairy Future
(This is a Fairy Tail RP I wish to start.
I will accept OC's for Fairy Tail and other guilds, plus also looking for some villains to be in a dark guild, Crimson Tengu; the main dark guild of my story.
Please don't make your characters 'godly', they should have maybe one or two weakness', be it physical or emotional. There can be new dragon slayers, god slayers, and devil slayers if you wish.
If you wish to join please visit ->
:iconfaiorimizu:FaiOrimizu 2 23
Digimon Skyline Let it go
Digimon Skyline 'Let it go'
Everyone was getting bored. The Digimon were still talking with the Hoodsnegemon trying to gain access to their computer and they were still in debate about it. Kaie sighed and moved to the entrance of the cave looking out into the storm outside.
She glanced back at the other humans and saw many were grouped together. Shannon and Anya were together bugging Josh yet again, Joanthan was hanging out with Juliette, Gentry was trying to get Shannon's attention, yet again, Stephanie was huddled slightly near Leona who seemed to be okay with it, and the others were chatting away in their own groups. She sighed again and felt a tad jealous. Why was it so easy for them to accept each other even her? Didn't they know someone could betray them? Like her so called 'friends' did? Sure they accepted her into their fold, but...she still kept her distance.
She stole a glance at Stephanie, who was shyly glancing at Leone. The girl had accepted her as a friend, also like an o
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DigiSkyline This is Me
*'This is Me'*
“We should’ve stayed with the others,” Kevamon grumbled and Kaie and Ovismon seemed to share her grumpy mood while Stephanie clung to Kaie’s side. Leone and Tzi were ahead of them leading the group down a trail.
“Well no one asked you to follow me,” Leone shot back at the fox Digimon. This all started when some of the older boys began to challenge each other to decided who was the leader of the group. Josh, acting like his normal self, was the only one not to join the massive argument, which led some of the group to split up and seeing Stephanie quickly follow Leone Kaie followed as well. Now they had ended up seemingly lost in a digital forest.
“We couldn’t let someone go off alone, could we?” Kaie countered, “What if some of us end up back in our world and people came looking for you? What would you have us say? ‘Sorry…he was with us then he got into a fight with some of the other boys in the grou
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The Rift chapter one
*Chapter one “Steal Away”*
~~Someone’s POV~~
My name is Kayla Hadley and I am an American living in Tokyo, Japan. For now any way. I use to live with my family in Karakura Town until we had to move. Not sure why, but we did. This is the story of how I got caught up in a strange adventure even though I already was on one in Karakura Town.
It started out as a normal day in Tokyo for me, I sat staring out my bedroom window at the blue sky wishing I could be back with my friends Ichigo Kurosaki, Keigo Asano, Mizuiro Kojima, Sado ‘Chad Yasutora, Tatsuki Arisawa, Uryuu Ishida, Orihime Inoue, and Rukia Kuchiki. I longed to be back with them fighting Hollows and such. Yupe, I have strange powers just like Chad and Orihime.
I sighed then got changed into jeans, sneakers, and a fitting green t-shirt with a picture of a tanuki on the front of it then headed out to walk around for a while. My family knows I do it and they trust me. “I’m going out for a while,
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Rainbow Valentine
Saya twirled the rose that had been delivered to her in her hands as she sat on a bench with Astera the Minccino, Ladon the Dratini, Rhene the Deerling, Oya the Ralts, Aella the Combee, and Sirius the Absol around her. There had been a note with the rose saying that on Valentine’s Day any couples were to go to Jawbreakers Point where they could trade roses with their partner. But…would Tsubasa really exchange roses with her? She looked to her team. “What do you guys think? Should I try to exchange flowers with him?” she questioned them. Astera, Ladon, Rhene, Oya, and Aella shouted in agreement while Sirius just nodded his head.
Meanwhile Tsubasa was going through the same dilemma. “Would she?” he questioned as Shuhei the Lucario, Ichigo the Growlithe, Soifon the Gible, Jakka the Larvesta, Kisuke the Beldum, and his newest member Uryuu the Oshawott looked on. Kisuke floated close to him and he glanced at it. For a few seconds it seemed if it was spea
