Countdown to Flora Mutation Raffle

Friday, December 25th @ 11:59pm

This is the official countdown for the end of the FOYS 2020 Year-End Finale!

FOYS 2020 Winter FinaleWelcome to the Year-End Finale for FOYS 2020.,FOYS 2020 - Main Journal February 3, 2020Welcome to the 2020 Faimé Of the Year ShowCongratulations on qualifying for the Faimé of the Year Show (FOYS).  Your hard work and dedication has paid off, and your horse has been recognized for their athleticism and representation of the Faimé breed.  Now it is time to show off for the King of Seychelles, as well as everyone else, and demonstrate why they deserve the title of 2020 FOYS Champion.Show dates:Running Oct 1st - Dec 25thRules:Horses must be Faimé to participate.Horses must have qualified in one of this year's Qualifier Events to participate in the Year-End Finale.Show entry should be a colored full body with background.Handlers should be visible if appropriate for their discipline.Artwork should be your own.Art must be made specifically for this event. Premade Linearts and photo manipulations are not allowed.Images should be submitted to the FOYS Finale Folder.Pre-registration is NOT required.Literature-only entries are not permitted for this show.Additional stories are not required, but can definitely add to your overall score & entry impact.Admins are allowed to enter.This is an effort based show.Form:Please include the following form in your entry's description:Horse: Name & linkHandler: Name (if required)Show: FOYS 2020 Year-End Finale Class Entering: Which class you are enteringProof of Qualification: (link your previous 2019 FOYS Qualifier Entry here)Additional Information: Add anything here (story, commentary, etc) that you think will help justify why your horse should win FOYS for 2019. Extra Images: Link here (up to a max of 3).Classes:There will only be ONE entry/class per horse.Class options include any of the previous Qualifier disciplines:  Spring Qualifier Classes/Descriptions: Dressage, Show Jumping, Cross Country, Cutting, Liberty, In-Hand*  Summer Qualifier Classes/Descriptions: Flat Racing, Endurance, Western Pleasure, Dressage, Driving, In-Hand*, Free-style Equestrian Ballet  Fall Qualifier Classes/Descriptions: Dressage, Cross Country, Free Jumping, Reining, Liberty, In-Hand**In-Hand will be available to all Faimé builds in this Finale Event.Each qualifying horse may choose to show in whatever discipline they prefer.  Choose your class well - as the horse is only allowed one image/entry to show us why they deserve to win the title of Faimé of the Year.Winter or Frosty Decor is encouraged, but not required.Please reply to THIS COMMENT with your completed entry.Judging Matrix:Horse: 0-10i.e. shading, pose, tack, anatomy, effortRider: 0-10i.e. shading, pose, uniform, anatomy, effortEven if not required for your chosen discipline, including them will add to your total scoreBackground: 0-10i.e. shading, details, seasonal elementsAtmosphere: 0-10i.e. overall composition, high-class feeling, light/color, 'Seychelles-feeling'Creativity: 0-10i.e. typical poses vs new angles & additional detailsGallery Standard: 0-10i.e. below vs matching current top gallery standards/styleStory: 0-10200 words: +2400 words: +4600 words: +6800 words: +81000+ words: +10Extra Images: +2/each (up to a max of 3 extra images)Extra images may be any art of the participating Faimé submitted in 2020 - including: monthlies, shows, training, barn life/random art, or new art you upload specifically as an FOYS extra is all permittedPrizes:FOYS 2020 CHAMPION:Ancient Scrolls x1 (any mutation - even "closed-status" mutations)FOYS 2020 Champion TrophyFOYS 2020 Champion Blanket & HalterFOYS 2020 Champion Ribbon+50 FP to the Winning Faimé+3000 FD+5 Breeding slots to the Winning FaiméFOYS 2020 CONTENDERS (aka Participants):FOYS 2020 Contender Ribbon+25 FP to the participating Faimé1000 FD+1 Breeding slot to the participating Faimé

2019 Faime of the Year

We would like to congratulation FawkesHaven and the leased 392 Silvervind for bringing home the hard-earned, well-deserved title of 2019 Faimé of the Year.
.:Grey Clouds and Silver Wind:. FOYS Finale by FawkesHaven
Accomplishments include (from her winning bid):
:bulletblue: She's one of the most recognizable Faimé in the group of over 1,700 horses.
:bulletblue: She's had a history of finding very talented artists as her owners.
:bulletblue: Silvervind has been around a LONG time, since January 2014, and still remains an active and beloved character (a feat most HArpg horses do not over-come).
:bulletblue: She has foaled 5 offspring, all of which she passed on her lovely Bio Lumino and are some of the most beautiful Bios in the group.
:bulletblue: Silvervind competed in the 2014 FOYS-Team Event (not sure on Placing as most of those records were lost)
:bulletblue: She has also participated in not one, but TWO Parades with two different owners/artists in an effort to catch a wild Faimé.
:bulletblue: Her journey to Supreme Champion has been slow, but steady, with an early show career and a lot of love.

We look forward to seeing all of your Faimés competing for the 2020 title <3


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AberrantKapro Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay so I wanan registed my stallion but I can't submit to the stallion subfolder? what do I do? /:
ReQuay Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2020
I think you got the answer in Discord, but just to be sure (and in case anyone else is wondering the same thing), you can submit to the Registration Folder (and an Admin will sort into mares and stallions once the registration is accepted).
horserider201 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2020
I was terribly behind on everything
HARPG for the last several months, and I still have rewards left over from Drawlloween I'd like to use up
From loosely following the group, there was a deadline to use this without restrictions? (I'm talking about the import reward--oops sorry)

Now that the deadline has passed, how would I go about using my rewards?
ReQuay Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2020
Hello and welcome back <3
While the contest ran for a limited time, the prizes are yours to keep... no matter the timeframe they are used/claimed in.
: )
- Your 10 day prizes were all claimed/handled:…
- Your 20 day prizes had your items banked, and still have claimable breeding slots (just note the group):…
- Your 31 day prizes were finalized (banked FD and an official import # assigned):…
(you can follow the info in that comment to claim your import as well)

I hope that helps answer your question?
horserider201 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2020
Yes it does, thank you!
(I was wanting to finally claim the import LOL)
Neezineri Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Is there an official group like it was back on Skype?
Maybe Discord or something??

Anywho I need to know more about our girls mutation so I know how to go about drawing her

Parade2018 - Winter Wonderland by Neezineri
ReQuay Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2019
Yes - we have a Discord:
And would love to see you there <3
Doodeedoodah Featured By Owner May 28, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hiya! I know you guys are busy but I sent in a note to redeem my custom almost two weeks ago and haven't had a reply, just wanted to check that the note hasn't been lost?
Crows-CrandySkulls Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2019  Hobbyist Interface Designer
I am currently seeing if there is an admin available at this time.
Doodeedoodah Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks Crow
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