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MH: Nary a Doubt in My Mind

Finally updated Thomas' app and bio, and without a second to lose too! Haven't updated anybody from MH's bio in a while to tell the truth but at least Thomas' is done.

Name: Thomas Doubting
Age: 17
Grade (if a student): Senior
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation/role: Once the school skeptic but now is just a member of mathletes, the Tennis Team, Dungeon and Dragons Club and the Cooking Club
Era of death (if ghost/undead): N/A
Cause of death (if ghost/undead): N/A
Orientation: Homosexual
Relationship status: Single
Dorm Room/Roommate (leave blank if you want to be assigned one, ask if you know who you want): 263/ Michelangelo Kappel
Likes: Cooking, sewing, solving puzzles and math problems, mystery novels, getting the truth, still loves debunking things though he’s starting to give things the benefit of the doubt, playing tennis, watching Doctor Who, Sherlock and Merlin, reading in general, smoothies, and his roommate to stop whining about his “lost love” and the “foul villain who stole him away.”
Dislikes: People making fun of him for liking to cook and sew, and for being a Mathlete because being a Mathlete is not social suicide guys. Also gullible people, liars and charlatans along with boastful douchebags.
Personality: Not as bashful as he used to be and is a lot more stubborn and cynical. Also stopped giving a crap about his sexuality and just lives with it. He can still get pretty flustered if one knows how to push the right buttons, and also can be rather sarcastic if the situation calls for it.
Bio: Thomas is not so doubting anymore and is a lot more comfortable to with himself than he was when he first came to MH. He made some friends and then lost some, including a roommate (that he may or may not be still holding a torch for) who moved away. Along with finally accepting his sexuality, he’s also finally a believer of the supernatural (though he’ll still try to disprove anything of a supposed supernatural origin, but he’ll try to at least give it the benefit of the doubt) due to a rather “traumatizing” encounter with Frida. Currently, he’s preoccupied with wanting to get out of Misery High and finding the right culinary school for him. He’s also hoping that his last month at MH goes without a hitch...

Thomas Doubting and art (c) =Faint-Requiem
Misery High Student App Template (c) *JaxxyLupei
Texture 1 (c) ~Sanami276
Texture 2 (c) *dierat
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Holy cow I just realized
We both have British boys
We should totally RP them together
But only if you want to!
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Oh? And sure! But you better hurry because he's only got a month left until he's out of here oh and he may have a touch of trauma from prom night
Punsephone's avatar
Would you prefer to do it over notes, or in chat? I'm fine with either XD Ireallyhatethatfinalsdidn'tmakemereplytothissooner.
Pfft, who hasn't gotten traumatized from prom night?
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I guess either would be fine but I prefer chat. :'3 it's fine it's taken me far longer to respond to people than this

Yeah, :'3 Thomas found his roommate's murdered corpse.
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Ooooh, murdered in his bed?
About to get on chat!
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No in the hallways, by some random escaped serial killer.

Okay. :'3
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Oooh. Still as creepy XD
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Let's just say that he's going to have a touch of PTSD for a while~
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<3 He's adorable...
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He’s also hoping that his last month at MH goes without a hitch...

He totally needs to die now because you said that.
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He brought it on himself.
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Dammit Thomas this is why we can't have nice things

Now who is Ophelia going to threaten with badly written slash fanfiction in order to make her, her food?
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Some poor sap at her college? Alejandro?
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They're actors/singers. They can't cook. :bucktooth: *shot*

And neither can Alejandro.
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Either way someone's gonna starve
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