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You are the perfect model, and these are four of the many images that prove it. You have a beautiful physique, you dare with all kinds of themes and your creativity when expressing emotions is extraordinary. It seems that you have an infinite register of expressions, and all the samples with a lot of credibility. But the best part is that you are a chameleon without sacrificing personality. I do not know if it's your eyes or the way you portray yourself, but you have a clear identity stamp that I have not seen in other models. Congratulations for all your work.

Four fantastic photos, that express a lot and that it's nice to see them.
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This was really fun to draw. Used here:
Drawing from From Expression Stock Pack 6 by patgotpages  
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Excellent expressions
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Thanks for doing this Shock is a hard expression to find a stock for!  :) 
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Thanks for the references, I needed them :)
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when he's not the father
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used here, thank you!  What does she see? by sonjakriv
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Used it here:
What? by Layercake-deluxe
Thank you! :wave:
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Hi, used here:
Thank you. :)
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Used your stock as reference here ->…
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Referenced several of your expressions for some quick practice.…
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Hi, I used your beautiful stock here,  My Pity Party thank you for sharing your photos :) 
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I've used this (and will use some of your other pictures) for drawing practice :). Tenx a lot!…. But why no guy head-shots?!... :/. Nice references! :)
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well I'm female and only take self portraits, so thats why there are no guys :)
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Oh, I thought that you might have multiple models stashed somewhere and you keep them all for yourself :P
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does multiple personalities count? ;)
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It gives us something to play with so it's excellent! :)
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Used your stock here Torn curtain by ShinyphotoArt  Thank you very much:heart:
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