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LOKI: Choose ALL the toppings

By FahrSindram
I am starting to actually like Midgard...sort of.

Thank you for all the love, guys! I am only 4 hours offline and THIS happens?! Da foock?!

To all the questions - I will answer every one, but here the mainthings:

I am the Loki, Natasha is my dear friend Mina (who just happend to look like Tasha anyways)

The Costume was done by CosplayMandy

The Lady in the shop played along very well and even gave the yogurt with a little bow to me, with both hands - "Respectful, like someone should act in front of a King!" - Mortal Manners you are doing it right!

and I picked smarties, pistachio and passion fruit!

and for Tasha/Mina
PHOTO BY: :iconblue-cage:
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First off: WOW. Very well done cosplay! It looks like you have truly put a lot of time and effort into the costume and look, as opposed to a lot of recent rushed and poorly put together cosplay I've seen. You really do look very much like Tom Hiddleston's Loki, and I actually had to look on your profile to see if your were a guy or a girl! VERY good job at looking like a man here! (If that doesn't sound to strange?)

The photo in itself is very lovely. The colors are very vibrant and warm, and the perspective of the camera was a very good choice.

Loki's expression is priceless. You really show the sweet and mischievous little boy he once was, even though he is grown and tries act like a bad ass. All around: The cosplay, the photo, the expressions, make-up...everything fell into place perfectly and I can honestly say this is one of the best Loki cosplays I've ever seen. I can also honestly say you have added your own original touch to it, a style if you will, making this one yours. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/> Keep up the awesome work.
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I love how this picture looks because it isn't as dark as most pictures of Loki are. They picture shows that not everything about Loki has to be sinister and evil. I like how he looks contemplative about his choice in toppings, and the angle the picture is taken from serves the picture well.

The cosplay looks very well made, and I have to say that this is one of my favorite pictures of Loki so far. This is very well done. The originality makes me love the picture even more. Your friend's expression goes well with the picture as well. It's kind of interesting, seeing Natasha 'hanging out' with Loki.
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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
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That is such a pretty photo.
There are so many unique colours.

The angle the photo is taken is good...
I like the outfits~
How did you take the picture?
Did you ask someone working there to take the picture for you?
Did you have a friend take the picture?

Very beautiful. The setting the uh, back round,
everything goes together.......

And you guys look great, the hair, the clothes.
Perfect for the photo. The clothing helps pull attention
towards you guys.
Because you both are wearing dark colours.
While around you is all bright colours.
Good picture. It looks great!
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I love how it almost looks like a painting, at least I thought it was a painting at first. And I love it!
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Nawww ich liebe es einfach Loki in so alltäglichen Situationen zu sehen! ♥__♥
Da kann man sich glatt vorstellen ihn einfach mal morgens im Bäcker zu treffen... *grins*    =^.^=

Dein Cosplay sieht auch einfach sooo gut aus! Gäbe es einen Film mit dir als Loki, ich würde ihn SOFORT gucken :3
Du machst noch Tom Hiddleston konkurrenz :smirking: 
this is perfect, Loki like sweets, huh?
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Loki is such... Perfect *w*
I want more Loki of you ;3
And that facial expression XD
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Are you eating Gelato...??? Cause that's classy...
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I happen to like this picture a lot.  Very  colorful and cheery looking.  I also like your title for it.  Nice Loki cosplay by the way.  
Twighlight23's avatar
love this!   fun!
lonesome-wolf-child's avatar
I think the fact that the lady in the shop actually played along, TOTALLY made this fantastically EPIC. XDDD I mean, the shot here itself is epic enough, but if the employees of the shops also get in on it, it just makes it all the more awesome! XD Great costumes and wonderful expressions here! :giggle:
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I want to marry that guy,If I dont get the real one :P(dreamer over here)
annafuru's avatar
haha really cool cosplay! :iconlokidlaplz:
ObsessedHarryPotter4's avatar
Please forgive me but are you male or female.
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nicely done ^_^
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Well done! Both the cosplay and the idea look very good! :D
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FHARLIGHT Hello, my name is Josy
wanted to say I love your cosplay Loki
It is very well done and really look like it, plus it is very rare to see pictures of cosplayers interporetando funny scenes with their favorite characters, so your work really, really, really love it.
  You're fantastic, fun and admire you.
I really like your photos FrostIron
Do more of this please!
  with love, your biggest fan, mangaka, illustrator belonging to Mexico: Josy Kinoshita.

A very, question: Do you do cosplay other characters?
Josy ask Another question: do also come to draw fanart of Loki?
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awwwww! you cosplay is very cute and fantastic, i am your fan Fharlight!!!

WOW you make a very convincing Loki! Awesome job <3
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you made my day with this <33 Congratulations, you're the best cosplay ever:happybounce: 
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Next you is Natasha!

Run Loki, run! :D
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