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Brush Collection 1 by Faeth-design Brush Collection 1 :iconfaeth-design:Faeth-design 79 0 Splatter spread Brush by Faeth-design Splatter spread Brush :iconfaeth-design:Faeth-design 56 0 Watercolor Abstract Brush by Faeth-design Watercolor Abstract Brush :iconfaeth-design:Faeth-design 49 0 Skin Brush by Faeth-design Skin Brush :iconfaeth-design:Faeth-design 87 0 Bubbles by Faeth-design Bubbles :iconfaeth-design:Faeth-design 64 0 Beard hair brush by Faeth-design Beard hair brush :iconfaeth-design:Faeth-design 42 0 Jellyfish Swarm by Faeth-design Jellyfish Swarm :iconfaeth-design:Faeth-design 58 0 Magic Glitter Brush by Faeth-design Magic Glitter Brush :iconfaeth-design:Faeth-design 54 0 Northstar by Faeth-design Northstar :iconfaeth-design:Faeth-design 26 0 Proud To Be Furry by Faeth-design Proud To Be Furry :iconfaeth-design:Faeth-design 106 0 Spoiler - EVERYBODY DIES IN THE END by Faeth-design Spoiler - EVERYBODY DIES IN THE END :iconfaeth-design:Faeth-design 90 0 Far to the east by Faeth-design Far to the east :iconfaeth-design:Faeth-design 19 0 Pink Butterfly by Faeth-design Pink Butterfly :iconfaeth-design:Faeth-design 13 0 Among The Stars by Faeth-design Among The Stars :iconfaeth-design:Faeth-design 8 0 Pinwheel Brush by Faeth-design Pinwheel Brush :iconfaeth-design:Faeth-design 5 0 Pre-made Bg by Faeth-design Pre-made Bg :iconfaeth-design:Faeth-design 40 0

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Heiwa for kiki-no-neko by Whodovoodoo Heiwa for kiki-no-neko :iconwhodovoodoo:Whodovoodoo 29 63 Sakura by one-winged-cerberus Sakura :iconone-winged-cerberus:one-winged-cerberus 2 0 All You Need by Hotarunokurai All You Need :iconhotarunokurai:Hotarunokurai 1 11 Albert Wesker by Koji666 Albert Wesker :iconkoji666:Koji666 22 7 Winter Solace by LavenderSeaFairy Winter Solace :iconlavenderseafairy:LavenderSeaFairy 40 19 ...fake... by endoers ...fake... :iconendoers:endoers 462 295 Elemental Animals by KatieHofgard Elemental Animals :iconkatiehofgard:KatieHofgard 9,582 1,043 Groundhog Day by Subaru-chan Groundhog Day :iconsubaru-chan:Subaru-chan 1 6 cat and red fish by gosiekd cat and red fish :icongosiekd:gosiekd 55 48 Action Set no.1 by vayne1USSR Action Set no.1 :iconvayne1ussr:vayne1USSR 7 3 Snow Maiden by jazzywitch Snow Maiden :iconjazzywitch:jazzywitch 8 9 Sanctuaries... by kara-lija Sanctuaries... :iconkara-lija:kara-lija 604 110 ripped by sorceressmyr ripped :iconsorceressmyr:sorceressmyr 637 135 Sea Fairy by OlgaC Sea Fairy :iconolgac:OlgaC 988 265 Lolita by BaBinA Lolita :iconbabina:BaBinA 2 13 Trebuchet: Episode 1 by JunkyCow Trebuchet: Episode 1 :iconjunkycow:JunkyCow 23 62
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MandolinC Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy birthday :cake:
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Have your cake and eat it too cake HAPPY BIRTHDAY! cake Have your cake and eat it too 
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Animation md Happy Birthday 4 Rainbow Cream Cake with candles 50x50 icon  I hope your days been going well. :D (Big Grin) 
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farahin001 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy B-Day.Meow :3 
I block to prevent drama by Faeth-design A true fan can see faults by Faeth-design You know, I got screamed at for using the term "true fan", so to say something about the second stamp. You pretty much want people to stop loving what they love. As for the first one, I only got blocked for defending Serena, amourshipping and girly-girls as I and others have been shamed for being a fan of them.

Do I even need to explain this? by Sheezii "To be honest, I don't think there's such a thing as a "true fan" or "number one fan", to me, it makes me feel like I'm not a good enough fan of a certain fandom or so, it makes me feel rather guilty if that makes any sense, and most of all: I think it makes others feel like shit that you're putting yourself above them, of if you're a creator of a certain fanbase, choosing a certain person and calling them your "Number one fan", I personally think that would make the other fans feel like absolute shit."

Not gonna stop commenting on your profile until Britt :iconcbcanime::iconbdog375::iconblahblah71: stops faving your stamps and admits that she shamed me and others for being fans of Serena, amourshipping, and girly-girls. Also, liking Dawn but hating Serena for being girly-girls screams DOUBLE STANDARD, and I honestly don't care about the stereotype thing.
LunaDude1996 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2018
Being nice is not rocket science by Faeth-design
Would you be nice to someone who has shamed you for being a fan of a fictional character/pairing you love that someone absolutely hates with all their heart and soul?

They have neither of those.

And Britt, who has it on her :iconcbcanime: account was never nice to people at all because she shamed me and others for being fans of Serena and amourshipping from Pokémon. And let's be real. Millions of people do not understand. At all. Shaming apparently is rocket since to her and her friends

I support keeping the fandom clean by Faeth-design
The only reason people ruin the fandom for sane fans is because they ended up shaming me and others for being fans of Serena and amourshipping. Freedom of speech is just a mask to shame people for being fans of ships and characters other people despite with every ounce of life they have.

Im open to suggestions by Faeth-design
The only suggestion I'd have for you is get Britt :iconcbcanime::iconbdog375::iconblahblah71: to admit that she shamed me and others for being fans of Serena and amourshipping.

I dislike rabid fans by Faeth-design
I have concluded that the reason rabid fans exist is because some people have been causing problems to others for being fans of ships/characters tey despise so much. It was more likely caused than anything.

I think that's everything I have to say for the stamps that Britt has on :iconcbcanime:.
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