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Extra art for the last design I did~

Character belongs to Hiiroki  |  Species belongs to hakiren 

I always do character drawings in a bright color so I wanted to try something dimmer and grey... I'll need more practice lol

///Also I'll be releasing a (spooky)adopt this month~
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there is so much to like here, the massive sword, the beautiful motion, the rain and most particularly that spray of blood. Fantastic.

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Happy when people notice things! Thanks :D

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I like finding parts of the egg shell in my eggs. It's virtually tasteless and adds a nice surprising crunch to usually really soft eggs. I also like eating shrimp tails after eating shrimp sometimes idk maybe I'm a psychopath.

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Thanks for the inspiration, now I know how to introduce a psycho character.

That's pretty messed up, do you like sand in your mouth too?

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This is awesome! So dramatic!Daisy claps

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Aww thanks so much skfuu! <3

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speechless .... this is too awesome ;-;

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Thank you! ♡ Not as awesome as u tho

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Your welcome 🙏
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This is really good oh my goodness! I love how much movement is in this piece. I really like his eye too. Great work! ♥

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Ahh I'm glad to hear that! I tried to create basic geometric shapes as a base to get a sense of movement~

His face/eye is really fun to draw and I like it too, thanks! ♡

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That's actually a pretty neat way of creating movement. I might try that method some day. Thanks!

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Omg this is amazing O . O

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Grandpa had to google that to understand

Thanks Ura! lol

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ASAAAASJHSJS you never fail to amaze me with your rendering SKHDKDJE this is so gorgeous thank u for the meal

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Aww thanks! I'm trying to improve haha

I'm glad if I can provide you any sustenance (・´q`・)

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