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The greatest of all Haiku's
I hate the Haiku.
It is so damned restrictive,
Damn it to hell… fire.
:iconfailurepoet:failurepoet 1 7
Linear Logic
Statistics show
That statistics will prove anything
100% of those surveyed agree
:iconfailurepoet:failurepoet 1 6
No Title Yet
A door without hinges is really a wall,
But a wall with a doorknob makes no sense at all.
:iconfailurepoet:failurepoet 2 14
A forgotten piece of driftwood
bobs along unseen currents
to wash ashore on foreign soil.
That which held it aloft for so long retreats,
and it is left stranded, without companion.
The rocks and sand of the beach become its home,
and slowly it becomes a part of the beach,
belonging right where it is,
as it once did, in another place and time.
Then, as if on some unknown schedule,
the tide returns, and reclaims its wooden traveller,
whisking it away to some other distant locale.
And so it drifts along,
somewhere between here and infinity,
yet always, it remembers,
the beach it once called home.
:iconfailurepoet:failurepoet 0 9
Greetings from abroad
Greetings from Abroad
I regret my absence during these festive times, dearest family,
my heart, it yearns for your alimenting aliments,
and your most hospitable hospitality, of course.
The way the snow glistens on our nicely decorated abode,
The manner in which the light glints off all the neatly wrapped gifts,
The mere presence of presents that shouts of festivity;
The thought of all these sensations causes my heart to palpatate.
Indeed, the tree seems vacant with so few presents
addressed to me, sometimes I wonder how I get by.
Very few, it seems, are willing to make one-way exchanges,
in the way of commodities, and this forces one to truly appreciate the generosity
of your wallets.
Though I unable to fill the void that is no doubt around the table,
I have discovered a way for you to feel better about my absence,
while also no doubt fulfilling your need to please me.
So feel free to send away,
for your benefit there is no number of shipments too large to handle,
but only for what is
:iconfailurepoet:failurepoet 0 10
An ode to the hurting hearts
We've been together for so long
I know in my heart this really can't be wrong
This feeling in my heart has to be love
It feels like it was sent from somewhere above
These three weeks have been bliss
And every night I dream of your kiss
But now you say that it was just a fling
And that you don't feel a thing
And that I'm some sort of stalker
Just because at school I waited inside your locker
But now I know that it's all okay
Because now my heart can say
I've truly found the one I'm meant to be with
It isn't you, you were meaningless
My new girl is so amazing
And now I know that you were crazy
And when when we're married I know you'll cry
Because you passed up the perfect guy
And by that time it will be too late
And on your mind forever it will grate
:iconfailurepoet:failurepoet 0 23
A Christmas-time philosophy
If it's edible
It's gettable
:iconfailurepoet:failurepoet 0 10
A Weathering Observation
"Beautiful weather today," I said
gazing around at the dark overcast sky.
This, of course, being Ontarioese for
"Thank the lord and all that is holy, it isn't raining for once"
:iconfailurepoet:failurepoet 0 11
Literal Irony
It would be if
I didn't finish th-
:iconfailurepoet:failurepoet 0 22
Notable Notification
I have noticed in my travels,
from here to over there,
that our problematic world
indeed has problems.
These problems, such as they are,
don't help our problematic situation,
as one would of course think,
but seem to complicate them.
These complicated problems,
or problematic complications, as it were,
seem to be simply summed up by one statement
that contends the contentiousness of overly-complicated problematic complications.
It can be said then, in theory,
that the previously mentioned to-be stated statement,
would be something along the lines,
if not completely verbatim, of this:
There's too much politics in religion
And too much religion in politics.
:iconfailurepoet:failurepoet 4 36
A sky and some animals by failurepoet A sky and some animals :iconfailurepoet:failurepoet 0 23
An impacting realization
I realized one night
As I was busily typing
That I had no hands
With which to type
Upon realizing this,
I stopped immediately;
little did I know
I had never really started
:iconfailurepoet:failurepoet 2 19
Too long to fit here
A statement completely and utterly contributing to the overall detriment of modern literature
:iconfailurepoet:failurepoet 3 27
A crippling miscommunication
What can you do,
When your dreams seem more real
Than your waking life?
It seems that someone forgot to tell you
That the dreams you have at night,
Aren't the only ones you're allowed to have
Just please don't blame us
When your dreams look different
In the light of reality
That's the problem with dreams:
You never see them in the day
Like you do at night
No one could have told you
That there'd be nights like this,
When your days don't seem to count
But then,
that's life.
Isn't it?
:iconfailurepoet:failurepoet 0 6
Optimistic Paranoia
I have a problem
I poured a glass of water the other day
And made the awful mistake of only drinking half
Now the glass sits on the edge of my table
Its presence almost menacing
I don't know what to do
Because for the life of me
Despite my constant brooding
I can't fathom the answer to my dilemma:
Is the glass half full, or out to get me?
:iconfailurepoet:failurepoet 2 14
God's Dictionary
Extreme sports: God's way of cleaning the Gene Pool
STD's: God's way of saying "Keep it in your pants, you retard"
Natural Disasters: God's way of showing that he, too, hates weathermen
The Stock Market: God's way of proving that what goes up, must come down
Senility: God's way of making old age interesting
Computers: God's way of making the weak strong and little kids available to creepy old men.
Martha Stewart: God's way of showing that we should never trust anyone that colour-coordinated
:iconfailurepoet:failurepoet 21 29


