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MH: Don't Call My Name

So this is an extremely old MH character who's the adoptive cousin of my MH OC Ophelia Carmen that I've been meaning to enter into #MiseryHigh. I was supposed to add him a year or two ago but I never got to until now. Actually, it's been so long that I had to retcon his age and make him two years younger than Ophelia so that he can go to MH. oAo

Name: Alejandro Carmen

Age: 16

Grade (if a student): Junior

Gender: Male

Species: Sailing Prep

Occupation/role: Student

Era of death (if ghost/undead): N/A

Cause of death (if ghost/undead): N/A

Orientation: Straight

Relationship status: Single

Dorm Room/Roommate (leave blank if you want to be assigned one, ask if you know who you want):

Likes: Boating, polo, the ocean, history, traveling around the world, horses, his old private school, his old friends, not being in the middle of nowhere in some crazy town with equally crazy people, the beach, any body of water and sunny, warm, breezy days. His is slightly interested in the supernatural rumours that surround his new school, but doesn't think too much of them.

Dislikes: the landlocked hell that his parents sent him to, the crazy people in said hell, the fact that his parents sent him there at all, people that undermine him and make him look bad, show-offs, being forced to join the Drama club by his parents and when people won't shut up about how his name shares the title with a certain song...

Personality: Serious, nonchalant and extremely irritable, especially after having no say in his being transferred to a new school, and can and will be stuck up. Prone to complaining as well. Acts very posh but if one can survive him and his bitchiness long enough, they'll find a (semi) pleasant and quiet side to him.

Originally born in Spain and then raised in upper class New England, Alejandro thought that he had it pretty good going to a nice private school in Connecticut, until his parents heard a lot about the school that their adopted niece, Ophelia Carmen had recently graduated from. Refusing to believe in the "stories" that they had heard while researching the school and even relegating their niece's own personal tales to hallucinations (let's just say that she wasn't please about that), they came to a decision that Misery High was a much better school for Alejandro than the one that he was at before and would most definitely be best for his educational needs.

Needless to say, Alejandro did not take the news well. He had visited the school before for a Parents' Day with Faustina, Ophelia's adoptive mother and didn't think too much of it. It didn't smell like a promising and shiny, bright future. In reality, it smelt more like where dreams went to die mixed in with the bitter scents of disappointment and something that was to never be repeated in polite company. Oh did it smell of the latter aspect. So now, Alejandro goes to Misery High where he hopes that he won't loose his least until the third week or so.

Alejandro is a decent horse rider due to the horse-riding lessons that his parents had him take when he was younger. He likes it but never as much as he loves boating.

Most of his family has occupations in show business (mostly in managing though) and it is pretty much a familial requirement to take Drama or some sort of music class. Alejandro isn't musically talented in the slightest (though he isn't that much of an actor either). He'd rather just help out backstage and help make sure that things go smoothly.

He's half Spanish and Italian with some Greek mixed in.

Alejandro and family and art (c) =Faint-Requiem
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Ahhhh he seems like a fun character who the fuck am I kidding of course he is
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jkdafkladsjkfdjkfdk thank you~!!!!!!!
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You forgot his sister Gaga, Berry.Berrypls. :iconskankyplz:
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But how could he not love the fact that Lady Gaga wrote a song about him? I'mgonnahavethissongstuckinmyheadnow

PFFT I love his brothers' names. X3

Also, new best couple at MH: Alejandroxhis polo shirts
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Alejandro: If you had to constantly listen to that song along with all of your peers always going "ALE-ALEJANDRO. ALE-ALEJANDROOOOOOOOOOOOOO" you would not love it too.

Thanks. :'3

Oh my God yes~ 8D
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Oh, I'm sure I would.

You're welcome! ^^

:dummy: New OTP!
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Alejandro: No you wouldn't. =____=

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PFFT so would.
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Well of course his brothers are named Fernando and Roberto! How could they not be?
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