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Mystery Adoptables 2# (Closed)

Designs © Me 

Rules and Regulations 
~ Do not steal designs. If you haven't paid for them they are not yours, they are MINE. And if they have been paid for they belong to someone else. 
~ Designs will be uncovered AFTER payment has gone through. 
~ No refunds. 
~ Please do not alter the design. Things like scars and missing limbs are ok, but no colour changes like eye or pelt colours. 
~ Please credit me the first time you use it, and if you want, link me a photo, I would love to see what you do with them ^^ 
~ NO reselling. 
~ If you want to use this base, please credit the owner of the lineart.  
~ I will only keep adoptables on hold for 2 days. You will be warned and then it will be re-opened. If that happens you must ask for it again. DO NOT send in payment after the adoptable has been re-opened.  
~ First come first serve.

Available Adoptables 

:bulletgreen: = Available 
:bulletyellow: = On Hold 
:bulletpurple: = Awaiting Payment 
:bulletred: = Taken

Cat 1 -30:points:- :bulletred:Munckylover500
Cat 2 -30:points:- :bulletred: = WarriorCybz
Cat 3 -30:points:- :bulletred: = oatmeaI
Cat 4 -30:points:- :bulletred: = oatmeaI
Cat 5 -30:points:- :bulletred: = ddorky
Cat 6 -30:points:- :bulletred:
 = WarriorCybz
Cat 7 -30:points:- :bulletred:
Cat 8 -30:points:- :bulletred: = Munckylover500
Cat 9 -30:points:- :bulletred: = Inkbus
Cat 10 -30:points:- :bulletred:
Cat 11 -30:points:- :bulletred:
Cat 12 -30:points:- :bulletred: = adderclaw229
Cat 13 -30:points:- :bulletred: = Tygertooth
Cat 14 -30:points:- :bulletred: = oatmeaI
Cat 15 -30:points:- :bulletred: = ddorky
Cat 16 -30:points:- :bulletred:
Cat 17 -30:points:- :bulletred: = fluffywolf98
Cat 18 -30:points:- :bulletred: = adderclaw229
Cat 19 -30:points:- :bulletred:
Cat 20 -30:points:- :bulletred: = liracal

Cat 21 -30:points:- :bulletred: = smerup100
Cat 22 -30:points:- :bulletred:
Cat 23 -30:points:- :bulletred: = liracal
Cat 24 -30:points:- :bulletred: = XxUkarixX
Cat 25 -30:points:- :bulletred:

Lineart © INfernoLynx
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© 2014 - 2021 FaIIenShadows
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aotpo's avatar
Should I send the points now?
aotpo's avatar
sent! thankyou!! <3
FaIIenShadows's avatar
Uncovered! Enjoy<3
aotpo's avatar
what is 13 :3
FaIIenShadows's avatar
Dunno! If you want to know, you will have to buy it c;
aotpo's avatar
Okay, why not :D
fluffywolf98's avatar
may I 17 please :)
FaIIenShadows's avatar
Of course! Send the points and it's yours^^
FaIIenShadows's avatar
Uncovered! Enjoy c:
fluffywolf98's avatar
OMG!!! thankyou :)
FaIIenShadows's avatar
Oh sorry, I just realised that someone asked for 1 just before you, but five is still open! 
So sorry for the mix up ^^;
ddorky's avatar
It's alright! XD Is it cool if I nab 15
too then? OuO 
FaIIenShadows's avatar
Of course! 
So sorry again^^" 
Send the points and it's yours!
ddorky's avatar
Sent! And it's alright XD
FaIIenShadows's avatar
Uncovered! Enjoy^^
ddorky's avatar
Thank you so much! <3
FaIIenShadows's avatar
FaIIenShadows's avatar
Sure! Send in the points and their yours^^
Tiitea's avatar
hrng, 9 please c:
FaIIenShadows's avatar
Sure!! Send the points and it's yours^^
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