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DigiSkyline Chapter 7
Chapter 7 “Not So Alone”
~~Kaie’s POV~~
I shivered from the cold as the other girls tried to help keep me warm. I never did well in cold weather, which is why I was a summer girl more than anything. I glanced up to see Stephanie looking at me with worry on her face as Ovismon kept a watch over her. “I’ll be okay Steph,” I told her through my chattering teeth. She just nodded her head at me and looked to my lap.
I did as well and my heart sank. I should’ve stayed with her. In my lap was an egg like the one I found that hatched into Kevamon. After returning Tannusmon reverted back to Kevamon and she seemed to be out of it. Then to all our shocked surprise in a burst of light she went to and egg form. The other Digimon said she used up too much of her energy so she went back to her smaller form to regain her energy. They all said she would be fine, but I had doubts. I was now the only one without a Digimon and was vulnerable. ‘I’m sorr
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Secret Snowflake for Wolfnogins
15 year old Stephanie Rodin gazed around at the assortment of people around her unsure what was going on. First the plane crash, then finding strange eggs that hatched into creatures, other creatures attacking them, some of the group being kidnapped by mud creatures, and many other things happened to what she heard one girl in the group call ‘Their happy Skyline family’.
Ovismon glanced down at her human companion seeing her worried face. “Something wrong?” she questioned.
“Hm? No…just…not really sure what to make of all that has happened so far,” she murmured. She then glanced to the back of the group as they wandered along a road and noticed a 16 year old girl hanging out back there with her Digimon, that’s what she was told these creatures were called, beside her. ‘She was the one who got hurt before and was stuck out in the cold,’ she thought and drifted back to the girl with Ovismon quickly following her short tam
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DigiSkyline voice and actor meme by FaiOrimizu DigiSkyline voice and actor meme :iconfaiorimizu:FaiOrimizu 0 6
DigiSkyline chapter 6
Chapter 6 "Of Prey and Hunters"
~~Kaie's POV~~
Okay let me say this first…I officially hate that wench called Westenramon!
It seems she was the footsteps we heard after finally finding the others and she somehow transported us to another place where we heard someone say something about prey. No idea who or what is talking, but I have the sick feeling they mean us to be the prey. 'This is not good,' I thought to myself. I glanced around at the group to see that many of us were scared and the Digimon were out of breath and didn't look like they were ready to fight or anything, well except for Kevamon who seemed ready to go. "No Keva," I told her.
"Why the heck not?" she demanded and I nodded back the rest of the group who were looking scared, cold, and wanted to get away. "Fine!" she grumbled as she came back to my side. "So what do we do?"
"Get out of here and as quickly as possible," I answered then I looked to Josh who seemed to scanning the area searching for anything. I glanced
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Keep calm... by FaiOrimizu Keep calm... :iconfaiorimizu:FaiOrimizu 0 0
PokeRainbow Back to School
'Back to school'
Tsubasa was waiting outside for Saya who along with Astera had stopped into a random store on the journey in the Rainbow region. He shook his head as he saw Saya scampering around admiring all the dresses and such that were in it. He glanced to his side to find Shuhei not beside him like normal. He looked around soon finding his Lucario kneeling near an Oshawott that seemed to be upset about something. "Shuhei? Something wrong?" he asked approaching the pair.
"Rawr," Shuhei said with a nod. He pointed to a sign that said 'school for pokemon' then rubbed his stomach like he was hungry.
"Oh!" Tsubasa said catching on, "No lunch huh?" The Oshawott nodded with a sniffle. "No need to be upset. Wait here a moment. Shuhei stay with him, I'll be right back." With that Tsubasa was gone, but soon returned with a brown bag in his hands. "I hope this is okay for you. I picked some berries and apples. I hope you like them," Tsubasa said handing the lunch to the Oshawott who looked
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Gypsy me by FaiOrimizu Gypsy me :iconfaiorimizu:FaiOrimizu 1 14


