Creative Challenge #7 - Daenerys - Winners

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Creative Art Challenge

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Creative Challenge #7 - DaenerysCreative Art Challenge
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #1 - Clean
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #2 - Christmas
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #3 - Gateway
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #4 - Cold
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #5 - Scotland
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Challenge #7 - Daenerys

Mother of Dragons.

The first season of Game of Thrones comes out this week, the second season premiering n

Top 10
100 points each coming your way my lovely peeps.
Please vote for your favourite here-…
Watchers favourite announced March 30th

Happy Mother's Day by L0NES0ME Danaerys Targaryen by TheRainGirl Daenerys I Targaryen by urbania13
Silver Queen, The by YuriyImas Age of the Dragons by YaelPardina The Queen Across The Water by double-rus
Daenerys Targaryen, The Rising by G1mm1ck Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons by MaskdArlequin Mother of Dragons by thatpaperfox

My favourite
A City Pale As The Moon by Trisste-stocks

Enjoy your new subscription :heart:

Also the watchers favourite winners from last round…
Woodland Fae by brandrificus
Woodland Fae by brandrificus

What talented little dragons you all are :flame:

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Congratulations to the winners ! :clap: