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Duel Nature Scene Z Page24
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By faile35   |   Watch
Mature  |  Published: November 2, 2018
© 2018 - 2019 faile35
For more information on the entire series, read the "'Demon's Due' Defined" journal entry here… or the "'Demon's Due' Plus" journal entry here… .

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"Thinking of escape?" Luther asks quietly. "That is the jest, isn't it? 'What's the first lesson they learn in Port Sessen? How to run away'..."

She doesn't smile, fighting a painful twinge in her knife arm and wrist and worried that her opponent can see it. "I've heard that one," she says, working all her limbs to loosen the growing kinks, "but the jest is incomplete."


“Yes,” she says. “It goes: ‘What’s the next lesson you learn in Port Sessen?’

“I’ll bite,” Luther responds. “Tell me.”

’Come here and lean in real close and I’ll show you…’” she says, launching into motion.



Enjoy! =)

Note: Duel Nature and Demon's Due are a work of fantasy and fiction. The artist/creator in no way condones real mistreatment of this kind toward any woman or man, by living person, gremlin, plant, assassin, ratman, viscous fluid, programmed device, animated home furnishings, or otherworldly spiritual beings. Furthermore, the artist opposes the marginalizing and restriction of women in general by any institution, political and/or religious, including those which have individual women amongst their membership touting/promoting their own happiness within that institution as evidence that ALL women should feel the same way. This includes the religion I was raised in and which I have utterly discarded from my life over this and other issues.…
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That is SUCH a great face. Wow.
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Callista: "Luther, I am so gonna tell Val, both Villnios sisters, and Drea that you're a rat bastard!"
Luther:  "This isn't a 'me too' moment, Callista.  This is law enforcement."
Callista: "Ha!  Also... oh yeah?"
Luther:  "Feelin' tired, Callista?"
Callista: "Shuddup."
Luther:  "I think you're tired.  I can tell by your sweaty boobs... and the way they bob up and down as you pant."
Callista: "Now that's a 'me-too' moment, you rat bastard."
Luther:  "It is?  I knew I shouldn't have skipped the last session of sensitivity training."

And... Scene!


Remember, men & boys: don't be a rat bastard.
:music: The more you know! :music:
              Day of Silence 
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faile35 Traditional Artist
:giggle: It turns out that Luther was actually tasked with this season's "Sensitivity Training" seminar at court. He went out and burned fields instead... :no:
vvvan's avatar
Well... yeah, but he burned them in a sensitive manner, right?  :D
takuya110's avatar
Boah..... how cool is that ???? Fantastic !!!!!

Thank you a lot, jeff.

Best regards,

faile35's avatar
faile35 Traditional Artist
You're very welcome! Happy to provide. And thank you for the compliments! =)
jahall2's avatar
'What's the first lesson they learn in Port Sessen? How to run away'

Very sensible of the tutors. There's an old saying: "He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day."
faile35's avatar
faile35 Traditional Artist
:giggle: I think Bret Maverick suggested another sensible modification to that one, too, in his "pappyism" from Maverick: "He who fights and runs away... can run away another day..." :laughing:
Mad-Gav's avatar
As ever, your work on expressions is sublime. And I do like the way you switch perspectives so (apparently) effortlessly. It adds a very cinematic note to the smut. 
faile35's avatar
faile35 Traditional Artist
Wonderful to read! Thanks! =)
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Yeah, I'm no swordsman, but I'm pretty sure that using only one hand to block an attack from a larger opponent using both hands isn't a winning strategy.
faile35's avatar
faile35 Traditional Artist
I'm no swordsman either, but it seems it might work for a short time if you're only using knives, and you're bigger and stronger than the other guy, or if you're using a light saber (maybe) where just touching the blade is dangerous. But other than that, I'd think every impact is going to take a heavy toll even if the block is at all successful.
erick288's avatar
GREAT job on her facial expression here.  And yes, I really did look at her face first, not sure what that says exactly ...
faile35's avatar
faile35 Traditional Artist
Thanks! =) Chalk that up in great measure to a fantastic reference photo of Natalie. :nod: And as far as what it may say, I think it says that my compositional strategy can work.
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