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Thanks, this is helping me with proportions and faces.

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I love all of your different looks.  You make it look so easy.  I used this image here.   Harley Quinn1 500h by jcmanna
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craig-atHobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, love your work.
I've used this image here…

Thank you :)
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EndlessPhoenixArtStudent Digital Artist
Harley by Stacy-Parker  thank you for providing such great stock. i used it as a reference for my painting
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HayleyGuinevereHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for sharing :rose:
Hope you like it ;)
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Damn, you are too good :D
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muirartHobbyist Digital Artist
used here ""This Ones A Killer by muirart :great stock thank you :)
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nmroloffscProfessional Photographer
used here thank you.…
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WesterArtHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for your great stock.
Used it here:…
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ED-Creations Digital Artist
Jessica, thanks you for providing this awesome photo to work with, used here: Bad Girl by ED-Creations
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gabriolesProfessional Digital Artist
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deathbycanon-stockProfessional Photographer
Great series!
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faestockProfessional Photographer
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FoxyM8Hobbyist Digital Artist
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faestockProfessional Photographer
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What a super fun series. Very nicely done.
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faestockProfessional Photographer
Thanks Jade
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i love this version of Harley and it almost makes me wish i was the joker so she would be my girl. almost, because if i was as mad as the joker i wouldn't be able to actually love her
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Kaliko08Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome cosplay
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faestockProfessional Photographer
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