Who is Simply Complicated?
To henceforth examine
while only maintaining all numbers
of first
characters; once upon realizing said expressed
individual statement.
:iconfokkar:Fokkar 2 65
An Emo Commercial
Every night I cry
Every night I try
To be someone you'll love
I can't see the stars
You don't see my scars
They fit me like a glove
I'm so tired of loving you and getting nothing back
I'm so afraid of shattering when you turn your back
The way you make me feel, it's like dying a little inside
I only want to run away, but I've run out of places to hide
Standing outside your window, crying in the rain
Playing my guitar, I hope you hear me sing my pain
Hope is red blood pouring free from my soul
And I think maybe you can dig me out of this hole
Because I think there's still a little hope left for you and me
Because a steak dinner's only $8.99, tonight at Applebee's
:iconcheops:Cheops 2 8
Watch Me, Always
I awoke to discover I was not dead,
instead the calm gratitude of warmth
touched my skin with soothing pleasure:
see here, and here, the softness clothes me.
This night approaching has no dark,
stark disturbance all long gone urbane
and, polished brightly as a pin, the light inside:
watch me climb, watch me always reach beyond.
I ventured long and close to find my sanity,
vanity slapped and chastened home
with bread and crisps worthy of eating:
hold disturbance dear and true.
This waking calm tickles as perverse,
inversely proportional, and always in step
and, breaking time in smaller segments, the light inside:
watch me climb, watch me always reach beyond.
I lie bewitched, in dazzlement confined,
refined and orderly as that pin
stuck in justification and mourning:
pleasure me or dispose of this harmony.
:iconjahg:jahg 10 73
What's a Finished Piece?
I'll tell you
I revise this
some more...
:iconfokkar:Fokkar 1 11
Butterfly Dreams
Freedom floats on butterfly
wings, Alighting
on a child's nose
Teasing him with her beauty
Daring his desire to caress
Confused by the proximity
His vision blurs
A pause in palpatations
And slow senses metamorphosize
His young hand reaches
As Freedom flies
A beautiful manifestation
Promising flutter of her colors
She is gone.
Leaving only the
on a child's nose.
:iconurlilpixie:urlilpixie 2 14
Trial and Error
See that boy over there, walking down the street,
Kicking a can, ruffling his hair, tripping over his feet.
He thinks about everything that's gone on in his life,
His new girlfriend, his old girlfriend, and even his to-be wife.
He wonders what it would be like if he died that very night,
If people would notice, if people would care, or if they'd be alright.
So he goes on walking, like any other day,
Thinking about suicide, thinking about love, without a word to say.
He gets home, unannounced, and walks up the stairs,
Goes into his room, lies on his bed, and wonders "Am I ever really there?"
And even if all of us heard each other, our desperate cries and pleas,
Is there really anything anyone can do to live this life with ease?
Because all beings, from near and far, that live on this earth
End up dead, gone forever, no matter of size or worth.
See that girl over there, that no one even knows,
She's just eaten a full course meal, but nothing shows,
Why does she put herself through such p
:iconfokkar:Fokkar 7 63
The Cow Eats Slow
"The cow eats slow"
Written by an amateur writer, it means
Nothing. Four poorly selected words,
Smashed together, without thought. But,
If said words were found to be written by
Tennyson, or Shelley, a different perspective would be
Taken. Questions like "Why does the cow eat slow?" or
"What causes the cow's slowness?"
Assumptions are made and absurd comparisons
Metaphorically become truth.
"By using the word 'cow,' the author is trying to
Accentuate the overpopulation of the world, personalizing the
Cow as the world. Thus, 'eats slow,' refers to the world slowly
Becoming larger, increasing overpopulation."
Suddenly the four "poorly selected words" take on
A new meaning with newfound depth.
"Brilliant!" "Thought-provoking intelligence!"
"If only new writers could produce such brilliance."
New writers hear the critics and repeat, "The cow eats slow; it's
Brilliant!" And so, bent on becoming a great poet,
They try to come up with things equally impressive:
"The duck walks wide." or "The
:iconfokkar:Fokkar 2 13
Desperation by 3rd-dimension Desperation :icon3rd-dimension:3rd-dimension 2 14
A Grade 12 English Poem
Find the symbolism
            in this.
:iconfokkar:Fokkar 0 3
a pond of fish
[a pond of fish]
as they hear me approach
they all swim away.
i shall stay silent next time;
let them gather 'round
and be happy in their presence,
but i shall not speak
for they will all swim away
:iconxpetalsfallenx:xpetalsfallenx 2 10
..Slates of Grey..
Sullen faces like slates of grey -
what I'd seen on a walk today.
Bodies rushing bodies bolting
Time for life a disregarding.
Money to make and to grow old
What about the hands to hold?
Deadlines, projects, people to meet
What about our own two feet.
Sullen faces like slates of grey..
What I'd see most anyday.
:iconassignation:assignation 2 20
Heart Shaped Hands
heart shaped hands
and slamming doors
remember the rest
inside your mind,
for when you run
along this road,
you go to where
the blind men weep
before the bridge,
you sigh and stop,
breathing heavily,
catch your breath
you cannot cringe
away from fire
or tempt the doves
to share in sleep
among the corpses
of faded memories
and through the ruins
of crimes long ago,
you dwell and linger,
biting your nails
and fighting against
the urge to join them.
they whine and crow
as you bend your ear
to listen to their fallacies
and buy into their fears
but before you let them
take your head away,
remember the heart
and the hands that held you.
they will be there
when you are dust,
and they will care
for your blistered remains,
for when you give up
this dance with death
you invite a new dancer
to give you life.
:icondoveeyes:DoveEyes 4 8



Aren't we all failures at heart?
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jahg's new literature site is awesome. If you haven't checked it out already, and you're anything close to a writer, check it out … pretty much all I have to say, did a new piece, decided I haven't taked a stab at a poetic structure in a while, so why the heck not. I'm out


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