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Used here, thank you!

[Artfight] Mika
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Used one of these as an expression reference for one of the headshots here: [SWTOR] The Many Faces of Aria by TheElvenJedi thank you so much! :D
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well... I wanted cute, and so I got cute

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Edith Wright 2 by Cliotna
Hi! I used your stock as a pose reference for drawing my friends' character. Thank you for these wonderful expression packs, it ended up being exactly what I needed. :)
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I used three of your images here. Credit is on the deviation, too. Thank you dear. You made my life so much easier. 
Winter-blues2 by JadedWraith  
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Thank you for using my stock for your artwork :rose:
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Used here thank you!  Bird and Tropical by ManuxGame
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Thank you for using my stock image in your artwork :rose:
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Thanks for this expression pack. Used it to practice my line art in illustrator.
Faestock - Archer style by IYEOFO
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I've tried to use it as reference :
Tryin portrait from reference by mediocrart
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NaNoEmo 2015 - #23 Go Away Sign NaNoEmo 2015 - #23 Go Away Sign

You're going to get someone hurt, and I can guarantee that no one cares about your fake co-worker's sister.
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You realize you're talking to a computer program? Sales bots are for reporting not commenting on. I admit I do it sometimes but it's to expose them more so then to talk to them. Sales bots will never respond to you. They just keep phishing for victims to rob.
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Yeah, I know.  I get so annoyed when I see them and I hate them, but I don't want anyone falling for it.
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Good for you. Ok everyone who's reading this knows that the original spammer in this comment chain is a con-artist who will rob you for everything you're worth. Thank you for your support of the LEGAL arts.
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😁 no watched my work damn
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this helped me a lot !
You have a lovely smile.
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