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Secretary bird

This pic I drew in January or Febuary...
felt not happy with this, anatomy problem and practicing/learning using colours. damn testweek.

but yeah, it's secretary bird.

art (c) ~Faezza
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Nahh, forget the anatomy problem, this looks awesome! 1+!
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Hello there ! :iconexcitedhiplz:
This beautiful piece of art is featured in Birds and Feathers...Features. !
:happybounce: Thanks for reading and I hope you :+fav: it to know you have seen it ! 
Goodbye and have a good day sweetie ! :tea:

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i hav always loved there birds though i have never seen one..
Hi! I'm @ElPajaroTuitero from twitter... I like your art for my avatar.. please tell me if I can use it or how I can mention u for the credits... thanks...
Hola quisiera tener tu arte como avatar en mi tuiter... Porfa dime si puedo y si debo darte crédito de alguna forma... me encantaría... saludos att @ElPajaroTuitero
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love it, it looks like my cockteil
wikigiuli's avatar
beautiful! u colour really well!
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realistic bird
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This is beautiful! :D I love the brush you used. If you don't mind me asking, what brush was it?
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thanks Sultry c:
umm, i'm afraid that I don't know what brush was it.
Used photoshop a brush tool but there's no brush names. :c
sultry-poptarts's avatar
You're very welcome! :D

And that's quite alright. :D It looks beautiful either way!
Tiger-Shine's avatar
i dont think the anatomy is off its very realistic though one thing is the head feathers a a bit too spaced.
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O_O I love it!! it's beautiful!
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thats beautiful :iconawwwplz:
foxy-little-sophy's avatar
well i think its ry good, the feathers are awsome and its eyes give it the living feeling. everything blends in vary well aloning with the BG. Vary Well done ;D
Moonlight2095's avatar
It's an awsome-lookin secretary bird if you ask me. XD I can never draw birds for my life, so this looks way past cool in my eyes. :meow:
SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
I really like how you gave the background similar texture to the feathers. The colors I think are fine; again with the background, it's nice how you kept the brown color in the bird in some areas.
Bunnypuma's avatar
Really stunning! I cant find words for how beautful it is ... :+favlove:
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wow so beautiful
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*o* *in shock by the beauty*
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is this a photo? O.o is amazing
slyDakotacat's avatar
wow! that is really good!!!!
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