Tiny Dancer [Sanosuke Harada x Reader]
Moonlight gradually spread it’s silver light over the whole silent town as you stepped out the bar. Blessing the chipper’s singing, a not so cold breeze quietly made the way throughout the place, slowly shaking the apron on your lap and wiping away few sweat drops on your forehead.
“Man, those guys certainly are noisy…” – You mumbled to yourself, stretching your arms.
“Aren’t they?”
Suddenly, you felt a hand pressing against the back of your head and someone rustling your hair. After the first moment of dismay, you sighed with relief by seeing Harada stepping closer and quickly throwing his weight to the left, stopping in front of you after a quick spin.
“Sorry” – He added, a smile playing on his lips – “Didn’t mean to startle you.”
“Don’t worry” – You answered, turning your gaze to him – “Won’t you continue on drinking?”
“No thanks. Thos
:iconannynhasoares:AnnynhaSoares 76 15
Ren Nendoroid Petite. Wallpaper  by ng9 Ren Nendoroid Petite. Wallpaper :iconng9:ng9 12 0 RW: Screencap by Ty-Chou RW: Screencap :iconty-chou:Ty-Chou 54 38 Inuyasha Casual Attire Poll by OhgunAwakenedProdigy Inuyasha Casual Attire Poll :iconohgunawakenedprodigy:OhgunAwakenedProdigy 4 3 Hakuoki - Onward by gk-reiko Hakuoki - Onward :icongk-reiko:gk-reiko 273 68 Firma Ren Jinguji by MisakiAmour Firma Ren Jinguji :iconmisakiamour:MisakiAmour 17 0 Good morning! My Lady! (Jinguji Ren) by ng9 Good morning! My Lady! (Jinguji Ren) :iconng9:ng9 184 28 uta no prince-sama by Jm-dot uta no prince-sama :iconjm-dot:Jm-dot 1,421 44 Uta no Prince ID_-_Jinguji Ren by lady-alucard Uta no Prince ID_-_Jinguji Ren :iconlady-alucard:lady-alucard 153 16
Believe Heart (Jinguji Ren x Reader)
Rain slipped past the frozen window silently, each drop mirroring the last.  It seemed to the young woman confined to the hospital room that the world had simply stopped and melted into a sea of cold gray.  Her ____ eyes stared blankly as the drops shifted direction and made contact with the glass, smearing the reflection as gravity carried them down.  A sigh escaped her lips and she turned back to screen in front of her.
Open on her laptop was the debut video of STARISH.  She pressed the play button for the hundredth time.  The camera shook and screams blasted through the speakers as the faint music of “Maji Love 1000%” began to play.  She watched the fuzzy people on stage dance and sing which brought the faintest of smiles to her face. A few more days , she thought.   A few more days and I can leave this room, go home, and get back to reality.
“_____!  You need to get ready for school!” your sister’
:iconmyselfanonymous:MyselfAnonymous 182 34
Jinguji Ren Render by pinkbear0711 Jinguji Ren Render :iconpinkbear0711:pinkbear0711 157 13 Wall Uta no Prince Sama Maji LOVE 1000 by RainboWxMikA Wall Uta no Prince Sama Maji LOVE 1000 :iconrainbowxmika:RainboWxMikA 596 28 Merry Christmas (2015) by TheMurmaider Merry Christmas (2015) :iconthemurmaider:TheMurmaider 20 16 BLEACH and Nanatsu no Taizai Crossover by Sideburn004 BLEACH and Nanatsu no Taizai Crossover :iconsideburn004:Sideburn004 1,338 73 Elizabeth by KaahSantos Elizabeth :iconkaahsantos:KaahSantos 331 32




United States
Current Residence: Trenton
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Favourite style of art: Is anime a style of art?
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Skin of choice: Mine!
Favourite cartoon character: InuYasha, Kagome, Kurama, Kiba, All of the Sailor Scouts, 009, All the pokemon, and more
Personal Quote: Is it bad today?
Sorry I haven't been active much real life things have gotten in the way.

I've managed to get my hands on season 1 and 2 of Uta no Prince-sama and I'm loving it's!

I am working on a couple of fanfictions but one is an improved version of my Hakuoki of because everything I had for her was lost by my parents deleted by accident and there was no way to get it back. So I had to try to remember what I had for her but then decided to go with a new story idea that came up for her.

I hope to have the first chapter done soon.
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