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Who will win? Gundam vs Transformers

Happy New Year! Everybody!!
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Dude this is off the chain, also my money is on Optimus
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Thank u :D (Big Grin)

please vote for me if u like my artwork…
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Which Gundam is that?
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I don't know I just draw without using any reference 
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I think it would be more fitting to have the first Gundam vs Optimus,  both are essentially the beginning of their franchises, and looking at Gundam Wing, the kind of firepower is overkill for Prime.
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Oh I almost forgot. Dinobots would crush the gundams with no mercy.
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I wouldn't be so sure. Soundwave hacked the highest of security in seconds. What would stop the decepticons from doing the same with the gundams? Plus they have metroplex, trypticon, and primus.
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Is the fight between these two in the picture or between Gundams and Transformers in general?

If it's between these two, Wing Zero curbstomps. If in general, I'd still say Gundams win the majority of the fights, especially Burning Gundam, Turn A Gundam and Dark Gundam. The only Transformer I've seen that's worrysome would be Unicron.

Nice picture though! :)
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i say wing gundam zero
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HECK YEAH!!! DUDE NICE!! :D I'm always excited to see Gundam vs Transformers Art ;w; I wish I knew Gundam a little bit more and I'd totally jump in on this action! :D But still, nice job with this! Love the pose (and design) you have the two in! :D
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Thanks! but it was this [link]
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ah sweet! This would be a great fan project if it became a movie of some sorts :)
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How about anime show? In Transformers scene, Where Decepticons has finally won and all Autobots escaped from cybertron then accidently they all fall into dimensions and brought them here in Gundam world where the Autobots have no chose but to get out of this world and as for Deceptions destroy both Autobots and Gundam

well what do u think?
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Like, as if they went through a malfunctioned Space Bridge and bam - Gundam Universe? :) I like that idea. The Con's I guess since they conquered Cybertron can control the Space Bridges - so then they have the means to go to the world of Gundam to conquer it - because Why settle with conquering ONE planet? :D

I like this! :D
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thi...this..this is awesome these are my to favorite giant robots of all time. as for who wins it depends the the continuity that Optimus is from
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((Wing Zero.. ((Zero system+ Perfect Soldier+Buster Rifle+Angelic wings with agility= Epic Win!))

My final answer would be gundam))
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I'd give it to Wing Zero, no matter who's piloting him. Wing Zero is the only Gundam that's been piloted by Hiiro, Duo, Trowa (that's how he got his memory back), Quatre (who built it and wrote the ZERO system), Wu Fei AND Zechs.
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Ha easy one, thats the Wing Zero Endless Waltz Custom so.... Gundam all the way. ZERO System + Big-overpowered-annihalate-a-space-colony-gun = absolute victory.
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People are forgetting that Cybertron and Unicron are also Transformers...
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I would say the gundam, Optimus Prime values sentiant life to much to win a fight like that.
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