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MH: Ophelia Carmen

Here's Ophelia Carmen. Finally finished her. I'm hoping that her skirt isn't too short...

NAME: Ophelia Carmen

SEX: Female

AGE: 15

BIRTHDAY: April 5, 1994


STATUS: Single

OCCUPATION: Student, dancer, choir member, drama member

FAMILY: Adopted mother (Faustina Carmen...yes Faustina that's her name)

PERSONALITY: Comes off fragile and delicate and even spacey, but can surprise new friends with her strong and brash words when pressured enough. Is also shy and very withdrawn from the outside world and likes to avoid large crowds when she's not on stage.

BIO: The only adopted daughter of the very famous (yet mostly forgotten :meow:) and very old diva, Faustina Carmen, Ophelia Carmen was sent to Misery High by her foster mother for a "proper education". (considering that the private tutors weren't working out...) Ophelia is an experienced dancer and singer, having been trained by the old diva herself. Also counting how she spent her childhood in "showbusiness". When asked about her childhood, she responds (actually mutters) that she was in "a stupid circus" and apparently doesn't want to talk about it. She also has a large burn on her back that resembles almost a flower pattern that she is very embarrassed of. In fact, Ophelia often will change alone so no one would see it.

With her wide, spacey eyes, faraway gaze, and wild, frizzy, curly blonde hair, the sophomore will sometimes accidently scare superstituous, fellow students at night who think that she is a ghost wandering the halls. But, she's as human as they come. Ophelia also has a bizarre fear of water and refuses to go near pools, lakes, beaches, and hell, she even has trouble taking a bath. Oddly enough she can take a shower without any trouble.

The sophomore loves theatre more than anything in the world. It's like a place where she truly belongs no matter what. On stage she's like a "different person" so-to-speak. It's almost like she lives for nothing but the dramatic arts.

Ophelia Carmen, Faustina Carmen (c) ~berrycherry9

:iconmiseryhigh: (c) *Goldenkitsune-Queen
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I love her eyes, they're so beautiful :love: