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Ace Attorney Parents

My Logic Has Failed Me....

I will put you, in my pants.

Can't Let You Screw That, Fox

Can't Let You Screw That v.2

8-bit Star Wolf

How Do I Steam Games?

Engineer Pacman

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Failolz! Your premiere source for Halolz rejected, possibly non-humourous video game screen captions.

Devious Journal Entry

Devious Journal Entry

Oh god Steam Sales you're tearing me apart!

Using DA After Long Time of FA

Using DA After Long Time of FA

To my friends and fellow halolz people did anyone want a copy of Borderlands GOTY edition? I know the 2nd one comes out tomorrow (so f'king hyped) but I bought a 4 pack a month or so ago to play the DLC I never did and have a spare copy. If you want let me know. If more then one of you want I will choose by random or invent some sort of game. Maybe like a fight to the death or quidditch or pick a number between 1 and 10. Which ever has the most bloodshed (like number guessing commonly does). If you're going to be playing Borderlands 2 hit me up on Steam. Not that I'll play that much with my crippling responsibilities but I'll be able to pla

Submission fail

Submission fail

This DA page is really living up to it's name. Can't get anything posted on Halolz nowadays. I might have to start making TF2 submissions instead. On the plus side it means I post more stuff here. On the minus side it probably means I won't try so hard. Anyway, enjoy!

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Soapdish are you really here.
Indeed I am. How did you not know?
Well cause you said on Halolz you might not be replying.

I feel bad, everyone wants you on the Halolz Skype chats and you just missed the best things: A livestream of the new Devil may Cry before it even released and a livestream of WWE13 with videogame characters. It's a blast and I'm sure you'd like our company. Come join us anytime, Skype is free and shiz so don't feel alienated. Lest you actually have a reason, like being busy.
To be honest on DA I jump on so sporadically. Sometimes often, over times a few months in between. Skype sounds great hopefully my time matches up. Man WWE13, would have loved that. My time is pretty limited thanks to work/family commitments but I'll install Skype on my phone/tablet and get signed up. I could manage text chat at least at work and probably voice in the dead of the night (I'm on +8GMT). Send me the details and I'll get set up and adding.
Masterluigi452Student Artist
Happy birthday good sir!
Phoenix525Student Artist
Happy birthday man!