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thank you for your stock. I use it here

0 jedi april 2021 F deviantart
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Used here : 

Jedi Consular by Siha-Art

Thank you ! 
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Thanks for use of stock. Used here.
Star Wars Jedi Clone Army by DavienOrion
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Thanks, love your photos. Used the pose as reference here:…
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Jessica I find myself constantly coming back to your photos when I can't find the right model for a project. I wanted to share a photomanipulation I recently did of you. I am very proud of it, I do hope you enjoy it.…
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Once again, LOVELY LOVELY stock!  Used this one here:…
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Thanks for reference!
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used here:Warrior Princesses by Energiaelca1
Thank you very much
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I really like your concept, very attention grabbing, now this is a criticism, but why the extra high heels for a combat figure.  It's just me, but are you able to do maneuvers in that type of boot style?

 Could you try with flats? Would you notice the difference in maneuverability?  Which of the two provide more versatility in movement and less restriction? It's always bothered me when women are depicted in combat gear they're sporting high heels, it just doesn't make tactical sense to me.
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 These were the closest pair i already owned to suit the look.
while i would have loved to buy a new pair of shoes for the shoot, my bank account wouldnt.
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I think you've established integrity with the concept, in the future, hopefully in your favor, you will afford the opportunity to test out this part of the costume and response contrast.  Good work! :)  
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her boots are barely heeled here, and it's not like they are stilettos. Have you worn these type of heeled boots?  I can personally say that I have, and they are absolutely no hinderance whatsoever in any type of maneuvering. I think these boots she wore were perfect. I could totally kick butt in these boots, perhaps it is just your personal preference for more flat boots, and that's fine but these are not even "extra high heels" as you call them. 
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Maybe, you're right, but, for me, it's that raised part at the heel that really bothers me, but, it's my own  criticism.  Everything else looks great.
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Hi! Congratulations, you've become a Jedi!…
Thanks for this stock :)
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Coolest pose of a cool set!
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oh nu, not the killing 5 fingers style.  :faint:
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