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Your work is always outstanding. there is no doubt that you understand lighting and posing. This sit would be perfect for many different projects. As soon as I saw this set in my inbox, my first thought was angel, but this set of poses would be great for a fairy, lover scene, fantasy, moon goddess, and so many others. Once I can afford to purchase this sit I will be, because as I stated, so many ideas started racing through my head the moment I viewed it.

You are a great photographer, and very talented and beautiful model, which makes this set pop with impact.
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could I have this one

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I downloaded this several years ago and cannot find it, thank you for letting  me use your stock!… :)
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Your works are so fabulous always :)
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how can I get Nightingale exclusive set ?
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hello, yes you can purchase it if you wish.
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This is a very beautiful set. Purchased. :-)
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Used here: Suspects   Thanks :)
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This is your most Angelic stock to date. Too bad you didnt have wings
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Thank you for using my stock :rose:
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just beautiful ♥, as soon as I finish the image with the purchased stock , I warn you
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If I purchase it will I be able to use it commercially? For a book cover. Or additional payment is required?
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no, commercial usage is completely separate to exclusive images.
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Beautiful work! :}
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Just so beautiful!
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