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[TDA] PokeGhoul Shiny Umbreon DL
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Published: February 19, 2018
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Holo everyone. pokemon gif  umbreon

Second model I have for posting today. :3 Umbreon is probably one of my favorite eeveelutions. Especially shiny umbreon. I'm not really sure what to call these guys, I'm just kinda going with PokeGhouls. /shrugs As for her design, her normal eyes are yellow like shiny umbreon's and her ghoul eyes are purple. Funny story, that decision was actually based on the fact that in battle revolution umbreon has a blue highlight on it's pupil, which makes it look like it has blue eyes and red scleras. When I first saw that I was immediately smitten, and decided that that was how I interpret umbreon from now on. It just looks better to me than straight up red  eyes. So naturally, shiny umbreon would have the same set up with a yellow sclera and a differently colored eye. For this model's design I did a play on that, I made her normal eyes the way most people interpret umbreon and her ghoul eyes the way I see umbreon. Lenny Umbreon  Once again, she has a slider for ghoul eyes and a slider to make her kagune appear, also AutoLuminous works on her umbreon rings. And yes, I totally based her sleeves and boots on the Synchronous Moonlight item from Gaia Online. c:

"Living long just means dying slowly."
Shiny Umbreon La icon Shiny UmbreonShiny Umbreon La icon 
Name: Noire
Type: Dark type 
Nature: Serious
Characteristic: Capable of taking hits
Moveset: Steel type Iron Tail, Ghost type Shadow Ball, Dark type Feint Attack, Normal type Flash
Personality: Melancholy, very depressing to be around, stoners call her "The Downer". Mentally, she's quite sturdy, it's really difficult to upset or shake her up. She's also quite stoic.
Allies: #196

Although, as with most of my models, you can interpret her how you please. ^^

Here are the rules/terms of use-

1. Give credit please, I put a lot of work into her. :c

2. You may edit

3. Follow TDA's rules(this is technically a TDA edit, so yeh...)

4. You can take /MY/ parts, provided that you credit me for them. Any parts that are not authored by me should be taken from the sources cited in the credits section.

5. No slander/propaganda/hateful content

6. No fetish or pornographic material please, I do no wish to be associated with that

7. Absolutely NO commercial use, this includes money generating links like Ad.Fly

8. Please don't comment downloaded or DL'd. You don't have to comment, but if you really want to, maybe tell me your favorite eeveelution. ^^

Not a rule, but I wouldn't mind seeing what you do with her. :3

Have Fun! pokemon umbreon 

Base- TDA Clean Base by Suzune Ayame, TDA
Hair- TDA Long Hair by AyaneFoxey, TDA
Kagune by FagonStar
Dress- Request Contest Dress by AyaneFoxey
Boots and Sleeves by FagonStar
Eye Texture- Stelar Eyes by YomuP
Ghoul Eye Texture by FagonStar
Face Texture- chocofunduk imitation texture by REIIKUMA
Texture Edits by FagonStar
Eye Spas by HiLoMMD
Other Spas by </span>MagicalPouchOfMagic</span>

Kagune, Boots, and sleeves modeled in Maya 2016

Stage- Alley converted by KaahgomeDL

Pose- Horror Pose Pack by @CorruptedDestiny

Effects Used-
The best ones.

Umbreon belongs to Nintendo
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My favorite eeveelution is leafeon/espeon
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Thanks i downloaded and used her here www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHCTEr…
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fagonstar|Student General Artist
Awesome, thanks! :D
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Sadly i cant find the Sliders in Blender T-T
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fagonstarEdited |Student General Artist
That's because they're expressions/morph sliders for MMD. I don't imagine that they work in Blender? But, I barely know anything about Blender/how to use Blender.
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Sylveon is definitely my favorite eeveelution :) 
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fagonstar|Student General Artist
Sylveon is pretty awesome. lmao
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